Tboli - English


lahulfromahulRoot refmahulahulsahul 1ahulvTo pierce through with a sharp instrument.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, -en-, s-.cftbek 1Appendix 08 Ways of cutting
lainIn-law; term of address between family members and relatives of a husband and wife only.Timbow le deng kól bè yó olo le suloy, ne henwit le lu bulung bahung ni kem lai le fi gu bè libun.When the girl's family have been there overnight, the in-laws send (food as) medicine with them to prevent sickness.When the in-laws return home, the newlyweds also accompany them, bringing the food to prevent sickness.Appendix 03 Terms of address vTo be in-laws; to arrange a child marriage.Abay se là hyuhen se kem tau slai ke là gel le sbasa.It's because it's not good, those who are in-laws, if they aren't generous with each other.s-.Tey le móyô slai se kem Tboli.The Tboli really like to in-law each other.sem-.Yem sotu adat kem tuha me là hol gbek le mkó du yem semai ngà hanà udì.There's one custom that our parents aren't able to remove, that of making marriage arrangements (lit. to in-law) of still small children.sen-.Mon le angat senai lu.They say he will make them marry each other.kes-.
laisv(Of pigs) to breed.g-, h-.Deng bangem hlais du ne yem sdô anì géhél mlutut.It's time now to breed that pig so that she'll quickly get pregnant.k-, -em-, -en-.
lakadnExaggeration; addition to a story.Sok ye mò tulón bê ye gel nmò lakaden.When you tell a story don't always make an addition to it.vTo add to a story to make it sound good or worse; to exaggerate.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lakalnThe woven rattan on the handle of a knife or a knife's scabbard.vTo weave rattan on the handle of a knife.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lakawnEclipse.-en-.lenakaw bulónLunar eclipse.
lakayn(Of rooster) long tail feathers.vTo be like a rooster's tail feathers.-em-.Deng kikongen muhen, ominen lemakay.After (it's like) the tail of the turtledove, then it is like the rooster's long tail feathers.The growth of rice is likened to many things during its growth onion leaves, dove's tail, rooster's tail. It also refers to a stage of corn growth at three to four weeks when the leaves look like the rooster's tail.
Stages of growth in fowl
mukuk tenedenbudding of spurs
tmenedto have spurs
kikong muhenyoung rooster's tail is like the tail of the turtledove
lemakaytail feathers become long when he is half grown
bkul tenedenspurs are curved; the rooster is old
lakànCradle cap, scaling lesions on the head of newborn babies.
lakéyvTo include something irrelevant.Béem lakéy elemen yem laen labuten du.Don't include that which is not a part of it.g-.glakéyu du mfuk bà mon tey dê dumu nmou.I'm not able to include washing clothes because I have so many other things to do.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.cfhomong 1omonglakit 1tóng 1
lakitvardakitvTo include that which one knows belongs to someone else; to be included even though on the outside of something.Bê ye lakit ou elemen ke wen kuy senfatay.Don't include me in your fighting (with each other).g-.Tey deng glakit dilóf tnibahu.The fire (from the other field) included my field.h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfglab 1labglaf 1laf1homong 1omonglab 1lakéy 1tóng 1
lakufvTo include, to be a part of, as an area.g-.Deng glakufen dolihen.The other part has been included.h-, k-, -em-, -en, s-.synglab 1labglaf 1laf1cfsakuf 1
lakunvTo coil up, as a rope or as a snake coils up; to fold something, as abaca fiber.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Lenakunem eta yem kdungon genut bè tonok yóó.Coil up that abaca stretched out on the ground there (many folds upward).s-.syngbanggol 1lafì 1lébéd 1libed 1likin 1
lalaRoot refknala nawa 1fromhlalavTo be busy, have much work to do.g-, h-, k-, -em-, meg-, -en-.synmegulat 1
lalangadjBald headed.
