Tboli - English


leefvTo collapse from fright, shock; to be temporarily deafened by a loud noise.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
leemvarmeemadjTo be mentally blacked out, to be shocked.Botonge leem du yem tulónem yóó.I am shocked by what you said.k-.
leengnThirst.Neélem ni tneb mò bulung leengem.Add water to this honey to quench your thirst.vTo thirst.g-, h-.Hleengen o yem tey mi kenu koni.It made me thirsty that very sweet thing I just ate.k-.Tey kleengu.I'm very thirsty.-m-, m-.Eles tólóng se yó kem kuleng duhen ke kobong nlem le sóbów mò ninum tu kem tau meeng sok le mken.They have different kettles or bamboo containers they fill with meat broth for those who are thirsty to drink when they eat.-n-, n-.
lefvarglefhlefmlefnlefnDeath.Tedu lefen du?What caused his death?vTo die; to kill; to finish something up.Tedu se lefen?What killed him?g-, h-, k-, m-.Là dengen deng knukum Datù, sana mom mlef lem blóng le.Chief's case was not finished when he died in their midst.n-.Nlefem.You finish it up.s-.Brothers and friends fighting to kill.synhatay 1hidong 2holo 1olo 2
lefaknSlope, small valley at the base of a mountain, not steep.
lefànCreeping vines, as sweet potato, squash.vTo have vines.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synawal 1
lefenvTo lie on the stomach.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
lefék1nThe capacity or strength (springiness) of something, as of a bow and arrow.vTo pull back on bow string in preparation for shooting; to aim with bow and arrow.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.Deng lenféku etahen boho ke là kendelen mlóy.I would have aimed the bow and arrow on it had it not immediately run away.lefék2idiomSpan of patience.Là holen tahà leféken dou kehedem ni.The span of my patience (lit. thinking) is not very long, (easily angered, wanting to fight).
lefésvTo close, as an umbrella; to loosen the bowstring after shooting.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.antbtul 1uni lemfésSound of an umbrella closing.
lefìvargefìlenfìnFold.vTo fold up (as clothes, paper).h-, k-.Kefien nes tau ni mom seblukus.This person's folding of clothes is crumpled instead (of being neat).g-.Ni kmoen ni deng mayuk gónó le nô kem sdô, deng le nô gu lem lefìen.Nowadays the wild pigs live far; they live in the hidden areas.-m-, -n-.lem lefìNarrow or hidden area, as between two mountains.
lefidakvarhidaknPlace filled with flat rocks.
leflaknToona calantas.A large forest tree, used for walling (clapboards).Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
lefluknThe flapping sound of bird or chicken wings as they fly.Appendix 19 Soundsv/adj(Of birds) to make a flapping sound when they fly.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
lefnaladjFlat, as a plate.cfdatal 1
lefnegadj(Of a person) having a large build and being fat.
lefòTagalog niyognCocos nucifera.Coconut palm and its fruit.Ne e ton Hnu yem tey klokub lefò kun, ominen yó kun husek elemen.Turtle saw (a pile of) coconut husks, then he entered inside (them).cfbasag 1tbà 1tifas 1twok 1Appendix 09-01 Palm trees; Appendix 26 Fruits
lefodut1vTo glance off, as an arrow hits but bounces off; to ricochet, as a bullet which hits something hard and glances off; to come back to the surface, as something thrown into deep water.he-, ke-, -m-.Deng mom lemfodut gu ditu lem linu yem lasak tô tudau elemen.It came back to the surface of the pool the bamboo I threw inside.-n-.lefodut2idiomTo give up on a teenager after a long time of advising.Nim ngà ni lemfodut ke wen tô udélem du.With this child here the words glance off him when you try to advise him (he won't listen or accept).
lefongogvarfongoglefengegadjSquat, short and thick; round, low and broad.
lefosn(Of taro) cuttings, as stems that are used for planting.vTo uproot taro plants.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
lefunLaziness.v/adjTo be lazy, usually refers to old people who say they are too tired and lazy to do little things anymore. They only want to do the bigger things.h-, k-, -m-, -n-.antleged 2synawal 2duk 1ledég 2ledug 2ledut 2
lefulangvTo sit crosslegged.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
lefunêvTo sit with legs curled up under oneself.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
lefungesn(Of small animals, as a fox) den.Ket kimelen gel hmédéng yem lefunges bolos efet gegtien lemen.Every afternoon he always sits in the blind watching the den of the fox until he gets a shot (with bow and arrow) at it.
lefungunCluster.Tedu tum tey lefungu ta hanga teta tuu?What is that cluster on the branch way up there?adjClustered.