Tboli - English


hulung1vTo know how to do something, to be skilled.Tey le hulung temngel kógów kdaw kul yó kem tuha.The old ones really know how to look at (lit. the going of) the day's weather.g-, h-, k-.Ke miwoli libun, tódô hegfanem khulungem mò nmò, ne hol bnasahem kem tuha yem libun.If you desire a woman, you just show your knowing how to work and give gifts to the parents of the girl.varkenhulungsynketngón 1fromtngóntngón 12vTo like or be comfortable being with someone.Tey le hulung béléen kem ngà.The children are very comfortable with her.k-, -m-, -n-, sf-.synsetngón 1fromtngóncfnalam 1
hulut1nGlutinous (sticky) rice or corn.Ni se yem hekbéng, bede tey gel mgel mken du ke sundu silà hulut du, bede mnóm snéen.This is that kind of corn, but it's always hard to eat it if it's not glutinous corn, but it's tasty also.Hulut yem nmò le ken libut okóm olo le ma tahen mò ken le ke deng klibut le.Glutinous rice is the food they make for the seed ritual, but they just get the top of it for their food after they have finished the ritual.There are many kinds of glutinous (sticky) rice.2nSticky tree sap used to trap birds.vTo set a sticky sap (of a certain tree) to catch birds.Yó yem gel atul yó kem tau fun halay, gel le ma yem litok koyu boluyen takul mò hulut le yó kem sit bokong ditu bè kilil halay anì yó wen tawan bélê le.The plan of the owner of the rice is to get the tree sap called takul to set a sticky trap for the maya birds there at the edge of the rice so that some of them will be affected.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Tau du gel hmulut kem onuk fatu?Who is always setting sticky traps for the birds across the hill?-n-.Olò hnulut ye dé tum tey onuk mdef fatu.Just set sticky traps for those birds landing there across the hill.
humbatvTo act up, as a child when not given attention.Katen alì gel humbat ngà ni!This child here is always extremely acting up!ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfhekleyek 1kleyekhetgut 1tguthlima 2limahluu 1htiba 1htindù 1
hunónBroom made from rice straw.vTo sweep.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
hunuknButtocks.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
hunùvarhónô 1advRepeatedly; always.Okóm ke deng le hunù setngón ne ke deng le seknalam là sideken ke gekteng le yem tmuha senta le.But if they have always been with each other and if they are already well acquainted with each other, it's not bad if they pull the one older than they (a ritual at a wedding).cflóhô 1
hungesnCovering, bandage; wrapper; bundle of something wrapped up.Yó kmò le yó kem hunges ken, bnos le lu laan tiba.What they do with the food wrappers is hide them underneath the cut grass and brush.vTo wrap something.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synbaus 1cfbalun 1bsong 1lambung 1
hungélvTo wobble, sway, as an abandoned old house.Deng hungél yem gónô le.Their house is already wobbling.Deng hungél yem nihihem, géhél nsokem.Your tooth already wobbles, better pull it out.g-, h-, k-, -n-.advTotteringly, swayingly, as a drunkard.Dô lengel yem tau mógów hungél gu ditu yóó.That fellow approaching totteringly must be drunk.cfingol 1
hungolfromungol 1vTo listen, pay attention to.Olò ye hungol dé.You should listen and obey.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They only listen (to know) if the omen bird's call is good.-n-.Bud hnungol le muhenen snéen ke gel le lemibut.Again they listen (and pay attention to) the turtledove (call) when they perform the planting ritual.he-.To check on someone.Hefungolu edyó féem he.I'll have your brother-in-law check on you there afterwards.s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.synhdon 1imón 1
hunguvarsfungunA cluster or bunch, as a bunch of grapes.Na e kól mà gu lem tuduk tódô hungu nbóen.When father arrived from the forest he carried a cluster of things on his back (many things strapped together).vTo be overloaded with lots of things carried on the body.Gunuhem alì gu hungu ni?Where did you come from overloaded with all these things here?s-.synsluduk 1luduk
hungul1nIsland; a patch of trees; an area that hasn't been cleared for planting.vTo leave an area or patch untouched.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Hnungulem yem gunun nù gulom.Leave the area where the ants are.s-.2vTo exempt, as sickness exempts no one.-n-.Yem des laen dù hnungulen.Sickness doesn't exempt anyone (rich or poor).
hungus1nMuzzle, used on animals when cultivating and on dogs that bite.2nA string tied at the mouth of a sack that is not full to prevent spilling.If the sack is full it will be sewn shut.vTo tie a partially-filled sack at the mouth to prevent spilling.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tek hnungus sakù halay blay mà dou.The sack of unmilled rice my father gave me was tied (it wasn't a full sack).s-.
husekvTo enter.Mon kem dumu, husek ye, husek ye.Others will say, enter, enter.Ne e ton Hnu yem tey klokub lefò kun, ominen yó kun husek elemen.Reportedly, Turtle saw (a pile of) coconut husks, then he entered inside (them).g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
husengvTo refuse in anger to do what is asked by making a face; to snort, as a carabao who doesn't want to work.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Tedu tendo hnusengen tau ni?What is this person continually refusing in anger?
husukvTo go to someone unprepared.Béi tagad husuk etu bè le tuónem ke laen deng mò nitem.Do not yet go unprepared to your in-laws if you don't have something to take with you.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfgfan 1hton 1tonógów 1sut 1
husung1nThird pouch of pig's stomach leading into the intestines.2vTo show up.Béi tagad husung edini tolo lembut maem.Do not show up here yet, your father is still mad.g-, h-, k-, -n-.syngfan 1hton 1fromtoncfsut 1
hutelvTo find one's way through a hole or a crowd.Tenngelem ngà tù dé hutel bè sol beng.Look at the puppy trying to find it's way through the hole in the wall.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
hutékadjPale, white.cfbusê 1
hutuvTo shorten the life span of something intended for long range.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.adjShortened, worn down with age, as teeth and hair or vegetable garden that people continually harvest from; shortlived, as of business that failed.Deng mom hutu yem tô tindà nmou.The store I tried to have was shortlived.cffet 1hélé 1henek1 1lenekhóngów 1hutul 1kleb 1kleng 1ksê 1ofok 1otok 1sfek 1sfu 1fu 2tfok 1tful1 1tfus 1tfuyów 1tifak 1tifós 1tilós 1tób 1tok 1tól 1ufók 1
hutulnA cut portion.vTo cut or break into pieces, as a branch; to break beans in preparation for cooking.g-, h-, k-.Appendix 08 Ways of cuttingadjBreak into pieces.m-.Ke là dengen mékéng yem litok là hyuhen ke kendel nki le angat gotu mfutul.If a certain vine isn't dry, it's not good to immediately scrape it, it will just break into pieces.-n-, s-.cfhutu 1
hutusvarsegfutusnKnot.Yó kul gel kesfét buteng là kô olo le lemidan du, bede wen yem tébéd nmò le, tébéd udì, ke yó se kwen yem buteng gel fét le, yó se kwen yem hutus yem tébéd.In their setting the date they not only count but they make a little rope, and the number of nights they set, that's the number of knots they make in the rope.Deng kól bè hutusen.He reached his last knot in life (said of a person who died).vTo make a knot.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
hutùfromutùvTo pout.Deng tódô sendawem ni hutù laen olò kligalem.You've been pouting the whole day; there's no joy in you.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.synhileng 1htifós 1tifóshudem 1