Tboli - English


hegdanàfromgdanàvTo humble, put oneself on a lower level than someone else.Hol hegdanaem knawahem ebè le tuónem.Really humble yourself to your parents-in-law,ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfhdana 1heglaan 1glaantud bukol 2
hegdofukfromdofukvTo feel ill, sick, weak.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.advweakly.Dô là holen hyu kegnómen du yem tau mógów hegdofuk gu ditu yóó.He must not be feeling good that one walking weakly there.
hegdufokfromgdufokvTo lower oneself or bow before someone, as when showing respect.ke-, -em-, -en-.synhegdungul 2dungulhegluduk 2luduk
hegdungulfromdungul1vTo stick one's head into a corner or against something, as in sleep, sickness or hunger.Tau du tum hegdungul sokok beng?Who is that sticking his head against the wall in the corner?Dô wen desen yem onuk hegdungul but hehek tuu.Perhaps that chicken sticking its head against the post there is sick.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.The position of a person lying unconscious is likened to that of a log in the fire.2vTo lower oneself or bow before someone, as when showing respect.synhegdufok 1gdufokhegluduk 2luduk
hegedotv/advTo participate in something of which one is incapable.Béen hegdot mudél elemen sok wen sentulón yem tau ke là tngónen du.A person shouldn't participate to speak in a case if he doesn't know (what it is all about).ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhesgot 1cfgbót 1bótsedekot 1
hegetaantheglaan 1fromglaan
hegeta knù1vTo boast about oneself; to be proud.synhegdag 1hegmón 1heklabak 1hfasang 1fasang*hfulù 1fulù*hton dóyón1 1hton salù 1hulas 1ulas
hegfàsynheglan 1fromlan 1hegnóm 1fromgnóm
hegfesvTo walk briskly with chin up, unmindful of people around you, due to pride and being a show-off.Bang nmò ye sendaw ni ke là hegfes lem blóng tey tau.What else did you do all day long if not going back and forth in a swift, proud manner (showing off) in the midst of people.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhegwes 1wes
hegiedvarhegiadhegieladvHardly able to move from a place due to heavy weight.Tek hegied yem libun mlutut mógów yóó.That pregnant woman there can hardly move around.ke-, -m-, -n-.synhiged 1iged
hegindangadvDawdle around, loiter.Béi fen mdà hegindang bè yó dé gseng yó kem tau mit blat yóó.Don't be standing dawdling around there blocking those people carrying heavy loads.ge-, ke-, -n-.synsbintal 1
hegkayfromkay 2vTo lift oneself up; to move, depart from a place; to make things different or better than before.Là gafiten du gunù, deng hegkay.He (Tarsier) didn't catch up with the house, it had lifted itself up.Ke là hegkaye bè gónów mdà deng gesloben o kudà.Had I not moved from where I stood the horse would have run into me.Là fedi te bemli du anien ke mebtes abay se deng hegkay le kehyuhen.We are not losing even if it is expensive, because they had already improved its quality.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n--.
hegkesadj(Of men) dressed up in one's finest.Nim Skukuk kun, tehe tau se bede hanà sawang logi, tey tendo hegkes myón tendo mamak.It's said this Cuckoo bird was formerly a man, unmarried and who only sat around in his finest, chewing betel nut.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhebkes 1bkescfhegmu 1
heglaanfromglaanvTo humble oneself; to be submissive; to lower something.Gel but senfatay ke laen fen hulung heglaan.It's always the cause of fights when no one knows how to humble himself.ge-, ke-, -n-.anthegetasyntud bukol 2cfhegdanà 1gdanà
heglalagfromglalagnAnnouncement, information.Wen heglalag le bélê me ginu.There was an announcement made to us earlier.vTo announce, inform.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhetngón 1tngón
heglanfromlan 1vTo cause someone to experience, go through, as torture, suffering.Bayà du ne tum knóyóen anì ne hol heglan du yem gunun mgel.Let him have what he wants so that he will be caused to go through where it's difficult.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-.synhegfàheglumfakhegnóm 1gnóm
heglanutfromglanutvTo lag, linger, to drag one's feet on a journey due to the heat, thirst, weariness, hunger; to drag long or lengthy things.Ke mógówi mayuk lem ékét kdaw són moem heglanut.If you travel far on a hot day you just lag along.Béem heglanut lewékem.Don't let your skirt drag.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.advSlow-gaited, lingering.Béi mógów heglanut.Don't walk slow-gaited (dragging oneself as in tiredness).
heglolvTo tidy up, clean up one's appearance.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfseglol 1
hegludukfromluduk1vTo keep falling, as when one is weak due to sickness, extreme fear or hunger.Tek sensenót le són moen hegluduk knikoen yem tey muni btù senlem le.They had to lift her up, she kept falling (in a heap), she was afraid of the gunfire below them.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n-.2vTo lower oneself or bow before someone, as when showing respect.synhegdufok 1gdufokhegdungul 2dungul
heglukfromglukfromluk 2vTo enter in, take part in something intended for younger ones; to join unfittingly, not deserving.Béi bud hegluk bè kem ngà ne igoem deng mken kóm.Don't join with the children now, you have already eaten.Ukel hegluk myón lemen yem sentulón là gbekem du kóm.It's foolish to take part sitting in on that case, you aren't able to do it, as for you.ge-, ke-, -m-, -n--.synhegbót 1gbót 1
heglumfaksynheglan 1fromlan 1hegnóm 1fromgnóm
heglungnLute, long and slim in shape, carved out of wood, complete with two strings and nine frets made from honeycomb.Dê se kul nuni sok le hligal lumun heglung lewu féten.They make many musical sounds when they're happy, like with the lute having two strings.Appendix 04 Musical instrumentsvTo play the lute.ge-, ke-, -m-.Wen se bè yó kem munung gunù madal, ne fen tmonggong ne hemglung ne smagi.There are those at the house who dance, play the drum, lute and the gongs.-n-.