Tboli - English


ginuadvEarlier, a few hours ago.Tey hlóbô kun Hnu, "Laen dù ofolu tehe mit kóm eginu, là dog benlayem do yem soging."Turtle was very angry and said, "I have no reward for bringing you earlier, you aren't giving me any bananas."
ginggungadjNavy blue.
gisenfromisenadjMovable; negotiable, as price; manageable, as weeds in the field.gisen du btesen kudà yó.The price of that horse is not negotiable.he-, ke-, gem-.
gkihufromkihuvTo be left out or given only a small portion when sharing or distribution is being made.Deng mom gkihu le yem tau alì miteg mò ken, klifót le.They forgot the person who worked really hard cooking and left him out in the sharing.he-, ke-, -em-, me-.syngkogol 1kogol 2tebel 1
gkilangfromkilangvTo unintentionally trespass or step over someone's rights.ke-, -em-.Wen gunun gemkilang ke fógen.There's a certain point where he trespassed (had a misunderstanding with) his brother-in-law.se-.
gkitayfromkitayvTo follow along, as a ridge already there.Tódô gkitayen bótóng bulul tum tey koyu bong hugón.That huge tree that fell over just followed along the mountain ridge.he-, ke-, -em-.Olon se kô sotu bélê ye gemkitay te kwang mà ye bè kebel utón.One among you should be able to follow in your father's footsteps/skills in finding meat.se-.synkél 1olò 1senged 1wa 1
gkogolfromkogol 2vTo neglect, abandon something because of something else.he-, ke-, -em-, se-.syngkihu 1kihu
gkohocfkoho 1
gkoho tafromkohovTo vent, pour on, as words; to suffer for someone else's problem.Tódô gkoho ta twoguhen tey udél blaem kun deng mlóy.The scolding was just vented on the older one after the younger had already run away.he-, ke-.Ni ne kegkohohen ta ye kdê nmò deng mlef yê ye.Now that your mother has died you get all the work poured on you.-em-.Umuen tuhahen fen gemkoho du mayad tey utóng.His parents instead (of him) are the ones to suffer with paying his great debt.se-.synglamù 1glouf 1louf 1glumfak 1lumfak
gkófromvTo lose something due to circumstances.Botong gkóhu lem él yem kayangu bà mon tey kgis dunuk.To the extent I lost in the water what I was carrying due to the strong flood current.-em-, -en-, ke-.
glaanvarheglaanadjLow in height, as a building; low, as in one's reputation, position, price of things.Tey glaan yem ketef gunù le.The roof of their house is very low.Tey glaan btes silà ni.The price of corn now is very low.Tey glaan ketngel le kóm lemwót bè yem nmoem.Your reputation (lit. their looking at you) is very low because of what you did.Tehe yu kun ekni tey tehe glaan yem longit, tek hóyów nogot, là kô le slayuk tonok.It is said that a long time ago, the sky was very low, it could be touched. It certainly wasn't far from the ground.he-, ke-.antgeta 1ta 2cfgdanà 1tau glaan 1udì 1
glabfromlabvTo accidentally include something, as when burning a field, another is also burned.Timbow ntemu tnibahu ne glab tniba Kadung.When I burned my field, Kadung's field was accidentally included.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synglaf 1laf1gomong 1omonglakuf 1cflakit 1
glaffromlaf1varseglafvTo accidentally include, as when burning a field, another is also burned.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synglab 1labgomong 1omonglakuf 1cflakit 1
glalnAuthority, invested or borrowed.vTo be given authority.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
glalagvarheglalagvTo tell, warn, announce, make something known.he-.Hol heglalagem wen kestifun haya.You announce that tomorrow there will be a gathering.ke-.adjKnown, understood, announced.Deng glalag yem udin, laen monok.The law is already known, no killing.antbuni 1cftngón 1
glamùvargdamùvTo strike.Deng nan e glamù lem uyóhu balut yó halì dê tódô hegasà.When that four-bladed weed struck me in the face it left me with countless scratches.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngduung 2duunggkoho ta 1kohoglouf 1louf 1glumfak 1lumfakgtek 2
glanànDye bought from the Muslims.vTo use dye.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
glanutvarheglanutvTo drag along, lengthy, hard to carry things.Tey glanut lewéken ngà yóe.That child's skirt is dragging (on the ground).he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
glang1nWide shell bracelets worn by men on their arms over shirt sleeves.vTo wear these bracelets.he-, ke-, -em-.Yó kem logi teganay sok le myehen sal le gel gemlang.In the past the men always wore shell bracelets when they married.2nNarrow red bands of cloth sewed on a blouse.vTo sew narrow bands of red cloth on a woman's blouse, for trimming and decoration.-en-.
glanggéyvarglénggéyvTo swing back and forth, as a bag being carried.he-, ke-, -en-, se-.synkowing 1
glàfrom2v(Of people, animals) to assassinate, destroy, ruin.Glà le kul dutì tu kem ungé alì mken halay.They used poison to destroy those rats who were eating the rice.he-, ke-.Yem keglà le kul le fù teganay, snafang yem glà le kul.Their assassination of my great grandparents in the past, it was a gun they used to destroy them.-em-, -en-.Genlà le mà dì.They assassinated (my) uncle.se-.syngbà 1hatay 1
glebedfromlebedvTo meet in passing, unintentional; to catch a glimpse of something or someone.he-, ke-, -em-, se-.syngeklóf 1klófglebet 1lebetgsilà 1silà
glebetfromlebetvTo meet in passing, unintentional; to appear, as into sight; to come to mind.glebeten lem nawaw.It didn't come to my mind.glebet tonu du.He didn't appear in my sight.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngeklóf 1klófglebed 1lebedgsilà 1silà