Tboli - English


gen-pfxThis abilitative + object focus prefix indicates an accidental or abilitative action done on something.Ni se hol henkodu me ke wen gendeng knagien, hyu ke wen mógów ebè kem Tboli.This is really our appeal, when some are able to-finish their studies, it would be good if they would go to the Tboli.
genbekfromgbeknSource, ability, wealth.Ke wen genbeken, tódô du hbong kimu blayen mò gunun hton du kun genbek.If he has the wealth, he'll give lots of items to show his ability.
genefvTo fade away naturally.Timbow matay Mà Siba tódô genef boluyen.When Mà Siba died his name just faded away.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cflana 1
genekfromlenekvarmegenekvTo be interested in all the little pieces, little details; to give in detail.gem-.Tau du de gbek tô bud gemgenek tmutul du béléem tum tey tutul tahà?Who do you think is able to give in detail again for you that long story?syngdidif* 1adjMeticulous.he-, ke-, me-.megenek nawaidiomCareful of details in work.megenek tdokidiomBusy with little things.Tehe kegenen du Mà Ban tey megenek tdoken, balù kalo tukung, kalo huyów ne kem tfuul ne bu gotu nmoen.When Mà Ban was still alive his fingers were busy with little things, even rattan racks for bowls and plates, and food covers and small fishtraps, he made them all.
gengvarhgengsgengn(Of sound) a continuous humming, buzzing, as of bees swarming, trucks running, bats flying.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make a buzzing sound.h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
gengedvarhgengedadjExcessive, more than enough or necessary; (of people and animals) surfeit.Tey genged tau kemlo.There were more than enough people to weed the field.he-, ke-.syngagid 1gedlug 1dlug 1tungan 1cf1wadag 2
gengónvargengungóngónadjAbundant, copious, plentiful; built up, as soot on the bottom of a kettle.Ke là holen mebtik yem libun mla, yó gunum mon du gel gengun sol ehek.If a woman isn't fast in planting rice, therefore the dibble-stick holes build up (unplanted).Ke là nmoem du ke wen hmò kóm kemdaw ni, bud wen ket haya ngangen gengón.If you don't do what you're asked to do today, then more will be piled up each day until it's abundant.he-, ke-, -en-.syn1wadag 2
gesdangfromsdangvTo get caught up in something.Soki mógów tódói hekteng, béen dê gunum gesdang.When you go just go straight, don't get caught up in other things.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.syngeskét 1skétgsuféng 1suféngkawit 1landan 1
geskétfromskétvTo be held back, tied up, caught up with.Là hyu kógówu tolohe geskét bè ngà wen desen.It is not good for me to go I'm still held back by a sick child.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.syngesdang 1sdanggsuféng 1suféngkawit 1
geslàfromslàvTo cross paths with someone.ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.cfgbangà 1
geslemetvTo know or understand.geslemetu du lanen yem monem.I don't understand the meaning of what you said.he-, ke-, -em-.
gesluffromslufvTo sniff, inhale, smell about.Tedu des du deng geslufen ngà ni, moen ni ke hlungoy?What sickness has this child inhaled, why is he limp?ke-, -m-.synungef 1wen tulón geslufenidiomBad news or secret revealed.Deng dô wen tulón geslufen tau tu, ngem tu tey kehtibahen.Perhaps that person there has bad news; look, he's very angry.
gesónfromsón 1adjEnded; completed.he-, ke-.cfgsengel 1sengel
gesyatfromsyatvTo miss the point, target, mark.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.cflana 1tlas 1
getvarmget1nHandsaw.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements2varhgetnTightness, as of screws; strictness, as of rules.adjTight; strict.h-, k-, m-.n-.mget kifuDark night.tinok mgetA request requiring compliance.udin mgetStrict law.
getafromta 2adjHigh up in rank or position.Tey geta yem angat sit nmò le.The rice-bird shelter they made is very high off the ground.he-.Yó gunu le hegeta du anì ton le klamangen ne anì ton le ke wen sit mken halay.The reason they make the bird-watch shelter high is so that they can watch the whole area to see if the maya birds are eating the rice.ke-.antglaan 1synhfulù 1fulù*hulas 1ulashegeta knù2idiomTo think of oneself as better than others (lit. to put oneself high).
getléwéngfromtléwéngvarsegetléwéngRoot reftéwéngtléwéngvTo get entangled in problems.Béi kat getléwéng lemen kóm atul yó yake wen gutahem du.Don't get entangled in that problem, it would be good if you were to get anything out of it.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.syngbeteng 1betenggfét 1fét