Tboli - English


mambangnBread, cookies.syntnafay 1cffan 1
MannTerm of address for a young boy.cfDóg 11Min 1Séng 1Sól 11Appendix 03 Terms of address
manawemexprWho knows! it could be possible.
manayfromanay*adjLong in length, as between joints.manay nawaidiomPatient.
mantagvarmentegconjEven if, even so, even then, even when.Mantag là hulungi kóm smagi, ke hol sen-galuhem botongi hulung.Even if you don't know how to play music on the gongs, if you really strive to learn it, surely you'll know how.Mantag mon le mò kóm deng wen ke là deng ton matahem du béem snalig.Even if they tell you that there is already something there, if your eyes haven't seen it, don't rely on what they said.
mangat balaynHouse Lizard.Appendix 20 Reptiles
manggàTagalog mangganMangifera indica.Mango tree and its fruit which is oblong, yellow, with a thick skin, juicy pulp and large pit.Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
mangkatvTo borrow stock in bulk and then resell.synutóng 1
masaadjGenerous, liberal, openhanded.Són tenngel le béléen bè kegeden ne bè kehyu nawan, masa ne kenbong nawan tuónen.The only thing they look for in him is his industriousness and his good breath, (if he's) generous and (if) he loves his parents-in-laws.Tey gel sentulón le yem tau là masahen.They always talk about the person who is not generous.Yó gunu le gel sbal sok lumunen yó kyón le abay se yem tau kun ke sok knogolen kdumun ke mken, mon le sidek kmoen, là masahen.The reason they usually ask permission of each other when they sit like that is because the person who sits with his back to others while eating is said to have a bad custom, he's not generous.
masayadjOozing, thick, lard-like pus, as a draining sore.Deng tódô masay nanak gu du yem tey halien yem tau yóe.That person's wound is just oozing thick pus.syntemnakcfinà 1olo 2uluk 1
masàfromlasà 2adjLaid down, put down; dead.Kô mon se ke alì lemték, deng masà ekimel kun Tadu.No wonder it really thundered, Tadu was already laid down (murdered) yesterday.syntidol 1lób masàA stage in the preparation of a field for planting; the field has been burned and is ready for planting.
matanEye.Ket tau mken ket ne sbotù, mon le anì butô yem sit ne ungé, angat lumun btê mata le.Each person will each eat one piece, they say so that the maya bird and the rat will be blind, their eyes will be like the popped kernel.btù mataidiomOf kittens and puppies, newly born.Béem tagad nogot lu là dengen btù mata le.Don't handle them yet, their eyes aren't open.Uu henged matahu.idiomYou are my eyes.; Said to someone entrusted to see and know what is going on while the speaker is away.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
mata hisanThe eye of a boil that has to be opened.
mata kdawnSun.Appendix 15 Heavenly bodies and atmosphere
mata kudànAnkle joint/bone.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
matayvTo die.Mon Hnu, "Gotu senfatay me uu anì matayi."Turtle said (to Monkey), "We'll all fight you so that you'll die."h-, k-.Lewet, sotu kay hanak sok wen gunum gemtì du anien ke olon meglé, sana katayen.A poisoned arrow is one kind of arrow when there's something you're shooting at, even if it only scratches, still it dies.cfhatay 1sfatay 1hatay