Tboli - English


glumangfromlumang 1varseglumangvTo spread out or scatter something in many places.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synglouf 1louf 1cflémék 1adjSpread out, scattered.Sidek mton du soki matal ke alì glumang.It is bad to see when you put lipstick on if it is spread out.synlamang 1
glumfakfromlumfaknDisaster, calamity, catastrophe; adversity, affliction.vTo come up against, encounter; to be afflicted.Deng nen e glumfak lem blóng le ohu lóbô tódô hlò langat kem sdô.When the fierce dog came up against them, the pigs all squealed.he-, ke-.Deng keglumfak ye do ni.Now you shall come up against me.-em-.Ni gunuw gmumfak du metek dini lem tuduk.Here in the forest is where I was afflicted with leeches.Seglumfak kuy soke kól dyó.You will encounter me when I arrive there (watch out).-en-, se-.Deng ne le e seglumfak Tobod Ngà Ying deng tódô bélét litô Tobod.When Rat and Kitty Cat encountered each other then the blood of Rat splattered.synbunù 1gbunù 1bunù 1gfà 1gkoho ta 1kohoglamù 1glouf 1louf 1gtek 1glumfak desidiomEpidemic.
glunsudvTo be able to overcome; to pursue and overcome an obstacle in order to proceed.Là kô glunsudem du ngà tu ke wen tô hnihem béléen.You won't be able to overcome (the strong will of) that child, if you ask something from her (you won't get it).Laen dù bélê le gifal, là glunsud le du kgisen tey dunuk bong.None of them made it across, their strength couldn't overcome the strength of the flood.he-, ke-, -em-, se-.syngbek 1ongò 1
glungnA warning call of the omen bird, (predicting difficulties ahead if the individual continues the activity he/she is involved in).Sok glung kun, angat tmulón luung nawahem. Dê mgel sut béléem.If it is his warning call, it is telling of something that will cause you to be heavy-hearted/troubled. You will experience many difficult things.Symbolism is involved in the meaning of this call, since glung rhymes with luung used in the phrase luung nawa 'to be heavy-hearted, anxious, troubled'.cfmuhen 1lemuhenAppendix 19 SoundsvFor the omen bird to warn of difficulties ahead through giving a certain call.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-."Genlungem o kun, Muhen, ke wen des me du nim ktibahu.""Warn me, Turtle Dove, by a certain call if we will encounter sickness with my continuing this rice field."se-.The above request is taken from a divination ritual asking the Owner of Rice to have the omen bird give his warning call if the individual and/or members of his family will become sick or if there will be a poor harvest of rice if he continues making the rice field he has started in a certain area.cfkukut 1kutel 1
glunggàTagalog atsuetenBixa Orellana.Annatto, a bush with clusters of red seeds used for dye, food coloring.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
glusfromlusvarleglusteglusvTo slip out of one's hand or grip; to lose a case to a higher court.Hol sen-galu ye kehdeng du bè ni yem knukum yó abay se ke glus ye eta bong ne libug ye.Make sure that the case is solved here because if you lose it to the higher court you will have big trouble.he-.Béem heglus yem ngà.Don't let the child slip out of (the hammock).ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngwà 1
gmeebcfluk ta 1
gmêvTo cave in, as a wall.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfgmok 1gyob 1
gmokvTo crush, break, rot.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.adj(Of wood) broken in rottenness, collapsing; (of bones) crushed, as after a fight or accident.Gotu gmok yem seel lanen bonu bè kulón.The floor is collapsing because of being wet with rain.cfbloyoleboyogmê 1tbó 1tfok 1
gmungfrommungvarsegmungvTo agree with; to accompany; (of things) to be included.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.syngomong 1omongcfgbót 1bót
gnavTo go ahead.Gna ye.You go ahead.he-, ke-, -en-.adjAhead, preceding all others in a series or in kind; first; foremost in place; earliest in time.Ke gu bè libun, yó nmò yó kem tuha le, ne le slauy gna.If it starts with the girl, what the parents do is visit each other first.Tehe kbenwu gnan kun ekni, là holen wen tau.Reportedly, living in earlier times, there weren't very many people.ge-.Yó lanen yem yó mon le balù ke hnalak bolos talaken yem tniba, syanen deng gegna yem silà.The meaning of what they say is that even if a fox cuts across the middle of the field, it doesn't matter as long as the corn is already planted ahead.A small amount of corn is planted immediately after the burning of a field which is believed to obstruct unproductivity brought about by the palm civet if it happens to enter the burned field before anything is planted.libun gnaFirst lady, as the first of many wives.tau gnaRefers to people of a previous generation.
gnêvTo be intimidated, extreme shyness, even if one knows how, he won't.Sal gel tótól yem tau là gelen gnê bè gunun wen.A person is always famous who isn't extremely shy in public.he-, ke-, -en-.adjInferior.syngefì 1lefìyak 1
gnònAnother term for boi but not used as a term of address in place of a name.cfboi 1
gnoyucfsabi 1
gnólódcfsabi 1
gnómfromnómvarhegnómvTo feel; to experience; to have a taste of.Yó gel nmò le yem klawi le mehek yó kem logi, gel le kmélé anì là gnóm le du kliteg le kun.What the men always do during their dibble-stick planting of rice is, they always cheer so that they don't feel their tiredness.Ke gnómen deng hendlaen mékéng yem tnibahen, yó se ntemen yem tnibahen yó.When he feels that his field is already extremely dry, that's when he will burn his field.he-, ke-, -em-.Sok wen tau gemnóm des, gel nwit le ebè nim tau ni.When someone experiences sickness, they always bring him to this person.-en-, se-.syngtétém 1
gnùfrom2vargnôRoot refvTo live with parents-in-law.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.In the case of the groom, this happens in order to work for the unpaid dowry. In the case of the bride, this happens if too much of the dowry has no counterpart.
varigòigò 1advYes, affirmatively, positively.
godot*vargdodotvTo be almost the same status in society (position, level).h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
goemadvNevertheless; yet.Anien ke là mógówen ebè yó yem dumu le sebét goem là kô ne le e tô klifót du.Even if their neighbor doesn't go there, nevertheless they won't forget him.Goem tahu.Nevertheless it's true.Goem deng kól.Nevertheless he has arrived.Goem là.Nevertheless it's not.
gokadjCowardly; afraid.Yem tuha libunu tey gok mógów kifu.My wife is very afraid to go (out) at night.he-, ke-, ne-.synlikò 1
golingnAnything tied around the waist, usually a charm.hilet golingA belt with a charm hanging down.vTo tie a charm around the waist.Golingem nim henyas anì là tódói.Tie this stone-charm around your waist so that you won't be hit (by an arrow or bullet or curse).h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfhenyas 1