Tboli - English


metlódôfromtódô 1adjTo be good at shooting, as a sharp shooter or marksman.
metlógófromtógó 1adjOvercooked, as a dye on cloth.
metungônA tree with leaves that close up at night. Its red bark is used for chewing.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
mewnName or term of address for a mute.synngot 1Appendix 03 Terms of address
1exprExpression like saying Good Grief!, What a senseless thing!, or What a shame!.Mê, mê, tey là sekna tu!Good grief, that's a very far place!2nName used when calling to the spirit of the grandfather.What one expresses is directed to this spirit who is supposed to know what is going on.Hol nangayem, Mê!idiom(Lit. Why doesn't the spirit of Grandfather come back and get you?) Like saying Go to hell!
Mélê BotupnName of a mountain.
mélélfromlélél 1Root reflemélélléléladjYellow; ripe.Tey mnóm tmonu/meno yem amas sok deng tahu mélél.The flavor is tasty of those bananas when they are truly ripe.cfinog 1tógó 1
mélél bulóknFimbrystilis globulosa.A leafless weed.Appendix 17-03 Weeds
méngévarleméngénA tree that has large leaves when still young.Ket gnahen ket knilu le, hnunges le doun méngé, ne gotu tenes le lu lem abì.When each (kettle of rice) is done, they spoon it up, wrap it in the large méngé leaves and put them all in a basket.The leaves of this tree are always gathered for wrapping food at weddings, and at times of planting and weeding of their fields.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
métadjSensitive, as crying easily.Katen alì mét ngà ni, bà tek utì sana gunun alì mkik.What a sensitive child this one is, only a little thing can cause him to really cry.synhlob 1lob 1
méw1nOwl, generic.syngamaw 1cfbakà 1kang 3motoy 12nHorned grass owl; screech owl.Appendix 10 Birds3nA spirit that leads someone to behave in an unusual manner leading to a bad ending.Wen méwen ni kdeng kestulón kuy ni yake bê ye senbeweg kut.There will be a bad ending for this discussion of ours later on. It would be good if you don't make it confusing.synnaay 2Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individualsvTo have the spirit of foolishness.cfbo 2book 2me 2mo 1smet 1sngót 1sondit 1ukô 1ungel 1yol 1
mfufromfu 2cfku 1Root reffu 3
mgasnSkin infection having pus.Tey wen mgas bè sigelen.He has much infection in his arm.vTo have infection with pus.
mi1proWe, us exclusive (ou set).cfkum 1me 12adjSweet.k-.Malù wen kiketen, ne malù wen kmihen snéen.It is somewhat sticky, and it is somewhat sweet also.anthéét 1cfmemis 1