Tboli - English


hekudotvTo squint, as the eyes react to light or anything glaring.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
hekuhebvTo endure without food; to fast.Deng lewu buteng me ni ne tódô hekuheb igoen sem wen ubi koyu là kóen dog mokol yem dumuhu.It's been two days now that we have endured without food, while there is cassava that my companion didn't bother to dig.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfhbasag 1
hekuhomadj(Of people) fine in nature and character, in terms of age, size or thinking, characterized by being admirable, likeable and pleasing to look at.Béen gbót là mdengen bè kem ngà yem tau deng henkuhom.That person who is already big shouldn't join in playing with the children.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Tendo hlima ngà, tey ngà henkuhom.She's a child always asking for attention, she's already an admirable child (shouldn't need it).
hekukusfromlekukusvTo wrap oneself in a blanket to sleep when feeling lonely, frustrated, not feeling good or hungry.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
hekuónvTo realize something after the fact.Slonge hekuón deng haya deng mom klifótu yem buteng tô nógówu kemdaw ekimel.I only realized the next day I had forgotten the appointment of the day before.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhdemenhekna 1knaheknol 1knolhetngón 1tngón
hekyewvTo buy in bulk to get a better price; to do work by the job instead of by the hour.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
helaknThe sticking of sticky food to the roof of the mouth.vTo stick to the roof of the mouth, as peanut butter.-m-, -n-.
heledadj(Of voice) hoarse.ge-, ke-.
heleknSand.Yó kun Iwas, nen e mtung teked talak helek, tudaen Hnu.Reportedly Monkey, when he thrust his heel down into the sand, he threw Turtle away.vTo use sand to rub something with.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
helukussynlekukus 1
hemfromheadvYet be the one, a contraction of he 'yet' and yem 'that'.Ke là dengen yem nehek, tódô tebel le, ne yó hem funen bud tódô hemdeng du.If the planting of the rice is not finished, they just leave it, and the owner will yet be the one to finish it.
hem-varhm-pfxThis causative + actor focus prefix, causes or lets someone do something.Sotu gunu le hemtahu kem Tboli, imò, gel hemdes tau.Another thing the Tboli cause to be true (believe in), is a curse that harms people.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They only cause to hear (listen) if the omen bird's call is good.Là hyu hemdeng du.It's not good to cause it to finish (pass judgement).Uu hemdeng du yem kukum ni.You cause to finish (judge) this case.
hemenfromlemen1nCondition change, as sickness; blemish; defect; position or order change. Usually used with a negative.Lumun tô laen dù bud hemenen yem klokub lefò.It was like there was no change in the position of the coconut husk.Laen dù hemen le kô yó kem henyuhu dyó?Nothing has happened to those things I stored away there, has there?When away from home and inquiring through letters or friends the state of one's family or possessions, it is believed that if the euphemism is not used, there is the possibility of bringing about sickness, death, trouble or loss to those people or things being inquired about.cfdes 12vTo stay longer than intended, as when visiting someone; to leave something alone, as not to disturb it.Kendel tô nulék ye ni du gi? Hemen se he.What is it that makes you want to go home already? Do stay longer.Bê ye dog tendól yem mlon dmulang bè yó lem sala, hemenen kun bè yó.Never mind disturbing that hen laying eggs in the nest there, leave it alone.
hemêadjSitting on one's side with feet folded one on top of the other.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cflemê 1
hemgenoksynmdà elaan 1from2
hemotnDangles on an antique necklace.
hemto weknTypocerus velutina.Long-horned woodborer.Appendix 13-05 Beetles and bugs
hen-pfxThis causative + object focus prefix, causes or lets something be done.Baluen ke kinì, tódô henlel le mò nmò.Even if it's hot, they just cause to continue to work.Ke sbool ni kem ilô ni, hen-tlasik le mò nmò anì géhél le mehek.If these signs are unclear, they will cause-to-be-faster the work so that they can quickly plant.hen-elcause to-agree.hensidekto cause-harm.hentilobto make-pretty, to do well.
hen-gasamnSalsa.Mahi kut kesuna ne mala tonok mò nmò hen-gasam.Please get some onion and ginger for making salsa.It usually consists of raw onion, tomato, ginger and salt mixed together and eaten along with other food as viand.
hen-ótvTo call any domestic animal.ge-.
henanaadj(Of fruit) showing signs of ripening.Là deng nwitu kul yó kem soging bnosu hanà le tolo henana.I didn't bring the bananas I had hidden, they are still just showing signs of ripening.
henblóngadjUnpredictable, uncertain, i.e., whether a person will live or not.Henblóngu ke bude mógów edini.It's uncertain if I'll come here again.
hendemfromhedemnThoughts, mind.Balù yó kem ngà sana kwen kul hendem se kul.Even the children have minds of their own.synledof 1