Tboli - English


huyównPlate, as for rice.vTo use a plate.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
huyùnA cradle hammock made by tying a length of cloth (tube skirt) to a pliant bamboo pole fastened to a crossbeam of the house.vTo carry a sick person in a blanket (tube skirt) tied to a pole like a baby's hammock.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.cfdugang 1dulu 1hebón 1hekabal 1kabal*siwi 1slé 3
exprOh!"," mon Iwas, "ni du?""Oh!" Monkey said, "what's this?"
hwéfrom1nThe whinny of horses fighting or when they see something at night.vTo whinny, repeatedly, as when an unfamiliar person or another horse appears.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Tedum alì henwéhen lem kifu kudà tu?What is that horse whinnying about there in the dark?se-.To neigh or whinny, as two or more horses when meeting together.synkdél 12nThe sound when a coffin is finished, when the top and bottom are pounded together making a recognizable sound that indicates a coffin is finished.Appendix 19 Sounds
hwitfromwitvTo send something along with someone else.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Timbow le kól bè yó suloy, henwit le lu bulung bahung ni kem lai le fi gu bè libun.When they (who followed) have been there only overnight, their in-laws send with them (food as) medicine from the woman's side to prevent sickness.se-.
hwóbsynkóg 1
hwóngvarmenwóngnWailing, howling of dogs at night.v(Of dog) to howl in a long drawn out manner.ge-, he-, ke-, men-, -em-, -en-, se-.cfail 1bak 3dluu 1duutoul 1
hwós1vTo slip off, as something from a nail or a prop from a window.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Henwósem kakangen.Slip his bridle off.se-.cfku 12adjPulled back off the face, as a woman's hair so it is flat against the head, no bangs.A woman who does not wear her hair in the traditional way brings shame to the family.
hyofòvarhuyów lefònThe hard inside shell of the coconut, often used for making plates.cfklokub 1
hyonginAerodramus brevirostris.Himalayan swiftlet; any birds of the swift family.Dalang se yem hyongi, tey metlasik ke móyóng.Similarly the swiflet is very fast when it flies.Appendix 10 Birds
hyos1vTo tense the body against pain or cold; to huddle up, shrink back from feeling insecure, inferior, hesitant, unsure, uneasy or untrusting.Hyos nawaw hdadu du yem klembew mà dì, udì lówóhen.I shrink back from plowing with uncle's carabao; its body is small.ge-, he-.Là kóen hyu ke nui lem blóng tau ke són moem hefyos.It isn't good if you are in the midst of people if you always shrink back.2adjDispleasing, unsatisfactory; (of a person's body shape) big at the top and very small hips.Tau bong lemsek kgal udì, tey hyos mton du.A big person wearing a small shirt, it's very displeasing to see (too small).synóngó 1cfsudut 2fromudut
hyóhôvTo scare birds away by yelling yóhô.Tu tey hyóhô kem ngà mangat.Hear the children scaring away birds.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Hol néen yem sit bokong, balù sendawem hemyóhô kul là kô na le e gungol du.Especially the Dusky Mannikin, even if you scare (yell yóhô) at them the whole day they won't hear you.-en-.cfyóhô 1
hyónfromyón 2vTo require somebody to be present before approving any proposal or before ending a case.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.synhtaba 1taba
hyu1adjGood, satisfactory for its purpose; pleasant.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They only listen-to-hear if the omen bird's call is satisfactory.Sok le gel mulu yó kem tau, hyu gel hendengen le yem libun hulung smagi mung kul.When people go to a wedding, it's always good that they have with them a woman who knows how to play the gong.synfakay 1inggel 1itod 1linggel 1frominggeltilob 1cfdsol 1lónób 12vTo put away for later use, safekeeping; to put away, reserve for someone not present.Sal gel wen henyuhen se kun anì wen gunun ma mò kenen ne angat bud hlahen.He always has some he puts away so that he has some for his food and he will also have some for planting.Gel henyu le mò hla le.They always put away some for their planting.ge-, he-, -em-, -en-.Tólóng kehyu le se yó kem utón anì ditu he gunu le mólól du yem utón ke deng bang le mken.They put away the meat separately so that it will be divided out when it's time to eat.varhenyusynangat 4bnos 1htifes 1igam nawa 1nes 2tdù 1tginof 1cfabung 1fan 3hlinok 1tgama 13vTo fix anything disarranged; to repair or reconstruct, as a building.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.4vTo reconcile.se-.varsefyu