Tboli - English


nanga1varngangavTo open one's mouth wide.ge-, he-, ke-, me-.Holi menanga anì ton mahil du yem nihihem des.Really open your mouth wide so that your tooth that aches can be seen.synbngat 1nanga2idiomTo always be talking, scolding, nagging; crying, as a child.Hfulów menanga ngà nii.The crying of this child is annoying.
natuknA kind of tree producing first class wood. Its bark is used for chewing.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
naulvarmnaulvTo go down, as from a house.g-, h-, k-, m-.When someone is sick and expected to die, all the property in the house is either thrown or carried outside or the dying person is brought out. It is believed that when the death occurs in the house and the belongings are still there, these belongings, if used afterwards, will bring continuous bad luck to anyone. It could be death after death, or chronic illness, even natural calamities for the family members or the whole village. Any belongings left; caught by the occurrence of the person's death, can either be burned with the house or be buried with the dead.
nauyfromauyRoot reflauy 1auy
nawavarnefet nawanBreath; spirit; character; feelings.Tólóng yem nawa tau bè nawa ógóf.A person's character is different from the character of an animal.vTo breathe.g-.Okóm ke tek udì yem sol gunu le mulu du, là kóen bong yem bugelen abay se klot, là gnawahen.But if the hole is small where they plant it, the tuber won't be big because it's tight and it's not able to breathe.h-, k-, m-.Tolo mnawa yem ohu yó.That dog is still breathing.synledof 1
Some idioms using nawa
blat nawasad, unhappy
efet nawahope
hbong knawato sigh
hbong nawabuilding a name for oneself at the expense of someone else
hyu nawahappy/pleased
kensidek nawadiscouraged
lemtów nawascatterbrained, floating, does not feel like doing anything
maan nawalighthearted
meklit nawaannoyed, irritated, disturbed
mutó nawahateful
nefet nawahopeful
ónó nawaworry
sebkes nawabreaths are tied together {When the marriage arrangement has been made for two children who do not know each other, eventually the parents have them live and play together until they want each other. Even if the parents decide that they really do not want them to marry, it is too late because they 'i'sebkes nawa'i' their breaths are tied to each other.}
segemung nawa/sesotu nawatwo or more who agree in opinion, principle, united in cooperation
semgemung nawa ngàquarrel between an adult and children; quarrel between adults caused by children
sidek nawahurt, feeling bad
ston nawato be intimate, as friends
sutó nawahating one another
nawa butengnA nocturnal insect, its singing fades towards dawn (possibly katydid).Kesok teflok nawa buteng móyónen mwas.When the sound of this insect stops it's almost dawn.Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
nawawexprWow! you should see; imagine."Nawaw soging huluhu leged," mon Hnu, "gotu menes bè ofi.""You should see the bananas I planted upstream," Turtle said, "they all withered from the fire."Ne yó kul gel balà du yó kem tau, mon le, "Nawaw ni dum tey ken nmoem ni, Wè, là kô nam e hnowon du malà du."And the people respond to him, saying, "Imagine this food you've made here Friend, certainly, it isn't a joke to repay it."
nawêvarhnawêv(Of women) to call back from a distance in the form of singing, bidding farewell to those left behind. Sometimes they answer back.g-, h-.Tey tilob hmungol du yem hnawéen yem libun mulék tu koni.It was very beautiful to hear her calling, that woman who left here earlier.k-, me-.cfnawóy 1
nawóyvarngawóynAn exclamation of pain, groaning and moaning.vTo scream when frightened or in pain.g-.Botong gnawóy yê dì lanen kemtut du mà dì.She was startled to the extent that aunt cried out when uncle scared her.h-, k-, me-, s-.cfnawê 1
nayawfromayawvarngayawRoot refmnayawayawv(Of people) to raid at night, to kill and take things.g-, h-, hem-, hen-.Tehe knù mà be Kolon Binel tehe kegenen du mà, lemwót yem mà diu hennayawen yem dumun seway ne gentien bak tukô bè sol.When father was still alive and living at Kolon Binel, my uncle raided his wife's relative and shot him (with an arrow) through a hole.Ayaw tau menayaw ni gun mayaw tonok.It's a sign someone is out to kill that's why the ground is signing.k-, me-.Sok gel mengak onuk gel mon le wen tonen tau menayaw.When a chicken gives a warning, they always say it saw a person out to kill.sef-.Through the weather they can foretell trouble.cfhédéng 1hlilung 1lilunghlilung 2lilungholung 1olungotun 1ulof 1uluk 4uluk 5
nayànSection of a skirt.s-.One section.
