Tboli - English



limbuk*vTo crowd around someone or something.-em-.Là hyuhen tagad mógów ebè mà bong tolo lemimbuk tau béléen.It isn't good to go to big father yet, people are still crowding around him.-en-, s-.
limbulvarslimbulnDeceit, cheat.vTo cheat, as when buying something, to pay for one but take two.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Lenimbul le o, kulang senseyu le do.They cheated me (with my purchases), their change was lacking (they didn't give the right change).s-.
limengvTo keep secret, hidden.Moen du ke beyen limeng ye do nim sentulón ni?Why did you keep it secret from me this rumor (that you're talking about here).g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.synbnos 1buni 1hlalà 1lifut 1
limesvTo drown.Bang dù tagak du de yó kem ngà onuk gotu le limes bè tey kulón bong.There was none left of the tiny chicks, they all drowned in the downpour.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.
limodvTo suck on (as hard candy); to swallow something without liquid or without chewing.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synamul 1
limunCardinal number 5.Limu kwen le ni kem blotik tmiba ni.There are as many as five stars (they observe) for making a field.adjFifth.g-, h-, k-.sudù limu2idiomThe head resting on both palms with the fingers interlocked.
limu ladnfive centavos.
limunvarglimunvTo cover something up with cloth, leaves; cover something by payment of a fine.Limun le tahen tnalak.They covered her with a Tboli abaca blanket.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfsefeng 1sukub 1limun yakidiomTo cover shame.Deng fen henlò ye yó yehenu dnuhu kuy ne. Slonge bud móyô du ke nmò ye do limun yaku.You already called my spouse names there, I give her to you. I can only take her back if you make a covering for my shame.If penalty is paid, then it is as if nothing had happened.limun biguAn item placed on top of the food basket at a wedding feast by the host. This is taken by the guest counterpart.
lindanvTo wander around aimlessly or anxiously pace back and forth, as when waiting outside the emergency room.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.cfheksów 1ksów 2
lindòvTo have many excuses for not doing what one is asked to do; to beat around the bush when telling something; to wander off, play around instead of doing one's work; to have a teasing manner, not being serious.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synhlolu1 1loluléét 1linggà 1linggot 1lumu 11teyen 1tolun 1cfganggà 1anggàgékét 1ékétgolun 1olunlegen 1lima 1
linisTagalog malinisnClean, cleared area, plowed and ready for planting.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
linogfrominogRoot refminoginognSoftness, ripeness.Gedlug linogen yem ken tnógóhem.The softness of the rice you cooked is too much (too much water).vTo let the fruit ripen.g-, h-, k-.Ken ye he yem soging ke deng kóyów kinogen.You can eat the banana when its ripeness is enough.m-, n-, sens-.adj(Of fruit) soft, ripe.m-.Là dengen minog he yem soging.The bananas are not soft (ripe) yet.cflenog 1
linol1nEarthquake.Ke sok megsinsig yem tonok yó, boluy le du linol.When the earth really shakes, they call it an earthquake.v(Of the earth) to tremble, shake.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Mon le yó gunun gel leminol ke sok gel nbed tum kili bong yem suguk tonok.They say the reason the earth shakes is when the big eel entwines the support post (believed to be the center of the earth).-en-, s-.2nA certain tree used for posts. It has edible fruit.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
lintinBracelet, made of brass.New e mni linti béléem nim nógówu ni.My purpose in coming here is to ask a bracelet from you.Yó se bè yó kem ngaen gunun e tahà yem dangaw, yó se gunu le mni linti yó kem tuha yem ngà wen desen.To the child where the divining comes out long, that's where the parents of the child who is sick will ask a bracelet from.These bracelets are given to the mother of the girl when a marriage contract is initiated.vTo make a marriage contract with bracelets; to betroth.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, kes-.Timbow deng keslinti le, omin le muteng mò kehedeng le du.When their betrothal is done, then they set a date for finishing it.cfblusù 1
linunPool, a deep still pool in a river; pools of clear water.Ominen yó mton yem linu bong.Then it was that he saw a big pool.synbusung 1cfbob 1él 1ngeb 1sóbóng 1
lingasadjVigorous, energetic, fast in work or in speech; hospitable; cheerful.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.antlingay 1synkadas 2
lingayvarhlingayadjLimp; weak, having no strength; unconscious, as in sleep.antlingas 1cflungoy 1
lingegvTo hum.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.
linggàvarhlinggàvTo waste time, take a long time to do something.Tedu alì linggaem du?What was it that took you so long?g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synlindò 1cfganggà 1anggàgékét 1ékétgolun 1olunléét 1legen 1lima 1linggot 1lumu 11teyen 1tolun 1
linggelfrominggelRoot refminggelinggelvTo do something nicely, well; to make something pretty.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.adjBeautiful.synhyu 1tilob 1
linggengnA continuous humming, buzzing sound, as of bees, planes, cars, chain saw.Tehe gida Afun teganay là dogi sungol bà mon linggeng ówóng te kmawang.During the war with Japan you couldn't hear each other due to the continuous humming of all the planes flying in the sky.synlendel 1Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make a continuous humming sound.Tey linggeng blawang ebuteng.The mosquitoes really buzzed last night.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synandal 1luk 1lungkul 1
linggilvarglinggilhlinggilvTo shake, arouse by shaking.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cflulid 1
linggotvarglinggotvTo impede, hamper one's progress.g-.Béen tagad dê gunum glinggot soki gel mógów.Don't be impeded in many places when you travel.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synhlolu1 1lolulindò 1cfganggà 1anggàgékét 1ékétgolun 1olunhlinggà 1linggàléét 1legen 1lima 1linggà 1lumu 11teyen 1tolun 1
lingkagvTo move around but not get anything done; to dawdle, putter around with trifles.Béi tendo lingkag hekawang dé ihi tey dê nmò oloi tmóbóng.Don't just dawdle without getting anything done, look there is lots to do, you should be helping.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.cfheksów 1ksów 2
lingkalnWire.cfhanak 1