lamangvarklamanglemamangnWide, large in area, as land, road.Ke là holen wen tau kemlo, ne luken alì lamang, sal gel wen tebel du yem kenlo.If there aren't very many people to do the weeding, and if it's a very wide, large area, there's always some of it left to be weeded (not all done in one day).vTo use a wide area; to extend beyond the boundary; to take up so much room.g-, h-.Béi alì hlamang dé, oloi dmalang htifo.Don't take up so much room, just learn to manage yourself.k-, -em-.Sidek mton du soki matal ke alì lemamang.It is bad to see when you put lipstick on if it is smeared (outside the lip line).synglumang 1lumang 1sekama nawa 1cfsból 1ból 3hlamangidiomSaid of a person who is inconsiderate and occupies even the space of others when sitting down or standing.lamang hendemidiomSaid of a person who is broad minded, creative in his thinking.
lamatnA kind of charm.Wen lamaten yó tau yó. Ngem kô tawani.That person there has a charm. Watch out, you might be affected.For someone to have this charm means to have a little knowledge about spirit-beings which can help other people by knowing what causes their sickness. On the other hand, it can be a problem to people if he charges them more when they are healed from their sickness.synimò 1
lamayadj(Of chickens, snakes) speckled, mottled.cfbuling 1labas 1
lambungvTo hang a blanket around a baby's hammock; to wrap cloth, blankets around someone or something; to cover, shroud.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Ne sotun, yem lenos lemwót bè mohin, tey bong muhen bè yem lefò anì yó yem kahì bè mohin lenambungen yem lówó lefò.Another thing, the wind from the ocean has a significant purpose for the coconut so that the salt of the ocean is able to shroud the coconut.s-.cfbaus 1hunges 1
lambus1varnambusadjPlain, without design, can be anything but usually of metal bracelets.-en-.lambus2idiomTo attend a wedding feast without any gift or dowry item.blunsù lenambusBrass bracelet that has no decorations, no design.hnumbu lenambusPlain colored beads or necklace.
lamfisnA track of passage, as the bending of the grass or footprint showing the direction of the one passing through.Ni lamfis sdô edini eddlem.Here is the pig's track going down below.vTo leave a trail or tracks through the grass.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synlot 3
lami1n(Of corn, mung beans, rice) newly harvested field; dry stem of corn, dry rice straw.Ke deng kuta le, omin le kemlo lami mò gunu le bud mulu silà, ne gunu le mehek blotung snéen.When they are done harvesting, then they weed the newly harvested rice field to plant corn, and dibble-stick plant mung beans also.2nStrand, as in beaded necklaces.
lamùvTo hit someone.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.
lanvarmlan1varheglanRoot refhlan 2fromlan 2nPath, way, road; area worked on; handiwork.Sotu kdaw ston le Ibid ne Kyol bè bótóng lan.One day Brown Lizard and Monitor Lizard saw each other on the main path.Yó kem kimu lan libun mò, yó se blay gu bè libun.Those items which are women's handiwork are what they give from the woman's side.vTo pass through, follow a path.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke kulos yem silà duhen ke là mnómen, gel mon le silà nolos, abay se yem tniba kun gel gna mlan talaken bolos.If the corn is shriveled or if it's not tasty, they call it undeveloped corn, because the civet cat first passed through the field.n-.logi lan1idiomA person who only roams around (lit. man of the path).2varhlannMeaning, sense.Tedu se lanen udél ni?What is the meaning of this word?vTo make sense.Tey mlan sok du mudél.It makes sense when he is the one to talk.mò tulón là mlanidiomTalking without sense.3conjBecause, when.Klel litô gu laan hólól tihen kun Iwas lan Hnu mò sulô.At the same time blood was coming from the soles of Monkey's feet because Turtle had made bamboo traps.
lanavTo lose.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synhlonoy 1ilef* 1cfgenef 1gesyat 1syatglinif 1adjLost.cftlas 1