Tboli - English


mesetluSpanish maestrovarmestelumestlunTeacher.
meslóngvTo give birth.Lomi meslóng yehenen.His wife just gave birth.
mesteluSpanish maestrofrommesetlu
metaannA bush, the sap of which is used for making medicine for double skin.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
meteknLeech.synblitak 1Appendix 13-04 Ants
metfufromtfuadjShortened, as life by disaster.Là hyuhen ke natuem tuha kói metfu.It's not good to quarrel with the old one, perhaps your life will be shortened (with misfortune).cfutun 1
metlafùfromtlafùadj(Of plants) being disturbed by picking the first fruits too early, causing the next fruiting to be no longer good.
metlasiksynsikót 1
metlongnA weed that looks like eggplant with fruit like tomatoes.Appendix 17-03 Weeds