Tboli - English


gdanàvarhegdanàvTo humble oneself; to be low; to be down in price.Alì gdanà bè seel yem huyù ngà.The child's hammock is very low to the floor.he-, ke-, me-.adjLow in position or reputation.cfglaan 1
gdàfromvTo get offended, angry; to be able to stand again, as after an accident or illness.Béen mung hlowon yem tau gel mahil gdà.The person who easily gets offended shouldn't join in the joking.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Bè kmon Skukuk du sguk suku, tódô haway etta longit, gendaen yem mon Skukuk.When Coucal said my knife hasn't enough space, the sky just ascended; it was offended by what Coucal said.To be angry with each other.Bè nim keslingun le ni, sbol le gel segdà du.In their singing back and forth, there's usually a mixture of getting angry with each other.se-.Okóm là kô le gel segdà abay se hlowon le ni kem nmò le ni anì là gnóm le du yem tey klamang duen.But they don't get angry at each other, because they are just teasing, so that they don't notice the large area left (to be planted).sem-, sen-, kese-.When a group of people plant a field they sing back and forth in a teasing manner by which they feel lighter and which makes the task easier. Their minds are on the jokes they have to tell or songs they have to sing while their hands are at work.cflebut 1lebuut 1
gdekfromdek 21vTo alight, land on something; to arrive at a place as a guest.Deng nee lembut Bulón, gotu ntólen eben ngaen, deng nen esohul, yem gdek lem mohin baling utón él, yem gdek ete koyu baling onuk.Moon was angry, so she chopped up the child's blanket sling and scattered it; what landed in the ocean became fish and what landed in trees became fowl.he-, ke-, -en-.syngdofì 1dofìkól 1sut 1cfduung 22vTo accidentally hit, hurt oneself with a bolo.Tey halì bè tihu, gdeku ekimel lanu mokol sol.I have a big wound on my foot, I accidentally hit it yesterday while digging a hole.ke-, -em-, -en-.
gdengfromdengvTo accomplish, achieve, finish something.gdeng me du yem hmoem.We weren't able to finish what you had for us to do.Wen gendengen se kun.There is something he accomplished.ke-, -em-, -en-.Ni se hol henkodu me ke wen gendeng knagien, hyu ke wen mógów ebè kem Tboli.This is really our appeal, when someone is able to finish his studying, it would be good if he would go to the Tboli.synhdeng 1deng
gdidif*varmegdidifvTo go or follow in detail.he-.Hol hegdidifem tmulón du kul yem but gunu le skó.Really tell them in detail the reason for their separating.ke-, me-.Là holen megdidif ktulón le du malù tnógów le.Their telling it wasn't very detailed, they somewhat skipped over it.syngenek 1leneksolò 1olò 1
gdodotfromgodot*vTo take after, be like someone.he-, ke-, -em-.Uu gemdodot du tu ketngón yéem.You are wise like your mother.-en-, se-.
gdofìfromdofìvarsegdofìvTo arrive, encounter, attack.Bud ye smagi he sok móyón gdofì kem tau mulu.Play the gongs again when the people coming to the feast are about to arrive.he-, ke-.Timbow deng yem gotu kngom le, omin le yó tódô smagi bè yó bè lan anì tngón yó kem munung gunù yem móyón kegdofì le bélê le.When they have all put on their finery, then they play the gongs there on the path so that those at the house will know of their soon arriving to them.se-.Deng ne le e segdofì hono tau lóbô sket kul blékê lem litô le.When all of the brave ones attacked each other, each laid upside down in their own blood.syngdek 1dek 2kól 1
gdofukfromdofukvTo fall forward due to rot.he-, ke-.
gdololfromdololvTo be alongside.he-, ke-, -em-, se-.
gdotfromdotvarsegdotvTo get into things resulting in trouble.Ofol kuy dê gdot ye, ngel ye yó kun hensalà le yu.Your reward for getting into things is that you are now being fined.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cf1segedot
gdófónfromdófónvTo connive, conspire.ke-, me-, se-.Angat wen gfaem bélê le yó kem tau alì tendo dumum segdófón yó.In the future they will give you trouble, those people you are always conspiring with.syngoy 1ugay 1
gduffromduf 2Root refsegduf 1duf 2vTo be encouraged or urged in a particular direction or work; to be inspired.Gdufe mò nmò ke wen munung do.I'm encouraged to work if someone watches me.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfhduf 1duf 2
gdufokvarhegdufokadjWeak, bent over, as rice stalks overdue for harvest.he-, ke-, -en-.synkudung 1
gdungfromdung 2vartegdungvTo accidentally slip and fall, landing on its bottom, as a bamboo water container.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
gduungfromduung1vTo make a quick stop.Nam na gduung do dini gu laanem là deng mulék.Pay me a quick visit before you return.he-, ke-.Deng tey kifu ne yem kegduungu ditu.It was already very dark when I made a quick stop there.-em-, -en-.2vTo hit, bump into something.Tey des yem mukuk lem uyóhu lanu gduung bè tum hanga tóngóg bè lan.The lump on my face hurts because I bumped into that branch on the road.he-, ke-, se-.synglamù 1cfslob 1tódô 1
gebengvTo get stuck in the mud or a hole.Efet ni là deng le gekà lem tum gunu le gebeng.Until now they aren't able to get out of where they got stuck.ke-, he-, -m-, -n-.Tedu tlek genbeng ye bè ni ni?What got you stuck here (there's no time for you to do this stupid thing)?
gebesukvTo choke on food.ke-.cfbeklen 1buel 1skon 1snilen 1
gebkesfrombkesvTo be tied to something or someone.ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.cfhebkes 1bkessebkes 1bkes
geblàfromblà 21adjEnough; adequate; of the right size, as clothes.Sotu semun dun mukas geblaen hla hilol but bnék.One tin can or more is enough to plant around the seed-rice table.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synbotong 2kóyów 1sfeng 12vTo be situated, located at.Geblà le gunun mfól kluon.They are located where the weeds are thick.cfblà 1gbangà 1seblà 1blà 1
geblungucfgtumol 1fromtumol
geblungùfromblungù*vTo land headfirst into something.Deng nan e btang ta kudà utun gunu geblungù lem but soging.He fell off the horse, and an unlikely place for him to land headfirst was into the base of the banana plants.he-, ke-, -en-, se-.cfbunggù 1gfangkul 1gtumol 1tumolgtundà 1tudók 1
gebyakBlaannA spear, generic, usually a weapon used for war. (Its handle is made of rattan or light bamboo, and the bamboo blade is about 15 in. long.)cfagas 1buyus 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
gedfìfromdfìvTo glance off, as an arrow hits wood and glances off.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfbangkil 1gedyal 1
gedlugfromdlug 1advIn excess; too much; more than enough; to have gone too far in an agreement to back out.Ne yó sotu gel kmò le du ke hanà là dengen gedlug yem kékéngen yem silà, gel nmò le lenufi.And another thing they are doing (with the corn) if it still isn't too dry, is always make a kind of corn (they pound the corn to make it thinner and cook as rice).he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.syngenged 1hegagid 1gagidklu 1gedlug nawaidiomOverly attached to someone or something.