Tboli - English


gedoufvTo accidentally fall face down on the ground.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
gedóynCblorophyllum.Laughing mushroom, with rings around the base, inedible.Appendix 17-09 Mushrooms
gedwélfromdwéladjDifficult.Tey gedwél mtuk du tau tu.It is so difficult to collect debts from that person.he-, ke-, -n-.syngel 1nemet 1tétél 1
gedyalvargedyulvTo miss the mark by hitting the surface only.Gedyal gtiu du yem blek bong.My arrow just missed the big boar.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfgedfì 1dfì
geebadj(Of an area) to be dark, overcast, as of weather or an angry person's face.-m-.Tey gmeeb ni.It's really overcast now.syntengeb 1cfluk ta 1
geesnMacronous striaticeps.Brown tit-babbler; any birds of the babbler family.Appendix 10 Birds
gefenvTo fall flat on one's stomach.he-, ke-, -n-, se-.syngekefeng 1kefeng 2klafak 1
gefetfromefet1 1varhgefetsgefetvTo reach to, as an amount; to arrive at; to be ready to harvest; to relay, as a message.Sok gel gefet se kun yem silà, gel gefet se kun yem timun.When the corn is ready to harvest, the cucumbers are also ready to harvest.Géhéli lemwót anì géhéli gefet.Leave quickly so that you'll reach there quickly.Sok deng gefet lematu ominu yó bemlay du kóm.When it has reached one hundred I will give it to you.h-, k-, -m-.gmefet ketngelu.My vision doesn't reach (isn't good). (Said by someone in anxiety or anticipating an illness.)-n-, s-.synkól 1cfgafit 1
gefét nawafromfét nawavTo hold on to something.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.syntawik nawa 1
gefìfromlefìadjIntimidate, cause someone to hide, isolate himself.syngnê 1yak 1
gekefengfromkefeng 2vFor a person to fall and land on his stomach on something, to sprawl.Denge mom gekefeng te botu lanu tô mlóy heslò.I sprawled on the rock because I was running in a hurry.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.syngefen 1klafak 1
gekenfromlekenvTo hold back.Là bud gwahem du ne tu kudà deng geken bè utóng fógem ditu bélê le.You can't get the horse now, it has been held back by the debt of your brother-in-law there with them.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synafas 1nali 1
geklóffromklófvTo flash into one's sight, as a glimpse of someone.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.synglebed 1lebedglebet 1lebetgsilà 1silà
gekulùfromlekulùvTo land curled up on something.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfgetudók 1
gel1advUsually, customarily, habitually.Gel wen heklo le snéen ke bud wen atul le du.They usually have others help weed if they have the means for it.Wen se gel tmétê onuk.There are (those) who usually roast (serve) chicken.syngedwél 1fromdwélcfsal 12varhgelnHardness, firmness, toughness.Nù lemen gelen.The hardness (stubborness) is in the inside.adjHard, difficult, tough, firm.h-, k-, m-.Ni se yem hekbéng, okóm tey gel mgel mken du ke sundu silà hulut du, bede mnóm snéen.This is the kind of corn that is usually very hard to eat if it's not glutinous corn, but it's tasty also.n-, s-.Là dengen deng yem sentulón le tolo wen gunu le sgel.Their case isn't finished yet; there is still something that is hard for each other (can't reconcile on).synnemet 1cftétél 1ulas 2mgel ilungidiom(Of carabao and cattle) hard-nosed.mgel kuluidiomHard-headed, stubborn.mgel liholidiom(Of horses) stiff-necked, untrained or stubborn.3vartgelnStrength; support.Tud blungun, yó se yem mò gelen.The center post, that's for its strength.syntud bukol 1adjStrengthened, encouraged.m-.Ne lemwót bè yem deng kton Sit Bokong yem towok halay, són moen tendo mgel nawahen.And because Dusky Mannikin saw the growth of the rice, she was continually encouraged (hopeful).ken-.Wen tau demwata snéen, sotu ken-gel nawa le.There is also the spirit medium, (who is) another source of their strength.syntud 2
geled1nCreases in the fat on the arms or legs of a chubby child.2adjImprinted permanently, hard to remove; deep, as a cut.Deng geled kul kesbong nawa là bud geskibolem kul.Their love for each other is deep, you can't break them apart.synlegled 13nPortion, cuttings.Hilu geled blayem do?How many cuttings are you giving me?vTo cut into portions.h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfgled 2hélé 1tifak 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
gem-pfxThis abiltative + actor focus prefix indicates an accidental or an abilitative action done by someone.Tum kutel tum muhen, udél tum lóyóf tau, monen, "Hyu kóm tolohi gemtiba."The call of that turtle dove is the speech of that person's soul. It says, "You're lucky you are still able toclear a field."Mon le là mtuden yem hmules ke wen gemsut du.They say the rice charm will not be effective if (someone) accidentallyarrives (while it is being placed).Ne tnaba le fun bulul anì gmuta le utón ke mò le hengalaf.And they call the (spirit) owner of the mountain so that they are able to-get meat when they set the traps.
gemelvarhgemelmegemeln(Of people) firmness, tightness, sturdiness, durability of something.adjFirm, tight, sturdy, strong.h-, k-, me-.synbegel 1
gemévTo smile.he-, ke-, -en-, se-.cfkuli 1tkak 1
gemg-pfxThis abilitative + actor + abilitative prefix shows that something was completed under pressure, as an untimely happening.Okóm lemwót se ke Tahaw kun, són moen tendo gel mgad kem tau anì géhél le mbut tmiba, anì yó géhél le gemgehek abay se tey alì meslò ktuken yem Sit Bokong, kóyóen ke géhél bud gemken halay lomi.But Long-tail Nightjar continually yells at the people so that they'll quickly begin to make their field, so that they'll be pressured to-plant-rice, because Dusky Mannikin pressures them for her payment, so she could quickly eat new rice again.
genvarsgenvTo hold back or detain.Yó alì gen le do tifas.They detained me with palm wine (letting me get drunk).h-, hef-, k-, m-.Laen dù dumu le yó gunu le na mgen do ditu.The reason they detained me is that they did not have companions there.n--, (n-gen), s-.synafas 1fét 1mali