Tboli - English


hamfasvTo rob, confiscate; grab something which may or may not be redeemed.g-, k-, -m-, -n-.synnewed 1ewed 2cfaga 1egef 1hugus 1kuhì 1led 1tfel 1
hananA curse swearing you are telling the truth which includes a threat; a vow.vTo swear that you are telling the truth or that you don't have what someone wants.Hana u ne là kô nwahu du yem ken henyuhem.I swear (your life is at stake) I certainly didn't take the food that you put away.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
hanaknArrow, generic.Lewet, sotu kay hanak sok wen gunum gemtì du anien ke olon meglé, sana katayen.A poisoned arrow is a kind of arrow that whatever you shoot at, even if it only scratches (it), it's enough to kill.cfslamfang 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implementsvTo shoot an arrow.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.cfblos 1hedut 1klowit 1lingkal 1litag 1luub 1sbat 1slufang 1
hanàadvStill, usually referring to time past.Gel le btik hanà minal mwas abay se yó se gel ksut yó kem limu blotik.They always arise while it's still the beginning of daybreak, because that's when those five stars appear.Ke kmutel muhen igò le hanà mken, mon le tmulón modung.If the turtle dove calls while they are still eating, they say it tells of a vigil (forewarns of a death).cfhe 1sana 1tolo 1
hantigvTo hit or strike something with a rod or cane with the purpose of breaking or paralyzing it.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Hnantig ye bè hahahen yem mósól anì géhél guta kuy.Strike that rooster on his thigh so that you can quickly catch him.s-.
hanusadvBreathlessly, panting, out of breath; wearily, tiredly.Tek hanus higed lem tey kinì kdaw.He wearily walked bent over in the heat of the sun.Deng tódô hanus mlóy gu ditu, tey luséken.He breathlessly ran here, he was scared (lit. very white, pale).Tek hanus mlóy lem yem tey kinì nee mangay yem libun ma ngà.He breathlessly ran in the hot part of the day to fetch a midwife.g-, k-.
hanganTree branch; horn, antlers.Ke lumun haya ktem, gotu ntok le hanga yó kem koyu deng hnugón le anì gotu tegnù elaan ne anì tilob klóben.If they will burn the field the next day, then they will chop off all the branches of the trees they have felled so that it will all settle and burn well.vTo have branches, horns.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Ke sobuy hyu ke tódô le senged, dalang se ke kobong hnanga hyu ke senged kbong le.If it's jars it's good if they are the same size, likewise if it's the bamboo-containers with horns (handle) it's good if they are the same size.
hangàvTo stand in the entrance.Béi hangà bak dól, kô wen libun klión.Don't stand in the doorway, there might be a (pregnant) woman who will have hard labor.g-, h-, k-, -n-.syntengen 1
hangganadjBoastful, said of someone who excels in everything he does, when the speaker is somewhat jealous or simply does not like his ways.Tey hanggan tau, tey geta udélen.What a boastful person, he talks big.synhambug 1hegmón 1htiól 1hton salù 1
hangusnA string of fish or meat.vTo string fish or meat.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.Tek sfangus utón matak niten.He brought only one string of raw meat.
hanguy1nThe crook handle of an umbrella.2vTo carelessly hold something, as an infant without care to his head or something by the edge; to dangle, let hang loosely.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Béem hnanguy yem fét kudà kô glébéd bè tihen.Don't let the horse's reins hang loose, (they) might tangle around his feet.advLoosely.Ghanguy yem kogotem du yó gunun temfok tihen yem kudà.You held (the reins) loosely, that is why the horse broke his leg.cfhlanguy 1adjCareless.mef-.
hasang1nDregs, as coffee grounds, coconut after the milk is squeezed out.2nMoney that is put up in a gambling game.Tau du là deng hasaen du kun hasang?Who hasn't laid down his money?vTo put up money, as a bet.g-, k-, -m-.Tau du là dengen hmasang?Who hasn't put up money?-n-, s-.3nGills on a fish.
hasutvTo sprinkle water by scooping up and throwing; to send something flying as when holding something in one's hand and cutting pieces off with the other or when twirling something around.g-, k-, -m-, -n-.syndafut 1tudà 1
hatalnFramework of a house; platform area where a sacrifice is made.Tey gunù bong yem hdà le dlem okóm hanà tolo hatal.It is a large house that they are putting up downstream but it's still only the framework.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo make the frame.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-, sem-, sen-.Hanà tolo senfatal le atul.Their plan is still being framed (unresolved).
hatanvTo wait for someone or something.Hatan mkó he ke deng bud mken yem silà gunuhen bnahung.He won't wait to be cured until he has eaten the corn which caused his sickness.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synangat 3hékét 1tanud 1tineg 1cftógón 1
hatan monexprWait to say or wait and see. A phrase used when in doubt about something that is expected to happen.Hatan monem he ke angat baling.You wait to say if it is going to turn out.Hatan monem kolon ke deng tonem, hatan monem tahu ke dengi sut du.You wait to say it's cogon grass when you see it, you wait to say it's true when you have reached it.
hatayvarsfataynDeath.vTo fight; to kill.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synglà 12lef 1cfmatay 1hatay kuy niidiomWe'll all die.
hatiknBlaze marks.Mò le hatik bè kilil yem angat gunu le tmiba.They are making a blaze mark around the edge of where they will make their field.vTo blaze, mark a trail or to show ownership of an area selected for a field site by marking or bending stalks in a certain way; to mark one's crops to prevent stealing, or mark something already given or sold, or to prevent or divert passage through an area.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Sok deng wen yem numa tuha ton le yó se yem hnatik le mò angat naba le.When they have found a new growth forest, that's what they will mark out for clearing.s-.cfgfù 1
hatu1vTo look down from a high vantage point; to look out.Tey geta tum gunun hatu tum tama bélê le.The male monkey looked down at them from very high up in the tree.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfdwóng* 1adjClearly, distinctly.m-.Tey mfatu mton du ke temngeli ebè Edwards ke nui ta Temgifit.If you are on top of Temgifit mountain and look towards the town of Edwards, it's very clearly seen.2vFor the spirit owner of the rice or plants to withhold abundance from the people for wasting the food supply.Béem namà ken kô hatu halay, angat hlayuk béléem là bud tonem du.Don't waste food, the unhusked rice might withhold from you and in the future go far from you and you won't see it (rice) again.The people believe that the supply of food is due to the kindness of the spirit owner and the people should not abuse it.
hawayvTo ascend; to soar up as clouds.Ni kmoen ni deng tey mayuk ne longit abay se lemwót bè Skukuk kun gunuhen haway mayuk.Now at this time the sky is already far away and the reason it ascended far away is, it started with Cuckoo bird, reportedly.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
hayavarhmaya1nAn area of bare earth, no grass, as around plants.vTo clean, clear an area of all grass.Hayahen hmilol gunuen tók.He cleared away the grass around his house with his bolo.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Hnayahen kem huluhen.He cleared away the grass around his plants.s-, sem-, sen-.adjClean, tidy, trim, clear.Ominen yó laen hol bud lan ungé bè silà deng gotu haya hmilol kilil.It was then the corn field was free from rats when it was all cleared around the edge.hmaya knùidiomSelf righteous, i.e., clears around himself.2adjTomorrow; the following day.Ke lumun haya ktem, gotu ntok le hanga yó kem koyu deng hnugón le anì gotu tegnù elaan ne anì tilob klóben.If they're burning the field the following day, then they will chop off all the branches of the trees they have felled so that it will all settle and burn well.-n-.Hnaya ni se eginu kewóten.Early morning.Early this morning was when he left.syntkifu 1fromkifusfaya(Of two births) one in the evening and one the next morning.
hayannOutlet or outflow of water from a shallow well or enclosed water where all the water from bathing, washing clothes, etc., flows. It is believed to be contaminated or polluted.Nebelem do bè hayan él yem sewatu lana.Look for my lost comb at the outlet of the water.vTo contaminate, make unclean the water outlet.s-,, g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Bê ye hnayan yem él kô des blutut ye.Don't contaminate the water you might have a stomach ache.s-.adjDirty, contaminated.Béi mò hulu bè yó gónón hayan.Don't plant anything there where it is contaminated.
hayung1nUmbrella.vTo use an umbrella.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.2nDecorative prongs on the scabbard of a fancy bolo, usually wood covered with brass.