Tboli - English



ludongnFrown.vTo look away from someone in disgust.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.
ludukvarhegluduksluduknAnything in piles, as lengths of bamboo piled up for making a fence.vTo pile things up.Luduk ye lu bè ni yó kem nes mò nfuku.Pile up here those clothes for me to wash.g-, h-, k-, -em, -en-, s-.cflansud 1
ludusvTo pour out, as a granular solid such as shelled corn, rice grains, beans, commercial fertilizer, tiny beads used for women's ornaments; to spill out, as through a crack, opening, hole in a container or pores in the skin.Deng ludusu yem halay nù lem sakù.I poured out the unhusked rice from the sack.Woyò! Msut sakù gotu mudus yem msó nwitu.Oh, no! The sack has a hole in it, the rice I brought with me all poured out.Tu se gun matay mudus etahen nuhag.That's why he died, the honey bees just poured out on him.Là kóen gefet kimel nehek Yê Sunim ne le e mudus etalaken kem tau lemwót bè Badak.Yê Sunim's field didn't even take until afternoon to plant because the people from Badak poured out into it.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-.(For one person or a strange dog) to have many opponents in a fight, with many chasing or biting.Bong nawa le tuónen du yó gunu le lemudus du ebéléen nawa le masa du.Her parents-in-law love her is why they pour out on her their gifts.s-.synkok 2
luegvTo eat the same kind of root crops available, as in poverty or famine.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfLouglufad 1
luésvarmuésuésnChips, as wood, bamboo.vTo split on the end, as a fingernail, arrow, piece of wood.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-, s-.
luf1v(Of flesh) to be burned.Tedu lufen ngà yó, él kinì ke ofi?What burned that child, hot water or fire?h-, k-, m-.Ngem tilówem suem o lem ofi, là kóen ne e mluf yó gunuu.Look, you try putting me (Turtle) in the fire, my house certainly won't burn.varmluf2nThe membrane inside the variety of bamboo called sufô, used to make a balloon.Sufô yem alì tilob mò du luf.A certain bamboo is what makes a pretty balloon.cfsufô 1
lufadvTo wear everyday work clothes; to wear the same clothes all the time.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synloug 2cflueg 1tlusam 1
lufangvarufangnEmpty husk, as of rice left by rats or at the beginning stage of pounding.vTo remove the husks of the rice kernel by pounding it in a mortar.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-.syndek 1lubek 2ubek
lufetadjStealing, careless, as with other people's things.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Olò hentlak ye dé yem kukù lemufet yóó.Punish that stealing cat there by giving enough punishment.-en-, s-.synkemet 2nagaw 1
lufêfromufêRoot refmufêufêvTo crush a certain kind of bamboo in order to light it; to crush, as garlic to get the juice out.g-, h-, k-, m-, -em-, n-, -en-, s-.
lufi1varlenufivTo make something thin.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.adjThin, as paper, cloth, skin....abay se yem tfayà, tey lufi kulit yem bunguhen....because the papaya, its fruit has very thin skin.cfkufê 1kufil 1lehen 12vTo simplify, of questions and riddles so that they can be understood easily.
lufisnA tie made from dry abaca bark; string.Hyu gel nmò le hlumfungen yó kem lolol abay se là hol ton sit du ke tek són yem lufis.It's good they always make tassels on the strings because the rice birds don't really see it if it's only the string.
lufitnPincers; hair clip, bobby pin.vTo put or clip on.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.
lufuk1nA scale-like membrane inside of a variety of bamboo called kling and sufô.2nSubstance seen on stagnant water; floating impurities in water, wine.Wen lufuken tifas ni.This drink has many floaters.
lugalTagalog lugar1nPlace, space.Soki mógów bè sotu lugal tey mgel ke laen mdengen gunum gdek.When you go to a place it's very hard if you don't have a designated person to go to.2nChance, time; opportunity.Tonem ou dyó he ke denge glugal.You will see me there when I have an opportunity.3adjExtra.Wen lugalen kut kô kóm lóy bè yó ni?Do you have extra (of your) money (that I can borrow)?
lugi11vTo lose out, be the loser.lugi2idiomNo use.Lugihem mudél bè yó là kô hnungol le kóm kem ngà yó.There is no use for you to be talking there, those children won't listen to you.2vTo cheat someone, to swindle.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfkulang 1lingko 1tondo 1
lugìcflingko 1
lugodvarmugod1nGeneration, descendants.synból 2ketol 1sfu 3fromfu 2tbong 1tlê 12vTo fall over, to push over, to tip over.g-, h-, k-, m-.varhlugodlugod swìidiomOf a legal case, to countercharge.Temgamahi, kô lugod le swì kukum.Be careful, they might countercharge (onto you) the charges in the case.des mugod2Epilepsy.3nInterest or increase.Hol hendóm o filak bud huléku bà hilu lugod.Really lend me money and I will return it even how much interest.4vTo start over from a place; to go back to the level of the previous start; to go end over end.Wen hilu dulék lugod he yó dù kenlo ominen deng.There are many times of starting (going back and forth) yet of that weeding before it's done.Anien he ke hilu lugod tum dù kenlo.That remaining unweeded area can take even how many starting overs before it's done.g-, h-.Lomi me hlugod gu du.We have just started from there.k-, m-, s-.Tey kegenen tek ngà slugod kdungon knaluden.He was a long time stripping just one plant (start) of abaca.To go down one row weeding and return back on the next row, going back and forth from one end to the other.
lugunvTo leave alone, to let alone to do as one pleases, ignore.Bê ye tódô tô lugun du yó adaten là gulit yóó.Don't just ignore it that bad custom of his there.h-, -em-, -en-.synbayà 1cfhlus 1lus
lugungnRumble, thunder.Heslò ye yó deng muni lugung.Hurry that up, there's already the rumble (of thunder).Appendix 19 SoundsvTo rumble, to thunder.Lemugung, kmulón ni kdeng.It's rumbling, it'll rain later.h-, k-, -em-.Éhé deng lemugung ayaw kulón.Watch out, it is already thundering, the sign of rain coming.
lugutvarLemugut MangaymugutvTo make a round trip in one day.g-, h-, k-, -em-, m-, -en-.
luhébnA tree with bark that is mixed with lókó (another tree) and lime to make a red dye used for dyeing abaca.cflókó 1Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
luhunA wild fruit tree with edible fruit that looks like lensunis.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
luhùvarlóhôadvAlways, constantly.Deng luhù gungolu yem monen.I have constantly heard what he said.synhunùhónô