Tboli - English



lénggéynA variety of beans.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables
léténgvarsléténgvTo put something side by side with each other, as kettles over a fire.Léténgem bè kuleng ken yem kuleng utón.Put beside the pot for the rice that pot for the viand.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.syndéféng 1cfléngê 1
léwésvarleméwés1nRainbow.Sok wen léwés, mon le wen tau bnonok.When there is a rainbow, they say someone is murdered.2vFor something fluffy to drip around the edge of the container, as around an ice cream cone.h-, k-, -em-.Géhél dilutem yem gotu leméwés hilol sokongen yóe.Hurry and lick all that's dripping around the cone there.-en-.synoyos 1tdak 2
libedvTo wind rope or anything around something.synlakun 1lébéd 1likin 1cfbliling 1biling
libegfromibegRoot refmibegibegvTo strive to get or own something.g-, h-, k-, -em-, m-, -en-, n-.Tedu alì lenibegem béléen libun tu, tey libun mduk.What are you striving for from that girl, she's a real lazy girl.s-.cfalu 2iwol 2
libluTagalog libronBook.synbok 3
libolnRice soup; cereal made from rice.Yó henduf tau mehek, ken ne tnóbóng le kem dumu le snéen, ne ke wen nkem le mò libol ngà le.The purpose of the people who plant rice is food and to help their companions also, and if there is leftover-seed to make cereal for their children.vTo make this soup.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.hanà lemibolidiomBeginning stage of pregnancy.kolut libol2idiomA decision-making procedure sometimes used to prove or disprove a person's guilt.
libu1nThe ordinal number 1,000.-em-.One thousand.Wen dô tlu folò libu kwen le ni kem tau ni.There are perhaps thirty thousand of these people.libuhenBy the thousand.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurement2nNecklace made of rattan, reddish brown.
libugnMany unresolved problems.Bê ye tagad sluduk ebéléu tolo tey bong libug nù tahu.Don't come to me now, there are still big unresolved problems on top of me.vTo be troubled by problems.Teye libug ni kmou ni.I am very troubled by problems right now.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synbueg 1bulóy 1
libunvarlenibun1nGirl, woman, female.Sok le gel mulu yó kem tau, hyu gel hendengen le yem libun hulung smagi mung kul.When people go to a wedding, they usually make provision for a woman who knows how to play the gongs to accompany them.2nSister.vTo have a female sibling.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Anien ke wen blay ye do, lemibune se do.(It shouldn't be a problem) if you give me a share, she's my sister.-en-, s-.libun slitidiomA woman who is prolific, having one child right after another.libun sundalidiomHarlot, prostitute.Appendix 03 Terms of address
libut1nRice that is used for ritual purposes and has lots of taboos.cfbnék 12nA small table/stand made and put in the field where the ritual to determine the day of planting is done; area encircling one's house.vTo do the planting ritual.Là gbeken tódô muteng du mò keheken yem fun tniba, ke là nen ne ket du libut.The owner of the field cannot just set a date to plant, if he doesn't first do the planting ritual.-em-.Bud hnungol le muhenen snéen ke gel le lemibut.Again they listen for the turtledove (call) when they do the planting ritual.3varslibutvTo go around.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Lenibutem aut.Go around the pole ladder.s-.advAround, encircling.Niten libut aut yem ngà.She brought the child around the pole ladder.
lidanvTo count each day.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Yó kul kesfét buteng là kô olo le lemidan du, wen yem tébéd nmò le, tébéd udì, ke yó se kwen yem buteng fét le, yó se kwen hutus le yem tébéd.In their setting the date they not only count each day, but there's a rope they make, a small rope; the number of nights they set, that's the number of knots they make in the rope.-en-, s-.
lidengnCircular winnowing basket.synbigu 1Appendix 24 Baskets
lidìnThe scored marks on metal bracelets, around the edge of coins; fluted edge.vTo make this mark, as in brass casting.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lidùvTo leave, as when one gets discouraged or gives up on something; to be lonely, sad, as in grief.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.lidù nawaidiomHopeless; lonely; heavy hearted.Béen tagad lidù nawam.Don't be heavy hearted.
liegvarhniegnA beaded Tboli necklace.The typical color combinations are red, white and black. Green, yellow and blue in combination with the white and black are also common. Some are made fishnet fashion bnalu and some are woven into flat bands snofil.cflemimet 1vTo wear a necklace; to put a necklace on someone.g-, h-, hn-.Slong bud móyô ke yehenen tek hnieg yehenen kmagi lewu dangaw baken.She will only again accept her spouse if the spouse puts a necklace on her, a necklace with a two handspan piece of gold on it.hm-, k-, -em-.Wen ulewen, wen sudeng lumaken ne lemieg kmagi na sdangaw baken.He wears a headscarf, a kris in its scabbard (at his waist), and he wears a necklace with a handspan length of gold (of the bridegroom).-en-, s-.
Kinds of beaded necklaces
lieg bnalunet-like strands
lieg bnotùsmall and round
lieg hnumbularge, handmade beads
lieg senkawitwith brass chains
lieg senkebenggold chain
lieg snofilbeads woven flat
lifafromifavTo comfort, soothe a troubled person, a crying child with something.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-, s-.
lifetnTiny fruit fly; gnat.Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
lifinA large, woody, climbing vine with very large leaves.Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
lifót*varhlifótklifótvTo forget, to forgive.h-, k-.
lifutRoot refmifutfromifutvTo do something secretly; to be left alone, to be alone.g-, gem-, h-, keg-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, seg-.synbuni 1limeng 1
lifùvTo dry up, as stalks and leaves of ginger and sweet potato when ready to be harvested.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-.Kendut ye he yem mala tonok ke deng gotu lemifù tinuhen.Pull up the ginger when its stalk is dried up.n-, -en-.
ligalvarhligalkligalvTo entertain, welcome visitors, celebrate birthdays and graduations.g-, h-, k-.adjWell, happy, joyful.Tey gel ligal yem tau fun tniba sok tonen sut towok yem halayen.The owner of the field is very happy when he sees the shoots of his rice come up.
ligal sdônA charm used for getting a pig.