Tboli - English


megenekfromgenekfromlenekadjMeticulous, conscientious, very thorough in one's work.synkimed 1leged 2megdidif 1gdidif*
megewuadjUndecided, uncertain.synseeb 1smeeb nawaidiom ofseeb 1
megfukfromfuk 3adjSuppressed, stifled, restrained, quelled.cfbukus 1
megilónnA medium-size tree, the bark of which is used for chewing.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
meglungTagalog ikmo1nPeper betle.Betel leaf pepper, chewed with betel nut.Appendix 17-07 Other plants2nLarge (as wrist) creeper vine with large leaves, usually found climbing trees.
megulatv/adjTo be disturbed, upset.Teye megulat du yem hebnes yóó.I'm very disturbed by that noise there.synhulów 1lala 1
megungunFig tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
meguunA wild pine tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
megwakfromgwakadjInstantly burst forth, as innards when someone is stabbed in the abdomen.Gotu megwak tnahihen lan le tembek.His intestines instantly burst forth when they stabbed him.cfmegakat 1akat
megwawanMud dauber wasp.Appendix 14 Bees and wasps
meket1adjThick, sticky, as the consistency of cooked cereal or corn soup.Meket lem skê kuleng.It was thick at the bottom of the pot.meket2idiomFor something to just come into a person's thinking, as anger.Ilóem wen meket lem hendemen, tódô smuntuk.It's evident there was (something) sticky (anger) in his thinking, he just punched (him).
mekédéngnA shrub or bush.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
mekinaSpanish máquinanEngine; any kind of machine.
meklengfromkleng 1adjCut off, stopped, ended, as conversation or supply.synhotok 1otok 11sfu 1fu 2teflok 1cftefnô 1
mekludfromkludnAbrasion.Tey meklud bè tihu.I have a big abrasion on my foot.vTo chafe off, as skin; to be sore, hurt, as throat/chest from dry cough; to ache, as feelings from abrasive words.Deng tódô meklud lem liholu alì mkow suloy buteng.My throat/chest hurts from coughing hard all night.adj(Of skin) bruised, scraped, as in an accident.synglé 1
melem éhékfroméhék1nA rain ritual.A sharpening stone placed in the river is considered to be medicine to bring rain within a few days. The symbolization is that a sharpening stone always feels cool and it becomes wet when being used. The coolness and the wetness symbolize rain. The person making this medicine must bathe several times every day until the rain comes.