Tboli - English


lauyfromauyRoot refmauyauynauyauyvTo visit.g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.
lawnWild cane that has a large, thick, hard stem and is often used as a torch when dry. It is almost hollow on the inside.Hteg le koyu duhen law, omin le temfok du anì laen dù tau tmiba du.They stake (a claim) a stick or wild cane, then they break it (to show ownership) so that no one else will make a field there.Appendix 17-02 Grasses
lawavTo visit someone with or without any special purpose in mind.Yó gna nmò le yó kem tau wen des ngà le, na le lawa bè yem tau fun ngà tgut yem ngà wen desen.What those whose child is sick do first is visit the parents of the child who is wanted by the sick child.g-, h-, k-.Yem klawa le bè yó tey kehta le kul.On their visit there, they really gave them a rousing welcome.-em-, -en-.Olò lenawahem ou dé, denge tey hahù kóm.You come visit me, I'm very homesick for you.s-, kes-.Sok deng kesefni le linti, ne wen balaen, omin le yó semsatul mò keslawa le.After their asking bracelets from each other, and there's a response, then they plan together their visiting each other.cfauy 1
lawivarmawinLength, duration of time.vTo make something take a long time.g-, h-.Bê ye alì hlawi sok ye mfét buteng.Don't make it a long time when you set the date.hef-, k-.Yó nmò le yem klawi le mehek yó kem logi, gel le kmélé anì là gnóm le du kliteg le kun.What the men always do during the whole time of their dibble-stick planting is cheer (call back and forth) so that they don't feel their tiredness.Tey lemawi langihen ngà yóó.That child has a long profile.-em-.Tey lemawi nawan.He is very patient (lit. long breath).-en-.adjLong, as a cord on a basket or a person's forehead.
lawitvTo cry in mourning and at the same time tell what the dead person is remembered for (from the time a person dies until the time of the funeral).g-, h-, k-, -em-, -en-, s-, sem-, sen-, kes-.cflanu 1
layagnLight, as daylight; light, as from a lamp.syninab 1vTo be light, open, as an area.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Deng lemayag te tonok ne yem kehtohen.It was already light on earth when he died.-en-.When a Tboli man looks for a building site for his house, he looks for a site that is light and open. He does not want a dark, shaded place because that foretells of a death in a house.anthitem 1kifu 1synkyab 1nóng 1lemayag tonokA light, airy open place.
layalvarayal1Root refmayalfromayaln(Of people and animals) flightiness.Nawaw layalen mósól tu là gbekem du.I can't imagine the flightiness of that rooster, you aren't able to catch him.adjFlighty, untrusting, wild.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Tey lemayal onuk tu, yake tódô gentì.That chicken is very flighty; it would be good if it's just shot with bow and arrow.-en-.synayal 12nFuzzy, furry feathers at the base of a chicken's wing.It is believed that if these feathers are pulled out the chicken won't become wild.layal kafalidiomOar.
layamvarglayam1hlayamvTo suffer, be tormented; to be accustomed to enduring hardship.Deng hónô layam lem bitil.He has long been accustomed to hunger/starvation.g-, h-, k-, -em-.Yó alì lemayam do yem des là géhélen mkó.What really torments me is the pain that doesn't quickly go away/the sickness that didn't heal quickly.-en-, s-.
