Tboli - English



lingkal senkebengnChain.cfkebeng 1
lingkovTo cheat someone, to deceive.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfkulang 1lugìlugi1 2tondo 1
linguvarslingu1adjWrong, disordered, disarranged.Yake bê ye hnala ou, gotu lingu yem nmou.You should not have disturbed me, my work all went wrong.varglingusynsu 1cfsalà 12advAs, the same as.Lingu se kekuli maen ngà yóó.That child over there laughs the same as his father does.varhlingusynlumun 1fromlumu 2senged 1
lingunnSong.Ke laen dù mung du fógen, bud nged le bè lingun ke deng le lemingun yem kifu.If a brother-in-law doesn't accompany him (on the way to the wedding), they will make a riddle of that also in the song when they sing that night.Humorous events are sung in riddles by selected men at weddings who jestingly answer each other in song by either adding to the event or telling another and directing the jest to someone else.vTo sing a story; to tell by action or example.g-, h-.Hlingunem kut kun mà dì lingun Ubù.Have uncle sing for us the song of the Ubù.k-, -em-, -en-, s-.Sok kifu suloyen buteng laen tungô tau slingun, snged sbalà fi gu dlogi ne fi gu dlibun.After dark all night long no one sleeps among those who sing; as they sing riddles back and forth the man's side matches the woman's.cfhlingun 1
lisegnTrace, evidence of animals having stayed in a place for a long time.v(Of animals) to linger in a place, leaving their tracks, destroying plants.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synanal 1danà 1sogu 1
lisennAchilles tendon.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
litagnA pronged, metal arrow that can not slip back out, used for animals, even people.cfblos 1hanak 1hiit 1Appendix 21-01 Hunting and war implements
litebnTweezers.vTo use tweezers.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfsufit1 1
litegnTiredness; labor.Tey deng bong liteg le du yem tniba bong le yó, tódô gtebel.Their tiredness for that big field was much, it's abandoned.k-.Yó gel nmò le yem klawi le mehek yó kem logi, gel le kmélé anì là gnóm le du kliteg le kun.That which the men always do while they plant rice is cheer so that they don't feel their tiredness.vTo tire oneself.g-, h-.Olohem hliteg knù yem nmoem yó.What you are doing is just tiring yourself (for nothing).adjTired, weary.m-.Yó gunu le gel hyu nawa le yó kem funen yem halay yó ke deng hulô abay se là bud le miteg myón angat.The reason the owners of the rice field are happy when it's already red (ready to harvest) is because they won't get tired any more sitting in the bird shelter.-em-.Sok le deng malù lemiteg udì, na le na gel hegnù likót ne le sfamak.When they are already a little tired, they will first rest a short time and give each other betel nut chews.-en-.synubas 1bulung litegidiomMedicine for tiredness.ofol litegidiomReward of tiredness.towok liteg1idiomResult (sprout) of tiredness.
litok1nSap (of trees, plants).Yó yem gel atul yó kem tau fun halay, gel le ma yem litok koyu boluyen takul mò hulut le yó kem sit bokong ditu bè kilil halay anì tawan le.The plan of the owner of the rice is to get the tree sap called takul for catching the maya birds there at the edge of the rice field so that some of them will be affected (caught).vTo produce sap.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.2nThe white mucous that covers a newborn at birth.3nA black vine used to decorate the beautiful Tboli baskets.Litok yem hitem gel sulib le yó kem leban tilob gel nmò le.The black vine (is what) they always use on the pretty baskets they make.cfasam 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines
litonvarhlitonnAnything you give someone in order to claim or keep a child.There are reasons why this is done. A couple may not have children so they will give something to a child's parents in order that the child can stay with them and be as theirs or they just need a child to help them. The child can stay with either party later on by choice.vTo give something in exchange for claiming someone else's child as your own.Liton le du kudà.The horse was given in owning him (the child).g-, h-, k-, -em-.Tau du lemiton du yem ngaem?Who is it that owns your child?-en-.Leniton le yem ngà lomi sut.They blessed (and accepted) that newly born child.s-.
litônBlood.Tey litô lem hólólen kun, luk gu bè blututen, ne gu bè hahan.Reportedly, there was blood on his hands, at the same time coming from his abdomen and from his thighs.vTo bleed.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-.libun lemitôHaving menstruation.tbó litôWoman hemorrhaging or having a miscarriage.
liusvarsliusRoot refmiusfromiusseglius 1fromiusnA plant similar to bosok, inedible.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
liwàadjLoose, free, unattached, as a divorcee who doesn't marry again or a carabao grazing but not tied with a rope.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.syntagaw 1cfhtimbeg 1
liyasnThe skin on a pig's neck.
lovarmelo1vTo shoo, chase away, as chickens, pigs; to push others away.Lohem edini yem sdô.Shoo that pig over here.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey sidek ktungóen tau ni tey mlo.It's very bad his sleeping, this person here, he pushes others away.n-, s-.2nRefuge, as a place to stay and eat when visiting or traveling far from home.vTo have something to use that is available in a place; to take refuge in a place, in someone else.m-.Dog mit kumù ne tódói mlo ditu bè yê diem.Don't take a blanket with you; just use one of your aunt's.Tagad eted dini he yó kem dù nesu mò nlohu dyó bè yem kógówu.Don't bring my clothes here that I left there so that I have (something) to use when I go there.n-.Hyu se senged kbong te anì te tódô gel slo nes sok te gel slauy.It is good that we are of the same size so that we can use one another's clothes when we visit each other.
1intAlways.Tey udélen tau ni.This person is always scolding.cfalì 1kat 1tey 22vTo be bossy, nagging; to make little things sound very big which sometimes scares others.Mlò loen tau ni!This person is very bossy!m-.Béi mloem dé!Don't be bossy!varhlòsyndanda 1dansók 1gad 1
lob1varhlobnPet food, remains from plates.lob ohuPuppy's food.adjWell taken care of.meg-.Ayaw tey dô meglob nim ngà tù sok ni kebogoden.It's evident this puppy is well taken care of because it is chubby.bong lobidiomExaggerate. (Lit. of a fat puppy that is overfed).2vTo wash, as sweet potato.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mlob ye kut yó ubi mò tnógó.Wash for us those sweet potatoes for cooking.n-, s-.Tek slob ubi blayen do.She gave me just one (trip of) washing of sweet potato.lob ubiRinse water from washing sweet potato.
lobunnCloud; fog.adjCloudy.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lobungvarlobung lówónobungobungRoot refmobungfromobungvTo boom, flourish, as plants; to group, cluster, to make many or plenty.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.adjBooming, flourishing.Tey minggel mton du yem hulu sok deng lemobung dounen.It's very pleasant to see plants whose leaves are flourishing.
lobung lówófromlobungnPeople, invited or uninvited along, just to make the crowd big and merrier.vTo make the crowd bigger and merrier.h-.
lodnThe dried up urine or dry discharge at the tip end of a penis.
lodivarmodinStage of drying, something between wet and dry.adjAlmost dry, as clothes or wood which is still a little green.Là deng hyu kesekem du he yem nes hendaw yó hanà olon lemodi.It's not good yet for you to wear that garment drying there, it is still wet.g-, h-, k-, -em-, m-.Hanà nbuten lemodi he tum lasak tô hetlasaem seel.It's still beginning to dry yet that bamboo you would have flattened for flooring.-en-.synolu 1
lodonn/adjA double-yolked egg.