Tboli - English


hedemvarhendemvTo think; to ponder; to remember something.ge-.Baluen he ke deng gel klifót le yó kem tau yem bulón le gel tmiba, ke sok gungol le yem udél tahaw mensag, tódô bud gehedem le yem bulón hol tahu ktiba ne kmò le halay.Even if they forget the month to clear a field, when they hear the screech of the long-tailed nightjar bird, they remember it's the month to really clear their rice field.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Ke là hol hendem le du kbuten, là kô tngón le du ke wen nged le.(At a wedding feast) if they don't really think about the marriage background, they won't be able to know the riddle (what is sung about).se-.cfledem 1
hedédélvTo brag, to know it all; to dare to do something.Béem dê hendédélem.Don't dare to do many things.Ke laen ikótem béem hendédél ke wen tau mógów ebéléem.If you don't have the where-with-all don't dare to have people come to you.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Béem hendédél momu tebwón, hatayem.Don't dare to smoke out the paper wasps, (it will surely) knock you down (lit. you'll die).se-.cfheklabak 2hton salù 1
hedlàfromdlà*nAn extreme act or measure when reaching the outmost point of one's emotion.Deng tey legen ne ni keglayamu bélê le, bangu mò hedlà ne ni.I have suffered a long time now from them, it's time for me to do something extreme (they would regret/learn a lesson from later).vNot do again, having learned from experience; to learn a lesson from a mistake or correction; to refrain from doing something again that has caused you pain.cfkudung 2advExtremely; extreme; severe; abundantly, profusely.Hendlà hgelem tabahem anì gungol le uu.Make your call extremely loud so that they can hear you.Ominen bud gel malà se kun yem fi gu bè libun, ne sok bud hnotoken bud hendlà knélé ni kem fi gu bè libun.Then the singer from the bride's side will reply, and when he has finished the women from her side will cheer abundantly.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Ke là géhél gel glileben du yem tau fun gunù yem mon yem tau lawa bélê le, ominen yó hendlà gel hemtukul du se kun.If the host doesn't quickly understand what the visitor said to them, then he will profusely (ask questions) to clarify it.synhegagid 1gagidhgenged 1gengedhtawê 1htayul 1hténggê 1cfhtawid 1htodos 1tbogò 1
hedmalvTo station, position oneself on a particular spot.Béi hedmal bè yó bè lan kô geslob le uu.Don't station yourself there on the path, they might bump into you.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhedwengkel 1
hednufromdnuvTo back off, reject something because of hurt feelings, after wanting or attempting to have it but being frustrated. (As when you are given a little of something, you won't take it because you wanted a larger portion to begin with. This can be healed by time.)Bê ye bud ubug do ne denge hednu tey kegenu miwol du bélê ye.Don't keep on urging me, I have backed off, it was a long time that I wanted that from you.Yó se gunuhen lembù hednu hlayuk.That's why (the sky) backed off on his own and went far away.ge-, ke-.Sal gel hlingun le kehednu longit.They usually sing (in parable form) about the sky's rejection.-em-, -en-.They compare a person's behavior to the sky's rejection, meaning you can not change his mind.synsidek nawa 1
hedngélfromdngélvTo edge or move out of someone's way; to shy away from.Hedngéli bè yó kô glinà le u.Edge away from there, you might be run over.Lomi me hedngél gu du.We just edged away from eating (a polite way of refusing to eat with someone when invited).ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
hedónnExpectation.vTo expect; to hope.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.cfhku 1
hedunnGallbladder.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
hedutnA short, fast arrow used as a weapon.cfhanak 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
hedùvTo tag along; to attach oneself to someone.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Uu se alì hemdù du yó ngau.(To a girl) you are the one attaching yourself to my son.-n-, se-.
hedwatafromDwatavTo curse using the name of God.-m-, -n-.
hedwelengvTo grouch, grumble, utter complaints in a surly tone.Nawaw tau ni lumun tô lem uyó yem tey tama, eles kóem hedweleng.Wow! this person looks like an old male monkey in his face, he is always surly.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhetom 1tomhileng 1hlamfis 1hlóbô 1lóbôhtifós 1tifóslafì 1cfkosut 1
hedwengkelvTo station, position oneself on a particular spot.Deng sana hedwengkel dini tau ni igò sem lomi tonu ditu ginu.This person is already stationing (himself) here, while I just saw him somewhere else earlier.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhedmal 1
hedwóngfromdwóng*vTo hover above something.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
heebvTo lean on a window sill or some such thing, resting one's chest on the sill.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-.Tey udì gunu Tanis là matay lanen hmeeb yem beng, mung du btang elaan.Tanis almost died when he leaned on the wall; he fell down with it.-n-, se-.
heelfromelfrome 1vTo say yes to something; to confirm.ge-, he-, ke, -m-, -n-, se-.synel 1e 1ulit 2
hefengvTo use a story as an illustration or example.Yó kem Tboli sok le gel mò tulón sal gel hlan le bè hefeng.When the Tboli tell something they always use examples.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhlingun 1
hefésékvTo scurry, to scamper, as in hasty flight.Slong hefésék Bong Busaw deng mwas deng tahà lan Tuha Logi.Big Spirit only scampered in haste when it was already daybreak, but Old Man was already long gone.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhbélét 1bélétcfkto 1seklób 1klóbtbù 1
hefétnGallus-gallus.Red jungle fowl, wild chicken.Appendix 10 Birds
heflóngsynsikót 1
heganA type of rock that crumbles easily, gray, yellowish or reddish in color.Là holen tilob mò du silà yem tonok dnaduhu tonok hega.The area I am plowing isn't good for planting corn, its ground is full of easily crumbled rocks.v/adj(Of the ground) to have many of these rocks.-n--.Tey sidek mulu du yem tonok alì hen-ga.It's very hard to plant the ground full of rocks.
hegagidfromgagidadvTo overdo, as doing something with all of one's might; to exceed, as in number.Deng nen e hen-gagid mogul tódô gotu bwa tey nuhag.When he struck with all his might, all the bees scattered.ke-, -em-, -en--.Deng nen e hen-gagid lemangat gotu gebtik kdéen tau.When she screamed with all her might, all the people awoke.syngedlug 1dlug 1hedlà 1dlà*tungan 1
hegbótfromgbót 1frombótvTo include or to join in something that is belittling.Béi kendel hegbót kut dé, béem sen-gwê ni du kem ngà moo ktuk.Don't join in (eating) yet; don't race with these sleepy children.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.To feed an adult visitor together with the host's children can be insulting. It can be interpreted as treating him as a child.synhegluk 1gluk
hegdagadjConceited, proud; showing off, acting smart as a child toward his elders.Alì hegdag tau ni anì sem sotu lata kefi là kô gbeken mbô du.How conceited this person is when he can't even carry one can of coffee beans on his back.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhambug 1hbangkog 1hegeta knù1 1hegyag 1htiól 1cfhegmón 1heklabak 2