Tboli - English


maungIlongonDenim cloth.synnes bew 1
mauyfromauyRoot reflauy 1auy
maya monexprIt's all right.Maya mon yó du.It's all right for that one.
mayalfromayalfromlayalRoot reflayal 1
nFather.Ke kun kóyô yem ne yê yem libun duhen logi, yó se hyehen le ngà le.If it's the desire of the father and mother of the girl or boy, that's why they cause their children to marry.Appendix 03 Terms of address vTo call someone father.men-.Gunun seblà tmaba ngà menmà ni koni?Where is that child who called father just now?
mà dìnUncle; term of address for older male friend.Appendix 03 Terms of address
mbalinA kind of bamboo much like lahak, used for walling and fences.Appendix 23 Bamboo
mbanaladjStage in the growth of corn when the kernels are just beginning to form.Deng kmoen goyu, ominen mbanal.After the cob forms, then the kernels begin to form.Appendix 05-01 Stages of rice and corn growth
Mbô KmêpnCharacter in the Big Spirit stories.
mból hólól1fromból 3vTo open palms, as in a graceful dance.mból hólól2idiomSaid of one who is hit with something hard and collapses (dead).
mdàfrom2vTo stand up, to defend oneself or someone in court.Tódô sotu kun mdà du kun knù sok bang skukum.Each one has to defend himself when it's time to go to court.Hyu ke wen fen mdà du kul ktahu yó kem tau élél.It would be good if there's someone to defend the rights of the poor.cfgunu mdà 1
mdà elaanfrom2vTo stand against someone.Moen ke deng mom uu yem alì mdà dou elaan?Why is it you who really stands against me?synhemgenok
mdengenfromdengen*adjPlentiful, abundant, well provided for, established; organized, orderly; rich, wealthy.Bè kmò kbenwu kem Tboli, là holen mdengen.The way of the Tboli world is not very established.Ke mdengen keheken yem tau, yó sen alì dóyón le, mon le tey mdengen.If a person's dibble-stick-planting is well provided for, that's what they really praise, they say it's very plentiful.
mdulànA small softwood tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
me1proWe, us, our exclusive (-e and -u sets).Mon Hnu, "Gotu senfatay me uu anì matayi."Turtle said, "We will all fight you so that you'll die."cfkum 1mi 12nFoolishness (something wrong with the mind).Là hyu stulón du wen mehen.It is no good to talk to him; he has foolishness.cfyol 1vTo have the spirit of foolishness.syngamaw 1sngót 1sondit 1cfbakà 1bo 2book 2méw 3mo 1motoy 1smet 1ukô 1ungel 13advSo, too.Uu tu tnaba le. Sudu ou du. Igoem uu. Sudu. Uu me!It is you they are calling. No, it's not. It is you. It's not. It is emph you!/It is so/to you!