Tboli - English



longoynOne corner of a bridegroom's bandana tied so that it stands straight up.
longuv(Of fruit) to let the sap dry by setting it aside after picking.g-, h-.Na ye hlongu yem manggà omin ye yó mken du.First let the sap dry from the mango before you eat it.k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-.adj(Of fruit) at the stage between the picking and the ripening, dry, without sap.
loobnMature and dry grass found within grown plants.The combination of tall and short grasses at the base of the plant is thick and easily catches on fire.vFor the grown grass to have lots of mature and dry leaves.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
Loos KlaganpnA spirit which causes sickness and also removes sickness when sacrifice is made.Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individuals
losvarmlos1vTo strip, scrape off the lice eggs from a strand of hair with fingertips and pointed piece of bamboo.Moi do ilot mò losu kliha.Make for me a lice pick for stripping off the lice eggs.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.2nBoldness, as when asserting oneself.vTo be bold in doing or saying things.g-, h-.Holi hlos kut stulón anì tnóbóng le tu bè nim tey nù ta te.Really be bold to talk for us so that they'll help us in this that is on top of us now.k-, m-, n-, s-.adjBold, unashamed to ask.Gel smólók yem tau fun gunù ke là mlosen kendel bemsut du yem tau mógów yó yem hendufen.The host of the house usually asks the visitor his purpose if he isn't immediately bold to express it.
losongvTo be sunken, as eyes when dehydrated.h-, k-, -em-, -en-.
lot1nApparatus made of pointed bamboo sticks or metal for combing cogon grass.vTo comb cogon grass using this apparatus so that it is untangled.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mlot kolon gel nmoen mò hebelen filak.What he does is to comb cogon grass to look for money.n-.2nThe unwanted combings of the cogon grass (the remains after choosing the good ones).3nThe sign which gives a person direction, as tracks.vTo follow or to make tracks.m-.Lolò ye loten, ke mlot hbilil esubô duhen ke edebwak.You follow his tracks, (see) if he made tracks upstream or downstream.synlamfis 1cfanal 1awag 2
lotos1adj(Of hair) split ends.2vTo rely on someone who has more until he has nothing, making his life to be on the same level with those who have nothing (lit. cut little by little).g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.This is sometimes known as a crab mentality.cflutós 2tau lemotosidiomA person who begs all the time.
lotunBlack ants that have a very painful bite.cfteflok 2Appendix 13-04 Ants
louffromouf1vTo wash the face by splashing water on it.cfdyo 1olob 1udosRoot refmoufoufvarglouf2vTo unload or hit with, as a slap in the face.Kesok kól yem yehenem, béem kendel louf du yó kem tulón là hyuhen.When your spouse arrives, don't immediately unload on him all your naggings (the bad news).g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.
loug1nMature male cat.cflongo 1Appendix 27-01 Domestic animals2vTo eat the same thing all the time.Nawaw bitil bong ni són ubi koyu loug me.Imagine the famine here, it's only cassava we have to eat all the time.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.Són ubi koyu dumum sloug.It's only cassava (who is) your constant companion (all you have to eat).synlufad 1
Lougcflueg 1
lowignA small, temporary field shelter.vTo make this shelter; to put someone or something in a shelter.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Wen se lenowig le, ne lenungun le sok tau wen boluyen.Some people they just put in a shelter, (but) they put in a coffin a person who has a name (a person of importance).To put the dead in a shelter or in a coffin are two of the ways to bury the dead.
lowilvarmowilnLivelihood; life.vTo give life; to give things needed for living.g-, h-.Timbow smólók yem tau fun gunù yó koni, ne btang se udél yem tau fun ngà wen desen, monen, "Ke yó dum là kenbéem dou nim uu nii, tóe hlowil béléem."After the host has asked (his purpose for coming), then the parent of the sick child answered, saying, "If you're not rejecting me, I would have life from you (i.e., lend to me so that I can live)."k-.Lem bulul gunu le alì nù abay se yó gunu le tmiba lan le mebel klowil.They stay mostly in the mountains because that is where they make their rice field seeking their livelihood.m-, -em-, -en-.Yó monen, "Hol lenowilem dou yem ngà."What he said was, "Make that child live for me."s-.
loyol1fromoyolnLength of anything hanging.Tek gu lem imak dù loyol yem fét tebel bè liholen, yó gunu le là géhél gmuta du.It only reached to the armpit the length of rope hanging around his neck, that's why it wasn't easy to get him (the horse).vTo descend, as moving from a higher place.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.loyol2idiomTo give way, to give in to an idea after opposing it.Olò hloyolem kut kestulónem anì mgel nawaw.Please give way in what you say to make me hopeful.
loyunnRotten, unfertilized egg that didn't hatch.adjSpoiled.-em-.
loyutvarhloyutlemoyutadjThick, stringy, as honey, cooking oil; thick as flames of fire.h-, k-, -em-.Mom lemoyut dilófen na le e mtem.The flame was thick (swaying) when they burned (the field).-en-.
varmló1varhlónSmoothness; cleanliness; plainness, evenness.Nawaw lósólen libun tu bà mbóli igam tahen.Imagine the cleanliness of the yard of that woman, you can even spread a mat on it.adjSmooth, clear, clean, even, free from grass, as a path; clean, no dirt or scraps.m-.2advConstantly, clearly, plainly.m-.Deng hunù mló lem klinguhen yem gel hlauhu.My instructions are always constantly in his ears.3vTo touch, pat lightly; to rub something believed to have power on someone who is sick.Mon le kô klión ke là hen du ke wen nmoen.They say it'll (the child) have a birthmark if he doesn't touch her when he goes to work.Ke wen tau deng mlutut yehenen, là hyu dê nmoen ke là nan na du bè blutut yehenen.It's not good if a man whose wife is pregnant does many things if he doesn't first touch lightly the abdomen of his wife.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tuha logihen yem gel mló du yem yehenen.Her husband is the one to touch his spouse.n-.Yake nló ye bulung hlahil dé.It would be good if you rub on the medicine that makes delivery easy.s-.Ló sumung During pregnancy the husband, or any member of the family, may put a curse on the baby by rubbing an item on the lips and touching it to the woman's abdomen. Despite this rubbing and touching, if the baby is not stillborn, a member of the family or the mother herself has to get an item and rub on the lips to undo any curse they said at times they quarrelled.
lóbnAn area being burned, prepared for planting.Là dogen legen deng sana mtal lób.It didn't take long and (the field) was burned clean.vTo burn something.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.adjBurned, as food being cooked.m-.Là dog nénég ye du yem ken nmò ye tey mlób.You didn't watch the food you cooked, it was really burned.
lóbôvarhlóbôvTo have guts to do something.lóbô nawaw du.My breath has no guts for it.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.adjBrave, fierce, strong, hostile.Yó se kudà alì lóbô, yó se là mlóyen.The horse that is very fierce, he's the one that doesn't run away.Ke wen kun kteng yem sotu ne hnoken ta yem bigu, gel mon le tey lóbô.If someone pulls someone and he places his hand on the food basket, they always say he is brave.Sal gel mon le lóbô litóen yem tau gbeken monok kdumun, ne sotun ke tey mkél béléen ke wen ngaen.They always say a person has strong blood if he is able to kill another (person), also if his child is very much like him.Béem tnulón lóbô yem tau deng dê bnonoken se kun.Don't try to challenge the one who already murdered many (by telling him you murdered someone).bakù lóbôStrong tobacco. A certain type of tobacco that is taken only in small amounts because it is very strong.lóbô litôStrong blood.namak lóbôStrong chew, it has too much lime which burns the mouth.ninum lóbôStrong drink/wine.tmulón lóbôTo challenge by telling one's achievements or victory over daring deeds.
lódósvarhlódósmeglódósvTo slide along with the feet on a steep, slippery place. Usually used of children playing.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Yake bê ye lemódós bè yem wen huluhen.You should not slide where there are plants.-en-, s-.adjSlick and clean, as where plants are gone.meg-.
lóhôvarluhùadvAlways, constantly.Deng lóhô gungolu yem monen.I have constantly heard what he said.cfhunù 1