layukvarhlayukmayuknDistance.vTo be a long way off; to go away.g-, h-.Yó se gunuhen lembù hednu hlayuk.That's why (the sky) backed off and went far away on his own.k-, m-, -em-.Mon le hyu ke deng sitong lan le mehek, ne ke mayuk gunuhen kmutel muhen.They say it's good if the path they are planting is already joined and if the turtledove's call is far away.n-, -en-, s-.Tehe yu kun ekni tey glaan yem longit, tek hóyów nogot, là kô le slayuk tonok.Formerly, it's said the sky was very low, low enough to touch/hold; it certainly wasn't far from the ground.sem-, sen-, kes-.synbkas 1sgawag 1awag 1cfbatul 1adjDistant, far, remote.antgunung 1unungmaan nawaidiom ofmaan 1mayuk nawaidiomLonely, to pity someone for being alone.antmaan 1fromlaan 1
layulvarhlayuladj(Of trees) very old, straight, slender, tall; (of log) very long; (of legs) lanky.Tódô kdéen lefò Mà Flidu hono deng layul.All of Mà Flidu's coconuts were tall.h-.cfawal 2
1nNothing, naught.Ke là henyuhem mit du ktauhem angati mulék là.If you don't take responsibility for your life, you will have nothing in return.mulék làOf work, plan that did not turn out after hard work.2varglànegNo, not, none. hyuhen ke kmutel muhen ke dengen sitong lan le lemibut.It's not good if the turtledove calls, if their path around the small table is not already joined.Laen duen.There's none left.vTo turn people into nothing by means of death.g-, h-, k-.Deng tódô klà me ke là uu sut bélê me.We would have just turned into nothing if you had not come to us.m-, n-.là kemnaidiomIt is very, very far (indescribably far).Là, là, dou nii.idiomNo, no... Said when you are annoyed by having to leave what you are doing to do something else that is very urgent.3exprAs it was or now then... An expression used in traditional stories and seems to indicate a change of scene. It is often the first reply given to a question.Là ne kun efet kmifus yem gunù le yó koni són moen tendo lemnok yem él.As it was/now then, reportedly, the water continually rose until their house was submerged.
là geslêadvStubbornly; persistently.Deng dô gedlug kbitilen ngà alì mkik là geslê yóó.That child really persistently crying must be overly hungry.
là gufutvTo be hemmed in, confined.he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
là hulung1vTo miss someone or something in one's life.Là hulunge kóm.I will miss you.Tey là khulungu ke yê bè yem deng katayen.How I missed mother after she died.2vTo dislike being in another place or being with someone.Là hulungen bè yéen yem ngà, deng knalamen nù bè béhen.The child disliked being with her mother; she is used to staying with her grandmother.
là mdengen1nGames, play, fun.Bè kem ngà kul du mò là mdengen le nim sekteng ni.As for the children this pulling each other is just play.2adjNot well organized, as an activity.
là nafulnNewly-woven, large, Tboli abaca blanket, having a wide center and two side panels.
là tuyuynName of a certain music produced by playing the klintang
le1proThey, their (-e and -u sets).Omin le hol hemtahu tmiba du.Then they truly prepare the field for planting.2plPluralizer for personal names, as so and so and company.3ptlParticle meaning how long when positioned before a word denoting time or how many."Là," mon Mal, "dini ne, le kegenen he hetò kesok megkay sem gunù.""No," Tarsier said, "I'll stay here, how long does it take anyway to jump when the house is raised."
lebagalnSound of banging things, as kettles and dishes being used, gongs.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo bang two things together, as a stone on a tin basin.ge-, he-.Tódô lebagal uni blówón nee sut tau mulu.When the wedding guests arrived, there was immediately the sound of banging gongs (as they continue to play the music).ke-, -em-, -en-.synlewagad 1
lebahanRazor blade, originally referring to the 6 in. razor blade.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implements
lebannA woven basket made in varying sizes, very pretty, used for many things.Nan e bud gel hlem klofoyen duhen ke lebanen.She will again have her skirt pouch or her basket filled.cfsafak 1teef 1tfuul 1Appendix 24 Baskets
lebang1nMain points of a story.Olohem tmulón lebangen.Just tell the main points.vTo tell only the main points.-em-, -en-.adjSketchy, incomplete.meg-.Tey megebang ktoloken tau tu.That person's teaching is very sketchy (hits only the high points).antmegdidif 1gdidif*2adjLarge, bulky.h-, k-.Na le gna lunol bè haha le anì na kebangen haha sok mugel.(When they plant taro) first they rub it on their thigh so that when it roots it will be as large as a thigh.-m-.Sok deng malù legen, sok mékéng, omin le lemdof, nofok le kem koyu lembang.After some time, when it's dry, then they fell the trees and cut down the larger trees.-n-.
lebang nawanHurt feelings; loneliness.vTo feel hurt; to feel lonely.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-, sems-, sens-, kes-.lembang nawaidiomSad, also said of a person who doesn't talk much.
lebatiTagalog alugbatinBasella rubra.Malabar night shade, a green, leafy vegetable rich in iron.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables