Tboli - English


hbalafrombala 3vTo endure; to control oneself, long-suffering; to bear with patience, tolerate.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfhtuhod 1tuhod
hbalingfrombalingvTo transform something.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Hembalingi dou tising.Transform (this) into a ring for me.-en-.Nim sembakungu ni, tenwélem dou ne henbalingem dou hilet.Melt this big gong of mine and transform (it) into a chain belt for me.se-.cfhdeen 1hlingun 1
hbalùvTo sell anything.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Ke laen bang géhél myehen du yem libun deng negef le yó, tódô senswa le ebè kem dumu tau móyô bemli du, ne omin le yó bud gel hembalù du mayuk.If no one quickly marries the girl they have kidnapped, they just trade her to those who will buy her, then those that bought her will again sell her to someone in a distant place.-en-, se-.syndagang 1cfbtad 1
hbangkagvTo show off; to be proud.Balù hbangkag gemtì du blek bong ke mà dì, tey mdengen sbaten.The real one to be proud in shooting the big boar should be uncle, he has the real big spear.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
hbangkogvarhbangkógadvProudly.Béi ukel mógów hbangkog elem blóng yó kem tau sfatay déke mom uu gna masà.Don't be stupid to go proudly (with the intention of stopping it) into the midst of those who are fighting, you might be the first one to be laid down.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synhegdag 1
hbasagvTo neglect, disregard oneself.Balù sentenga klangagem béi tódô tô hbasag là mken kô wen desem.Though how much you grieve over something don't neglect eating, you might get sick.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfhekuheb 1
hbaussynlekukus 1
hbesvTo train to become accustomed to; to practice.ge-, ke-.
hbeyenfrombeyenvTo lure someone into doing something until you get what you want done for yourself.Nam na henbeyen kut etuu, ngà yó dii.Please lure that child over there (away from us).ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Lemwót ni ngà libun duhen ngà logi mulu henbeyenen tum ngà libun duhen ngà logi fun gunù anì là gehgel le ke angat kteng le lu.The children of the wedding guests lure the children of the host so that they won't resist when they pull them (to the food basket).se-.At a wedding feast, the guests' pulling the hands of the hosts onto the food basket is a custom before distributing and eating the food served to them. It is a starting point for them to get to know each other. It also implies their asking permission to go ahead and eat the food.
hbélétfrombélétadvTo quickly start to act; to start to leave or disperse.Hek kun nee kento megkay gunù, nen e hbélét Mal kun hetò, olohen gemkalus sufà bengel.All of a sudden the house lifted, and Tarsier quickly started to jump, but he only scratched (touched) the end of the main joist.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synhefésék 1kto 1seklab 1seklób 1klóbtbù 1
hbogulfrombogulvTo flounder; to bob back and forth, as when in pain.Tey des nihihen suloyen buteng hbogul mkik.His tooth was aching so he just bobbed back and forth in tears the whole night.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
hboifromboivTo be lazy, unmindful of things to be done.ge-, ke-.synhdatù 1datù
hbonuvTo have a chronic weakness, unidentified sickness of long duration.Tolo hbonu yem ngà yem kguhu ditu déke ni gunu le là sut.The child was chronically ill when I was there which may be why they haven't arrived.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synhbuyon 1cfdes 2dolong 1slaw 1
hbongfrombong 3vTo make something bigger; enlarge, increase; to nourish.Laen muhem hembong du yem udél là mtukul gungolem.There's no purpose for you to make big the rumors you didn't hear clearly.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Hembong ye kut ofi.Make bigger (start) for us a fire.-en-.cfhenok 1tlomò 1hbong boluyidiomTo make a name for oneself.hbong knawaidiomDeep sigh.hbong knùidiomSelf exaltation.hbong lob1idiomOver exaggeration.
hbong dandónvTo brag about what one has in order to be praised by others; to be proud, conceited.synhambug 1hegmón 1heklabak 2hton dóyón1 1hton salù 1
hbong nawavTo assert oneself to be loved.Ali hbong nawa yem libun huli yó gunu le gtagak kem libun gna.The last wife asserted herself, that's why the first ones were left behind.Alì hbong nawa yem libun gna yó gunu le gedway yó kem huli.The first lady (wife) asserted herself, that's why the rest were pushed away.ge-, ke-.synhlom nawa 1
hboofromboonPerfume, scent.Olò ye hemsù yem hboo sok deng kedyo ye mò limun boo inget.You should put on some perfume after you take a bath to cover the smell of perspiration.vTo leave or make a scent in the path of predators.Bê ye henboo yem lesang sdô, kô là bud lan le du.Don't leave a scent in the tracks of the pigs, they might no longer follow the path.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfoo 1
hbookfrombook 2vTo throw a tantrum, be wild, as a child.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synkleyek 1
hbôfrom1vTo be carried on someone's back, as when one has to be carried on the back of someone stronger in order to get to the other side of the river; to want to be carried on the back, as a child; to impose on someone, to carry something or some responsibility.Nen e dmunuk Ala slong le gifal kem tau fedyan tek le hbô ke mà dì.When the Allah River flooded, the only way the marketers got across was that they had uncle carry them on his back.ge-, he-.ke-, -em-.Ne omin le gel hembô kul ken mulék yó kem towu le.Then they always give food to their daughters-in-law to carry home (on their backs).-en-.Yem tau tu, tey sidek nmoen, tey henbóen bayad kem tau.That man there is a very bad character, he makes people carry (heavy) debt.Appendix 07 Ways of carrying2v(Of animals) to mate.
hbusawfrombusawvTo act wildly, either from extreme happiness or anger.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.syntoyok 1
hbutfrombut 2vTo trace, track, deduce, find the source of, as trouble.Laen dumu gunu e hbut du ni sentulón ni ke là uu du.There's no one else to trace (as the cause) for this problem if it's not you.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synwótlewót
hbuyonv(Of birds) to droop and mope; to get sick.Ni kmoen ni deng mom baling onuk hbuyon ne nim mon le Skukuk.Now the one they call a Cuckoo bird has become a bird that droops.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.syndolong 1hbonu 1honung 1slaw 1cfheklufong 1
hbùvTo submerge a bottle or something with a small opening in water in order to fill it.he-, ge-, he-, ke-.