Tboli - English



logivarlenogi1nMan, boy, male.Wen se logi tódô dók le mulék ke datù tuónen.Sometimes a man is ordered to return home if his parent-in-law is a chief.logi lan2idiom'man of the road' said of men who are always running around, flirting.2nBrother, a male sibling.Ne wen se htódô le bè tum ngà libun ne maen ne yéen duhen kem logihen.And there are some (gifts) that they present to the girl and her father and her mother or her brothers.vTo have a male sibling.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.hlogiBe a man in times of life's testings.klogim/klogihemExpression, Man!slogiTo be a brother or a male relative to other females.Appendix 03 Terms of address
logom1nA bunch of harvested rice heads held in one's hand by the stems.Luken gel hmifay hilu logom ta yó kem nbô le he.She still places many additional handfuls of harvested rice stems across the top of their (the harvester's) baskets.vTo harvest rice by the stem.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Ke deng gotu hulô kdéen, mon le deng lemgà, ne nbut le ne lemogom.When all of it is already all red, they say it is overripe, and now they begin to harvest rice by the handful of stems.-en-.Lenogom le, ne hnù le talak.They will harvest the rice by the handful, and place it in the middle (of the field).s-.cfskem 1kem 2logom2idiomTo include something.Bê ye gotu logom elem ni sentulón ni yem lá segtónen edu.Don't include that in our conversation here if it has nothing to do with it.
lohònSlaked lime, made from the byukung shell.Shells are placed on bamboo flooring over a fire and the fire is fanned. When the shells are thoroughly heated they are placed in cold water, then crushed. This lime is mixed with the betel nut and other masticatories and is what makes the spittle red.vTo have lime; to use lime; to be cured by mton bù 'spirit medium' by the rubbing on of lime.g-, h-.Slong hyu kegnómu du teke hlohò bè Mà Bong.I only felt good after I had Big Father rub me with lime.k-, -em-.Nam hlun lenowil o ke lemohoi kut.Temporarily give me life if you have lime for us.-en-.Lenohoem do ni do namak.Put lime in this chew for me.s-.cftlohò 1tnò 1kudél lohò2Index finger.
lohok1nRib.synklabi 1Appendix 12 Body parts of a person2prepBeside, nearby, alongside.Masà lohok beng.It's lying beside the wall.varklohok
lokvarmlok1nA crossbar used so that animals can't get out.vTo close a door or a gate using a crossbar.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.2vTo hunt with dogs.g-, h-.Sok kól dini towum nam hlok sdô sulék.When your son-in-law arrives you can let him hunt wild pig once.k-, m-, n-, s-.cfdulok 1
lokobvarslokobvTo tip over, as a kettle; to be bottom side up, as a winnowing basket, plate; to cover something by placing a container over it.Ke leban yem gunu le gel mla, tey gel ketgama le du kô lokob yem leban yó.If they plant from a basket, they are very careful of it, perhaps the basket will tip over (and spill).g-.h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.If it tips over, it's believed that there will be no harvest from that field or that particular type of rice won't produce. The spilling of seed is not taboo but the tipping over of the basket is taboo.synsidek kmò1 1lemokob tofung1idiomSelfish, inhospitable.synsidek kmò1 1
lokunA tree with inedible, flat, hard, smooth fruit. The fruit is used to harden a clay pot before using it. It is also rubbed on Tboli cloth to make it soft.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
lolòvarslolòvTo follow after someone or something.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.
lolokvarhlolokvTo be ahead of time, as in meeting an obligation; to pass under, as water flowing under a bridge.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Déke lenolok me yem buteng me mógów edini.We might be ahead of the date of our going here.s-.
lolok butengvTo arrive before the set date.
lololnStrings of abaca used in a contraption for scaring away maya birds from the rice field.Omin le yó mò lolol ke sok deng yem angat.When the shelter is finished then they make the contraption for scaring the maya birds.vTo place strings over a field.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Gotu lenolol le gu talak anì là gemken kem sit.They put the strings over the field so that the maya birds will not be able to eat.synklitol 1kitolcfdauf 1
loluvarhlolu1mlolunCraving in the first stage of pregnancy.Lolu yéen du nihan.Sour fruit is what her mother craved in her pregnancy.vTo crave something during pregnancy.g-, h-, k-, -em-, m-, -en-.cflutut 1hlolu2idiomUnhurriedly, dejectedly, taking a long time in the heat of the sun (lit. to move like a pregnant woman).
