Tboli - English


gledvarsegled1nGrooves cut around something.vTo cut grooves in something, as a bolo while it is still soft from being in the fire.Nmoem kut gleden yem subeng badung nii.Please cut grooves in this bolo handle.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.2nPortion of anything soft that can be divided, about two inches long.Sotu gled kili blay le do.They gave me one portion of eel.cfgeled 3
gleffromlefvTo do what is not appropriate among family members, friends.Là bangen du kô glefen maen.It would be unlikely for him to have killed his father.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.Seglef tau setwoli.The brothers killed each other.sem-, sen-.synskilang 1kilang
glemetvTo understand.ke-, -em-, se-.syntngón 1
glengetfromlengetvarheglengetadjCross, snappish.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhileng 1sueng 1sunget 1
glévTo scratch.he-, ke-, me-.Lewet, sotu kay hanak sok wen gunum gemtì du anien ke olon meglé, sana katayen.If you shoot at something with a poisoned arrow, even if it only scratches (it), that's enough to kill it.synmeklud 1klud
glédfromlédvTo lean on, depend on.Tódô eted le béléem libun tilob sok hyu kmoem. Yó kul nóyô kem tuha mò yehen ngà le yem logi gunun gléd nawa le.A nice girl will be brought to you if your character/working is good. What parents want their child to marry is a man (son-in-law) they can depend on.he-, hefe-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
gléléyvTo hang down over the side of something, as a vine over a stump.Nénégem kun yem timun gléléy bè tuhod.Look at (and get) the cucumber hanging over the side of the stump.he-.Deng tódô hegléléy bunguhen timun.The fruits of the cucumber are just loaded, hanging down by the stump.he-, ke-, se-.
glénggévTo stagger, as from sickness, drunkenness, dizziness or a heavy load.Són moen glénggé yem tau lengel tu.That drunk man there staggers continually.he-, ke-, -en-, se-.
glilebvTo know or understand something from observation and listening.Ke là géhél gel glileben du yem tau fun gunù yó koni yem mon yem tau lawa bélê le yó, ominen yó hendlà gel hemtukul du se kun.If the host doesn't quickly understand what the visitor said, then he will really ask to clarify it.he-, ke-, -m-, se-.cftnef 1tngón 1
glimfasvTo go past a deadline; to fail to keep a promise or an appointment.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.adjOverdue.
glimunfromlimunadjCovered, as with soil; obstructed, hindered, blocked, as of light.syngseng 1senggsilung 1silung 1gtibeng 1tibeng
glinàvTo smash or mash something by running over it, stepping on it.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
glinif1vTo deteriorate, fade away; to wane, decline; to decrease, as strength, sight, power, color.Deng malù glinif liholen.(Of a singer whose voice is no longer strong) her voice has waned somewhat.Deng glinif lóyen yem kudà yóó.That horse's running has declined.Glinif beteken.Its color/design has faded.Deng glinif ketngelu.My vision has decreased.Béem nmò gunun glinif boluyem.Don't do anything to deteriorate your name (put yourself down).he-, ke-, -en-.cf1lana 1tón 12advFalteringly, unconvincingly.Béi abay mudél heglinif.Don't speak unconvincingly.
glinggilfromlinggiladjRolled over, as in the sand.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synlulid 1
glingufromlingu 1varseglinguvTo mistake the false for the real.Glinguhen tuónen.He mistook his mother-in-law (committed adultery with her which is very unlikely).Yem ulal gmingu ke Mà Ban lumun ke betek beksan.The snake that bit Mà Ban was marked like a pottery bead.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.glingu lem bnesidiomEuphemism for a snake bite.
glovTo encounter someone or something that was already there before you.Tódô glo me bè yó yem linu yó bè yem tehe kkól me bè ni se kum.We encountered that spring there when we arrived here.Hol dnohoem yem buteng te, hyu ke tódô glohu uu bè yó bè yem kkólu se do.Be sure to keep our date, it would be good if I encounter you there on my arrival.ke-, -em-, se-.Seglo me ngà bè yem kesyehen me.We both encountered (each other's) children when we married each other.
glok1advTo the extent.Gloku myak bè gunun wen lemwót béléem.To the extent I was humiliated in public because of you.Glok yéem mutóng filak hwiten ebéléem mò sukéyem hol kóyóen ke holi mulék.Your mother really wants you to come home to the extent that she borrowed money and sent it to you for your fare.2vTo drop by, stop in.Nam na glok do edini gu laanem là deng tahu mulék.Please drop by here before you finally return home.he-, ke-.3vTo be stuck, as part or edge of something.Tey mgel mabang du deng alì glok elem botu yó kem hangahen.It's hard to move it out, its branches are really stuck in the rocks.
glomboyadj(Of a skirt) ill-fitting, too loose; too low, as when carrying a child in a tubular blanket below the knee level.Sidek kewéken ngà tuu alì glomboy.The way that child is wearing her skirt is bad, it's too loose.he-, ke-, -en-, se-.synnutnót
glong1varleglongnA crease or line between rolls of fat.Sok deng gel tlu bulónen yem ngà nbuten dê glong hahahen.When a child is three months old, he begins to have many creases in his thighs.vTo have creases.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cflegled 1leglô 1glô 22nCircular indentation around something, as tie marks around a pig's neck.cflegolong 1
glouffromlouf 1fromoufvarsegloufRoot refouf 1vTo encounter or have an accident, calamity or disaster.Tfeng lem uyóhen bolok nen e glouf tey éfél.His entire face was swollen after he encountered yellow bees.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngbangà 1gbunù 1bunù 1gkoho ta 1kohoglamù 1glumang 1lumang 1glumfak 1lumfak
glô1nA tiny, somewhat circular, natural mark in something, as in a glass, rattan or knife.2nA crack.Béem nkaf hanga ni wen glóen.Don't climb on this branch, it has a crack.varleglôcfgtô 1
glólóbvTo forfeit, lose something because payment was not made on time.he-, ke-, -en-.
glukfromluk 2varheglukseglukvTo gather together, work with; to entertain.Ni hlun glukem kul kefi.Now temporarily entertain them with coffee.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Lelen genluk ye lu mfas gu hilol gunù.Temporarily work with them to cut the grass around the house.se-.synhódó 1