Tboli - English


membelfromlembeladjStrong, forceful, powerful.
memisnSugar.cfmi 2
menkuvTo wait or expect something or someone.Són mò me menku kuy.We are always waiting for you (to come).synangat 1kól 1cfmensu 1su
mensufromsuvTo talk loudly, shout, cry out, usually women.cfhsu 1menku 1tyuhu 1
mentadvTo follow the shoreline.
mentegvarmantagconjEven when; even then; even if; even so, though.m-.Menteg wen nù béléem yem bwas, ke gsalaem liihen senged là mtuden snéen.Even though you have with you the purification remedy, if you break its taboo it's also not effective.
menusadjTired out, exhausted, as from running.
menùfromlenùadjDamp, as clothes not fully dry; cool.
mengu nawavTo feel weak, hopeless, undecided, unconfident.Béem tagad nubug ou tolo mengu nawahu du.Don't yet convince me, I'm still undecided about it.