lomvarseglomvTo concentrate on one thing and ignore the other thing; to be badly distributed, unequally divided.g-, h-, hem-, hen-.keh-.If corn isn't dried right, when it is pounded there is more bran than corn rice, i.e., in wrong proportion.adjConcentrated.m-.Mom klifótu mken yem tahu ken, alì mlom kkenu yem silà tahu.I forgot to eat rice, I concentrated on eating the sweet corn.mef-, n-, s-.lom nawaidiomUnfairness, as in giving more attention to one than the other.Henlom nawan yehenen huli.He gives more attention to his last wife (ignoring the other).
lomi1advtmRecently; earlier the same day.Lomi dnaduhu lem yem silà huluhu sneged Mà Ban.Earlier I was cultivating the corn I planted above Mà Ban's (place).2adjNew; young.Laen kô lomi tau gembek temngón du ni kmoen ni.No young person is able to know it now.h-, k-.varhlomi
lomongfromomongvarsgomongnInclusion.vTo include.g-, h-, k-, s-, seg-.To be in the same group by accident.
lonvarmlonnSetting, as a hen sitting on eggs.Là misok le yó kem ngà onuku là kóyów lon le.My eggs didn't hatch; the setting (of the hen) wasn't long enough.v(Of hens) to set on eggs.g-, h-.Tódô hlonem dumu mlon anì misok.Just have another hen set on (the eggs) so that they will hatch.k-, m-.Sotu bè kem dou mlon tolo lelen mlon du ngaen.One of my setting hens is still setting on her eggs.n-.Lana yem mlon là gfu klonen yem ngaen tolo nlonen.The setting hen was lost, she didn't finish her setting on the eggs she was setting on.s-.antmósól 1syndodong 1gunung 1unungcfufu 1
londònMockery.vTo mock, make fun of someone.Angat mutun yó kem ngà gel wen londò le kem tuha.Those children will get sick who are always mocking the old people.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Là hyuhen ke lenondoem kem tuha.It's not good if you make fun of the old people/parents.s-.cfhewog 1heyak 1yakkuli 1sedkà 1
lonicfhloni 1
loni*varmonisloninNearness.adjNearby, within seeing or hearing distance.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-.Ke moni gunuhen kmutel muhen, là hendeng le du.If it's nearby where the omen bird calls, they won't finish it (the field).n-, -en-, s-.syndodong 1dulen 1gunung 1unung
lonum bolosnA kind of tree. the bark of which can be made into a chew in place of betel nut.Sometimes it is combined with betel nut. It could be a root of a certain type of tree, a bark of another kind or from the body at the base of a certain kind.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
long1nSnore, purr.vTo snore in sleep.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.mtal long/skibung longIndication of deep sleep, many snoring together.2nQuercus ilex.Oak tree.Sotu gunun mabù sdô bnes sok mken bungu long.One reason a wild pig is fat, if it eats the fruit of the oak tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
longgongvarslonggongadj/advFor a person to happily go along even if the occasion is not for him.g-, h-, heg-.Tódô gbót heglonggong huli.He just happily went along behind.-em-.Bê ye lemonggong mit kut yó kem tau bekiwak.Don't happily bring along for us those silly people.-en-, s-.Tedu gunu le e slonggong kem ngà ni?Where did they happily take each other these children?seg-.Gotu le seglonggong lemwót.They all happily left together (all have one plan, purpose, place to go together for fun).sem-, sen-.syngbót 1bótsegluk 1gluksegmung 1gmungcftuha 1
longitnSky; heaven.Tehe yu kun ekni tey tehe glaan yem longit, tek hóyów nogot, là kô le slayuk tonok.They say that in times gone by the sky was very low, low enough to touch/hold it; it certainly wasn't far from the ground.Appendix 15 Heavenly bodies and atmosphere
longonYoung male cat.cfloug 1Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals