Tboli - English



luk1nSound, as of rain, wind, fire, motor.Ne sotun, ke sok mayuk bè mohin yem gunum mulu lefò, mon le là mungolen luk mohin yem lefò yó.Another thing, if you plant young coconut far from the ocean, they always say that coconut doesn't hear the sound of the ocean.synlendel 1Appendix 19 SoundsvTo make a sound, noise; to start a machine or an engine.g-, h-.Tey kegen le tô hluk du yem mekina là buden mluk.They have been trying to start the engine for a long time, it won't start anymore.m-.synandal 1linggeng 1lungkul 1luk lem liholidiomCat purring; chicken sick with fever.2vTo work alongside in order to encourage someone; to oversee and at the same time help, thus encouraging someone else to work.g-, h-, k-, m-.Uu hlun mluk kul tu kem tau kemlo.You temporarily work along side those people weeding for us.n-.Nlukem lu mò nmò.You oversee them working.s-.vargluk3advAt the same time.Henlel le hligal kem tau smagi, kmintang, luk le madal.The people continued to be happy (make merry) playing the gongs, the klintang and at the same time dancing.Ke là holen wen tau kemlo luken alì lamang, sal gel wen tebel du yem kenlo.If the people to weed are not many and at the same time the area is very wide, there's always some left to be weeded.cfigò 1fromklel 1lel 2
luk tanRumbling in the atmosphere indicating a thunderstorm coming; the state of the weather before a storm, characterized by dark, heavy clouds, rumbling thunder and wind.Lemnos bong ni kdeng ngem ni tey luk ta.There is going to be a thunderstorm soon with this rumbling in the air.cfgeeb 1gmeebtengeb 1Appendix 15 Heavenly bodies and atmosphere
lukasnExtra of anything.vTo make extra or more of anything.g-.Là nsó le du tau, tódô hwen le anì glukas ke deng sagid le.They don't count the people, they just make plenty so that when they distribute it there will be extra.h-, k-, m-.Sotu semun dun mukas geblaen hla hilol but bnék.One tin can or more is enough to plant around the seed rice table.adjExtra, left over, remaining; more than enough.Ke wen lukas hla le, nólól le bè yó kem libun mla.If there is extra seed, they divide it among the women (who) plant.synsufà 1cfitek 1
lukàvarlungkàvTo open something that is hinged, as a chest, window, door.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.synhnas 1
lukêvarsukênPart in one's hair; a way made, as through cogon grass.vTo draw a parting line in the hair with a comb; to make a way, as through cogon grass; to open a book page by page to look for something.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synsukéb 1
lukotvarslukot1nDiscarded part, as waste of anything.cfitek 1tau lukotidiomOrdinary, common, poor person.tulón lukotidiomNonsense story.2vTo mess things up.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.adjAll tangled.Bê ye bélét kut gu te seel yó kem dê lukot masà yóó.Don't scatter on the floor those many tangled things lying there.
lukusvarhlukusvTo crumple things, as papers.Deng dô gomong lukusem lem tum nes henyuhem yem kumuu.You might have included crumpling my blanket in the clothes that you put away.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.cfblukus 1heblukus 1blukus
lulidvTo roll something; to roll, as dogs and horses to dry themselves.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.Tey sidek kesfatay le tódô le slulid lem kfung.Their fighting was very bad, they rolled each other in the dust.synglinggil 1linggilhlinggil 1linggilcflinggil 1
lulilvarulilRoot refdulil 1fromulilvTo put a baby to sleep in one's arm while lying down.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synhililhlilil
lulónnLoad carried by an animal or vehicle.vTo load something onto an animal or vehicle.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.Appendix 07 Ways of carrying
lulukvTo exchange.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synleyu 1seglingu 1glingutles 1cfbayad 1bli 1sluluk henmùidiomCash and carry.
lululnShin.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
lulunvTo roll something up in cylindrical form, as a mat or a body for burial.Sok wen lebeng le, wen se lulun le lem igam, ne wen se tebel le te gunù.When they bury someone, there are those people they roll up in a mat, and there are those they leave up in the house.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.glulun nawaidiomTo conceal one's thinking and feelings.
lulus1vTo taper, as anything that is big at the base and small at the top.adj(Of tree/wood) straight from the base to the top with only few little branches; (of person) tall and lean; (of candle) taper.syntahà 12vTo work intently at something the whole day long.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.cfhlós 1
lumcfteyen 1
lumaknScabbard; sheath for sword or dagger.Uni tuged gu leged, uni lumak gu debwak.There's a sound of a walking stick (coming) from upstream and the sound of a scabbard (coming) from downstream.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo put a bolo into a scabbard; to sheath; to wear a sheath around the waist.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Nulew le, ne lenumak le sudeng, ne eles hyón le bè yó te kama ta igam, ne tilam nù laanen.(Of the bridegroom) they put his headscarf on him, and they have the kris in a scabbard at his waist, and they have him sit on a pillow on the mat with a mattress underneath.
lumang1vTo rub on, to apply; to spread over, to smear.Tódô lumangu ne anì géhél te mlóy.I'll just spread it over you now so that we can hurry and run.varglumangsynklé 2lunol 1cfifu 12vTo do things without considering the outcome; to talk in general without considering who is there.Bê ye tódô lumang sok ye mudél na ye hnénég ke tau du yem dumu ye sesolu.When you talk don't just generalize, first see who it is you are facing (talking to).g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synlab 1
lumbusadvAbsolutely, completely, continually.Slong sidek nawam béléu ke tódô lumbusen laen gel gutahem yem klawihem gel gu béléu, là yó bà sentenga kélélu sal gel wen nitem mulék.You can only feel bad towards me if you received absolutely nothing all those times you came to me, but the fact is that though how hard it was (lit. my lacking) there was always something for you to take home.k-, -em-, -en-.synlebos 1seflós 1hlós 1són mò 1
lumeladvInsist on.Béem tagad lumel mógów etu tolo tey sidek kdaw.Do not insist on going there yet, the weather is still very bad.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.synbasul 1binsul 1dendel 1duel 1duil 1lusu 1uluk 2useg 1
lumênMistreatment of minors, people who are felt to be inferior or ignorant.vTo mistreat minors.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-.Là hyuhen ke lenuméem kem tau élél.It is not good if you mistreat the poor.s-.synhegnok 1tondo 1
lumétnA tree with small berries which bats like to eat.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
lumfakvarglumfakvTo be discourteous, rude; to rush against something, as a flood of water.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-.advDiscourteously, rudely.Béem tódô lumfak mudél.Don't just speak discourteously.
lumu1adj(Of time) long not specific.Lumu he kkólen.It'll be a long time before he arrives.synhlolu1 1fromloluléét 1lindò 1cfganggà 1fromanggàgékét 1fromékétgolun 1fromolunlegen 1lima 1linggà 1linggot 11teyen 1tolun 12advAs if, like.Lumu kmoen kmatì.It is like a tomato.varlumun
lumunfromlumu 2advAs if, like.Lumun tô laen hemenen yem klokub lefò.It was like there was no defect in the coconut husk.synlingu 2
lumutnAlgae: moss on rocks in a river, on a clay water jar.