Tboli - English


nelvarhnelnThe wideness of the opening of the eye.Geblà kbong nel lem matahen tau tu koni.It was just enough the opening of his eyes that person there earlier.adjBig, wide-open eyes.k-, m-, ne-.
nelemvarngelemadjDeep, as a hole; far down.Ke là nelem hayahen, angat mnóng kdaw, okóm ke nelem, angat kmulón.If the frog's cleared space (for laying eggs on) is not far down, it will be sunny (weather); but if it's deep, it will rain.g-, h-, k-.
nemnCardinal number 6.adjSixth in a series.Gnemen.It's the sixth one.
nemetvarmnemetnHardness, durability of something, difficulty.adjStrong, sturdy, as heavy thread; hard; difficult.g-, g-, h-.Sok gel hetgut yem ngà yó gunun gel hnemet bè yem ksuten.If the (unborn) child wants something, that's the cause of its difficult birthing.k-, m-.Tey mnemet yem kulót sok tuha, là ke hanà asungen tey mnóm mken du.The mushroom is very hard (to eat/chew) if it's mature, not if it's still young (fuzzy), then it's very delicious to eat.s-.syngedwél 1dwélgel 2tétél 1cfulas 2
nes1nCloth; clothes.Hesek le du kem nesen.They put his clothes on him.Ke yó mógów tuha tum ngà libun, yó nwit le hlungkal ne kimu libun ne kem nes Tboli.If the parents of the girl go (to visit the boy), they bring along earrings and woman's things and Tboli cloth.vTo wear clothes.g-, h-, k-, m-, ne-.Nenesem dé yem ngà là kemgal yóó.You put clothes on that child with no clothes on there.s-.2vTo keep, put away.Na ye nes yem tô blay ye do.First you put away what you intend to give me.g-, h-, k-, m-, ne-, s-.synbnos 1hyu 2
nes bewnDenim cloth.synmaung 1
neteknA starch-like food that is obtained from the pith of the sago palm or cassava plant and is roasted for food.
newedfromewed 2vTo confiscate guns, bolos which are forbidden in public places.synhamfas 1kfô 1wa 2
NewenpnMuslim people.Wen se benli le bè Newen, wen se tódô kul lenbù nmò.Some they buy from the Muslims, some they just make themselves
nélvarmnélnThe fresh blood taste and odor, as in not well cooked meat.adj(Of fresh blood) odorous.h-, k, m-.Hanà mnél yem utón tnógóhem.The meat you are cooking is still odorous (smells of fresh blood).ne-, s-.udél mnélidiomWords which cut people short and trigger anger (lit. odorous words).Bê ye gel mò yem udél mnél.Don't say words which cut people short and trigger anger.
Nfes te bigunA healing ritual.Nfes te bigu néen bulung hnihen tau semlaw tu.The medicine the sick person asked for is called Nfes te bigu.cfsbulung 1
nfunfromfunfromfu 3
nivarmni1vTo ask for; to bargain.Ke lu fi gu bè libun tey lò ni le kimu okóm ke fi le gu bè logi là kô le hol smunggud.If they are with the bride's side they are fond of asking for dowry but if with the groom they are not giving so much dowry.Béen unihem smólók unihem mayad nam gel hni yem btesen.Don't pay immediately after asking (the price), you have to bargain first for the price.g-, gem-, h-.Són yem libun kihu hnihen, ke kemagi duhen dumu kimu.Only the girl can ask for anything, a necklace or other things (of dowry).k-, m-.Alì móyô mni ngà libun ni (mni ken ne kihu tonen béléem).This little girl really likes to ask for things (food or what she sees you have).ne-, s-.A certain group of people who set a high price for their bride but are selfish in giving.vargnihnicfkos 12demThis; here."Bè ni ne, Sembilà, gunuhu mbot kóm," mon Iwas mò ke Hnu."Just here now, Friend, is where I'm going to throw you," Monkey said to Turtle.ek-.Bà mon tey halay le yó kem tau gnahen ekni.Before now, in previous times, long ago.The reason for it is that the people in previous times had a great amount of rice.m-.Dô deng gotu tógó ne mni.Contraction of yem 'that' + ni 'this' meaning now.Maybe it's already all ripe now.Ni kmoen ni déke deng gotu tógó.At this time maybe it's already ripe.cfekni1 1ni kmoen niAt this time.ni neRight now.nii/nieThis one here.
nihivarngihinTooth, teeth; kernel of corn.cfbeeng 1Appendix 12 Body parts of a personvTo get teeth, kernels.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey deng mnihi silau leged.The corn I planted uphill already is getting kernels.
nilówn(Of teeth only) shivering sensation, as from the taste of sour food or an unpleasant sound.vTo shudder, as metal screeches on rough bamboo or eating something really sour.g-, h-, k-.Bée tagad mken alì gedlug knilówu bè yem msom kenu.I don't want to eat yet, my shuddering was too much from my eating the tart (food).adjSensitive, as a tooth being drilled.Tey nilów nihihu.My teeth are very sensitive.
nimdemThis one. A contraction of ni 'this' + yem 'that', but usually used along with ni, as nim ni 'this here'/'this one'.Gel tahu se nim ni.This one is always true.Okóm ke tódô blay le hulin kdaw nim blogo ne sakub halay ni...But if they give this one betel nut box and rice dipper here at a later date...
ningkilvarhningkilmeningkilnShaking; shivering.Maan dù ningkilen lem tonok linol bong yu koni.You can still feel the shaking in the ground from that earthquake earlier.vTo tremble; to wave in the breeze (as grass); to shiver, shake, as from being cold, sick; to jiggle, move with quick little jerks, as feet when sitting.g-, h-, k-, keh-, geh-, me-.synhkengkel 1
nisivarmenisingisivTo bare one's teeth in laughter, in pain or when teasing someone.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, se-, sef-.
nisót1varngisótnUpper front teeth and upper lip.vTo show front teeth as when laughing or crying.g-, h-, k-, m-.Béi tendo mnisót bè yó.Don't always be showing your front teeth (laughing or crying) there.adjBulging, protuberant, projecting (of teeth).m-.Tey tau mnisót.That person is very protuberant (of a person whose mouth can't be closed due to the teeth protruding).nisót2idiomTo show up, as to visit or just to pass the time.Tedu ni kiwól hnisótem edini?What is it you are always showing up (lit. showing front teeth) here for (of a boy courting a girl)?
nitfromwitvarmitvTo take or bring along all of something.synigen 1cfligen 1nkem 1kem 2nogot 1ogot 2Appendix 07 Ways of carrying