Tboli - English



ligenvarsigenvTo bring along; to stay side by side.Soki mentey eles ligenem snafangem.When you are guarding, always bring along your gun.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-, s-, sm-, sn-.Eles snigen ye yem tau lomi kenfô yóó kô mlóy.Always go along with (side by side) that person they just captured, he might run away.kes-.cf1dugang 1dulu 1dyol 1hebón 1hekabal 1kabal*kayang 1kitin 1kulóng 2nit 1witnkem 1kem 2nogot 1ogot 2siwi 1slé 3sudù 1tanggung 1tihang 1
ligisvTo rub hard in a scrubbing motion; to spread briskly.Nawaw kmoen du dweyen deng tódô ligisen lem tonok.Imagine what she did to the second wife, she just pressed and rubbed her on the ground.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -em-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.synkiseng 1kisi 1
ligònA zigzag design in weaving, cross-stitch or embroidery.synligù 1vTo make or use this design.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
ligùnZigzag design; curve, as on a road.synkigò 1legù 1ligò 1cfbkug 1bkul 1bkut 1kogò 1
lihawadjExtrovert.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lihelnRound bamboo or wood used to wind the edge of the abaca strip in order to pull it.synbliling 1biling
lihol1nThroat, neck.Timbow hlo Ko, ne geblekel lem lihol Ko, botong gekwak Ko.When Hornbill swallowed it, and it went down crosswise in Hornbill's throat, Hornbill suddenly made a choking sound.Sok mówól lihol desen yem tau, lumun bè libun, gel le mówól lihol sok wen alì gfà le.When a person hangs (by the neck) himself, such as women, they always hang themselves when they have much trouble.mówól lihol2Suicide by hanging.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person2nTune, melody.vTo sing a tune.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lihubvarklihub*nA large tree-bark container used to store rice.cfklisig 2Appendix 24 BasketsvTo use this container.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
liinA taboo (i.e., a rule that prohibits things or activities).Ke nuléhem yem liihem, wen gfaem.If you disregard that which is your taboo, you will have trouble.v(For someone) to be under a taboo (i.e., he or she is restricted from certain foods or activities).g-, h-, k-, -em-.Bè yem tehe kun kbut yê, lemii le muhen.The family of my mother was tabooed (from eating) the omen bird.-en-.Many taboos have been handed down from the ancestors that relate to almost every aspect of life. Some are general, applying to everyone. Others are specific, applying either to children or adults, males or females, unmarried or married, those who are sick or the families of those who are sick, those who weave, those who cast metal.; Taboos in relation to rice production originate with a spirit-being whose generic name is Fun Halay 'Owner of Rice'. But each family has its own specific Sfu Halay 'Inherited Spirit of Rice' which is passed from the father to the son generation after generation. Each Sfu represents a certain taboo which it enforces for the particular family who has inherited it. An unmarried daughter follows the taboos of her father until she is married, then she follows the taboos of her husband. The taboos are spoken of as lii Sfu 'the taboos of the Inherited Spirit (of rice)'. The result of breaking a taboo is to have a very poor rice harvest plus someone in the family becomes either blind, deaf or has a serious outbreak of boils.
Names of the Different Sfu Halay
Sfu bentêInherited Spirit who requires that the firstfruits of rice be parched over an open fire until the kernels burst open
Sfu lemii bilàInherited Spirit who taboos using the leaves of wild taro for roofing the shelter built in the rice field
Sfu lemii fakInherited Spirit who taboos eating frogs
Sfu lemii lekékInherited Spirit who taboos using the leaves of the lekék (for wrapping cooked rice into individual bundles
Sfu lemii sogingInherited Spirit who taboos eating bananas
Sfu tnabaInherited Spirit who is called to during the offering from the first harvest, which is to prevent bird or rat infestation or other calamity that may come to the rice field
Appendix 02-03 Spirit beings know as the owners
liketfromiketRoot refmiketiketnThe stickiness of a thing.vTo make something sticky; to stick to.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
likinvTo wind rope or wire by hand into a coil.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.synlakun 1lébéd 2libed 1
likòvarhlikòklikòvTo fear; to be afraid of something or someone.h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.syngok 1cfayal 1
likoncfdulon 1
likónnA wild, edible tuber plant.cfhosò 2Appendix 17-08 Tubersv/adj(Of place) to have much of this tuber.-em-.cfbisol 1klogo 2tulé 1lemikón numaidiom(Of skin) fair complexion.
likótvarhnikótadj(Of time) brief, short.Sok le deng lemiteg udì, na le hegnù likót ne gel le sfamak.When they are already a little tired, they take a short rest and they always give each other betel nut chews.Ne le tebel likót, omin le bud mogot edu.They leave it a short time, then they take hold of it again.-en-.
likubnA rainbow or basin-shaped area in the upper portion of a rice field.h-, -em-.
lilebvarhlilebnCurved area around the base of a mountain or rice field.h-, -em-.Nenak ye tekob yem lemileb fi dlem yóó tey deng lan ungé bè silà.Set a trap along that curved area there down below, there's a whole lot of mess by rats.-en-.
liledfromiledRoot refmilediled
lilingnWaste from stripping abaca.
lilungvarhlilungvTo hide behind something or someone.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.mtung lilungidiomImposter, to take the form of someone or something in order to disguise oneself, as in the Big Spirit story.
limavarhlimamimaRoot refhnimafromhlimavTo take a long time or to make something take a long time.Limahen yó du?What takes it so long?Là holen mima bè tau bélê me.It isn't very long for people with us.h-.Bê ye kat hlima sok wen buteng fét ye.Don't really make it long when you set the date.k-, -em-, m-, -en-.synhlolu1 1lolucfganggà 1anggàgékét 1ékétgolun 1olunlinggà 1adj(Of time) long; incompatible.s-.Là hyu kesbalà me mebel klowil yem tô balau tey me slima.Our partnership in business (looking for livelihood) is not good, we are very incompatible.antlahil 1mahil 1lahilcfhlinggà 1linggàléét 1legen 1lindò 1linggot 1lumu 11teyen 1tolun 1
limanadj/advThe same as, in place of, replace, substitute; as if.Liman ke maem sem uu mógów edini.Your coming here is the same as if it was your father.
limasfromimasRoot refmimasimas
limbasnAn iron file used to sharpen metal, as a shovel or saw.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo use an iron file; to sharpen something by using an iron file.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synóhóng 1
limbàv(Of a tree) to spread out its branches like horns of an animal.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Kó ye dumuhen yó kem hanga alì lemimbà fi laan yóó.Remove some of those branches which are spreading underneath there.-en-.