varmenànThe shrinking of cooked leafy vegetables; decaying of piled leaves; decomposition of a dead body.vTo shrink, to decay, to decompose.h-, k-, m-, ne-.syn1
nevarna 21advMust now; first; when. Always with a pronoun and direction-marking particle.Bè ktiba, ne le gna tniba yem bnes ne kem koyu lemnek.In field-making, they must first cut the grass and the small trees.Tahu se kun Hnu, ket sotu kdolen ne e mógów mool.It was true, Turtle moved slowly when he went downstream.New e nebel Méw dé ni.Now I must look for Owl then.Yó nmò le, ne le maba.What they do is, first they make a sign that work has begun.Yó nmoen tnihangen mool él Hnu, nen e hnebel yem gunun wen linu.What he did was to carry Turtle downstream, when he looked for a deep pool.ne e, nem eFirst you; when you'.ne le eFirst they; when they.nen eFirst he; when he.new eFirst I; when I.2conjAnd.Gotu ken sit ne sdô ne ungé.It will all be eaten by the maya birds and pigs and rats.3advnow; and...now.Són usoken ne dù tagak.It's only the small pieces left now.Ke deng gotu hulô kdéen, mon le deng lemgà, ne nbut le ne lemogom.When all of (the rice) is already red, they say it is overripe, and they begin now to harvest by the handful.
nebvarsneb1adjSilent.g-, h-.Oloi hneb myón dé.Just sit still/quietly.k-.synyem 22adjPleasant, as clothes that look nice on a person; complementary, as outward appearance of a couple..m-, s-.Tey le sneb yó kem tau syehen yóó.They really complement each other those married to each other there.synklóón 1
neebnNightmare; an oppressed feeling, as if one is unable to move or talk.vTo be unable to move or speak; to have a nightmare.
neelnUnpleasantness, a displeasing, distasteful consequence of a situation.Wen neelen ngà ni kedeng.He will have unpleasantness later this child (consequences of what he's doing).synnaay 2
neetnAn evil omen, (i.e., anything encountered or occurring that is unusual which always predicts a bad happening); something out of character, as a chicken running around the house with no one chasing it can be a sign of evil or misfortune; an impossibility (that what someone plans to do will happen).Sok motun ta yem ulal, neet. Angat wen motun kóm ta mò sidek.If a snake comes up (into the house), it's an evil omen. Someone will come up (into your house) to do (something) bad.Tboli believe that it is through the unusual that supernatural powers often reveal themselves. So they expect the unusual--they are always on the lookout for it in order to be able to deal with it and avoid the harmful consequences.synnaay 2neet he dé (semblow dé)idiomIt's impossible/if it happens that's a miracle.
nefvarmnefnHaze, a light vapor or smoke in the air impeding vision.adjHazy.m-.Tódô mnef etlem.It's very hazy down below.
nefetfromefet1 21nA contact, as a person.Uu angat nefet me sok me mauy bè benwu ye.You will be our contact (person) when we visit your place.2nEnding.Angat là hyu nefeten yem atul ye.Your plan will not have a good ending.synsón 1
nefet nawafromnawanHope, as an end goal or target.Nefet nawa le yem angat kdeng knagì le.Their hope is the finishing of their studying.
negedvarhennegedmnegedvTo go uphill.g-, h-, k-, m-.Gotu le mneged elem bulul ekimel.They all went uphill into the mountains yesterday afternoon.adjSteep.Tey mneged yem lan me.Our path was very steep.antosol 1
nehelnHeavy, hard, loud breathing as when climbing a mountain or carrying a heavy load.Yó tey nehelen gu dlem mà dì.Uncle has very hard-breathing coming up from down below.g-, h-, k-, m-.