Tboli - English


hdavTo disagree, not believe what is being said.Alì lò hdahen tau ni.This person always disagrees.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhkéng 1kéng
hdadisTagalog labanosnRaphanus sativus.Radish.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
hdafatvTo excuse oneself with an alibi or reason for not eating or doing anything.Alì móyô hdafat tau ni.This person is fond of making excuses for himself (from many things).ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.syndawa 1
hdanavTo beseech, implore, plead for something, as children talking someone into something in the gentlest way.Soke kól mógów són mò le hdana ebéléu kem ngau.When I arrive home from a trip my children always plead for something from me.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhduù 1duùcfduù 1hegdanà 1gdanàhgifu 2ifu
hdanganfromdangan*adjOccasional, seldom.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.synbatul 1blóng 4
hdatùfromdatùvTo be lazy, unmindful of things to be done, acting like a datù.ge-, ke-.synhboi 1boi
hdàfrom2vTo put up, build, as a shelter or house; to put or stand something upright.Eles gel wen hdà le angat talak tniba.Beforehand they always put up a shelter (for watching the rice birds) in the middle of the rice field.ge-, he-, ke-.Sok lumun haya duen yem kehek le, lumun kemdaw ni yem na le e kehdà but bnék ditu talak tniba.If they are going to plant rice tomorrow, then today is when they will put up the rice table there in the middle of the field.-em-, -en-, se-.synhteg 1teg*
hdeenvTo wish, yearn for something.ge-, he-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhdémê 1démêhenkól 1cfhbaling 1balinghlingun 1sgalu 1galu
hdekvTo position something long or tall on the ground with the top edge straight upward.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
hdemensynhekuón 1
hdengfromdengvTo complete something; to pass judgment on, judge.k-.Timbow deng keslinti le, omin le muteng mò kehdeng le du.When their betrothal is done, then they set a date for completing it (the wedding day).ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Là hyu hemdeng du.It's not good to pass judgment on it.-en-.Ke moni gunuhen kmutel ke wen muhen, là hendeng le du.If the omen bird's call is nearby, they won't complete it.se-.syngdeng 1deng
hdengenfromdengen*vTo secure, make sure, provide, establish, organize, put in order.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Sok le gel mulu yó kem tau, hyu gel hendengen le yem libun hulung smagi mung kul.When people go to a wedding, they make sure that there is a woman to go with them who knows how to play music on the gongs.se-.
hdesfromdesvTo reinforce a request, a command with strong pressure.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.Hol hendesem tmulón du.Really reinforce it when you tell it to him.adjPainful.cfhdék 1
hdékvarhendékvTo sting, smart, as medicine.Hdék lem blututu.My stomach is stinging (of hunger pains).Tey hdék haliu nan e mlel edu inget.My wound really smarted when perspiration got into it.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.adjStinging, smart, painful.cfhdes 1des
hdémêfromdémêvTo wish for; to desire.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-.Hendéméu ke bong filaku.I wish for lots of money.se-.synhdeen 1kóyô 1óyô
hdololfromdolol 1Root refdolol 2vTo stay next to a superior, as to depend on; to have a spirit-being directing one's life.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
hdonvTo obey, to take heed, to keep still.Olò ye hdon dé kem ngà.You children just keep still.Là dog hdonen du tau ni yem dóku du ekimel.This person didn't bother to obey what I asked him to do yesterday.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhungol 1ungol 1imón 1ungol 1
hdongosfromdongosvTo whimper and whine, making a big ado about a small thing.ge-, he-, -em-, -en-, se-.Élél alì hendongos tau ni ngà halì lan balut.It's unreasonable for this person to make a big ado about a small cut from a piece of grass.
hdómfromdómvTo let someone borrow somethingge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.
hdóyónv(Of animals) to mate, to be in heat.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-, kese-.synóól 1
hduffromduf 2vTo entertain, offer hospitality; to take an interest in, be friendly to someone; to be enthusiastic about something.Laen dù hduf te kóm.I have nothing to offer you. (When someone visits you and you don't have anything to serve him.)ge-, ke-, -em-.Ne dalang se kul yó kem logi, bud myón klohok le se kul yem dumu le logi lemwót bè yem gunù yó mò nee hemduf semgbót kul se kul.And the same also for the men, they sit near the other men of the house and they take an interest in sharing with them (at a wedding feast).-en-, se-, sem-, sen-.cfklô 1adjWell cared for, well attended to.me-, (mefduf).cfgduf 1duf 2henduf 1segduf 1duf 2
hduùfromduùvTo endear, cuddle, as a child.Tey móyô hduù yem ngau són twoli.My youngest child likes to cuddle.ge-, ke-, -em-, -en-, se-.synhdana 1cfdafu 1
hevarhemadvYet, up to the present time; before all is done; eventually.Nuta le he yem ila ke deng deng nuta.They'll harvest the wild grain eventually when the rice harvest is over.cfhanà 1sana 1tolo 1