Tboli - English


niussynhgawang 1fromgawang
nkebfromkeb 1nHard-roasted kernels of corn.cfhekbéng 1kbénglenufi 1lufi 1
nonFragrance, sweetness.v(Of ripeness of fruit) to reach the stage of getting fragrant and tasting really sweet.h-.Bê ye tagad ken yó soging mélél na ye hol hno.Don't yet eat those ripe bananas; let them get really fragrant.k-, m-, ne-.adjFragrant, tasting sweet, as of flowers or ripe fruit.m-.Moo ne menóm meno sok kenem.It smells and tastes really sweet when you eat it.cftonu 1tahu nohenidiomReal truth, extreme reality of whatsoever.
varmnònDissolution.vTo melt, dissolve.Hnoem yem tinggà mò gunu te ma heblat dulé.Melt the sodder for a fish hook sinker.h-.Na le gna hnò yem blówón omin le mò du hilet.First they melt the brass (gong), then they make the belt.k-, m-, n-.Mnò ungeden.His flesh has dissolved.Said of a child who used to be healthy and because of some sickness has become skinny.syn1cfkaful 1
nodRoot refheknodfromknodnStrength of movement.Laen dù noden.He doesn't have any strength of movement.kem-, sek-.
nokvTo press down with the hand on something or someone.g-, h-, k-.Deng hnok le lu te bigu.They pressed them onto (the rice) on the winnowing basket.m-, n-, s-.
nok hólólnHandshake.vTo shake hands with an acquaintance.g-, h-, k-, me-, ne-, s-.synkem hólól 1
nok ówókvTo stand with hands on hips.g-, h-, k-, me-, ne-, s-.
nokoTagalog tubofromokonSaccharum officinarum.Sugarcane, generic.Wen se lemii fak, ne lemii sobuy, ne lemii noko...There are some that taboo frog, and (some) taboo glass, and (some) taboo sugarcane...
Varieties of sugarcane
noko alissmall, very sweet, hard, red skinned
noko badùsoft inside, somewhat brown, long sections
noko blókóndark-skinned, long sections, pressed, sweet
noko hitemvery dark red (black), chewed or pressed
noko kléngéred, thin-skinned
noko lafakgreen, white and yellow striped
noko lemnaw/noko libungreen-skinned, soft and juicy
noko luluyhard, pressed, given to a woman after delivery
noko luossoft, tall, long sections, pressed for drinking
noko obunsoft, green, sweet, chewed from the stalk
noko sangilhard, sweet, short sections, chewed from stalk
noko swatyellow, red and green striped, like a watermelon
noko teblowvery hard, similar to teblow, pressed
noko temununvery large, dark-skinned, pressed
noko tlobhard, brown and yellow-skinned
Appendix 17-07 Other plants
nolnThe cutting open and scraping of the intestines of an animal.Moi dou tdus mò nol tnahi onuk.Make for me a sharpened stick for scraping the chicken's intestines.vTo press and pull, to strip something as a rubber tube in order to remove that which is inside; to massage gently.g-, h-.Hnolem bè mton bù dé yó liholem/beklenem anì mkó.Let the traditional healer massage (apply medicine) on your throat so it will heal.k-.Hentilobem knolem du ebè blututen yem huheden gu laanem là deng kemleng du.Press and pull the umbilical cord towards the child's abdomen before cutting it.m-, ne-.Sok wen tau tendé le na le hendlà gel nenol klinguhen omin le yó tembek yem kawat.When someone gets their ears pierced, first they really press on the earlobe, before they jab the wire into it.s-.Bê te són nmò snol dé.Let's not always be pressing each other. (As a child with mother clinging to each other, caressing, as an expression of being fond or attached to one another.)It is believed that the cord should reach to the feet of the child when it is cut so that the child's life will be long.synlunol 1
nolosadjUndeveloped and tasteless, as corn that doesn't develop well, usually due to late planting and pest infestation.Ke gna hnalak bolos tnibahem gu laanem là deng mulu du silà, angat nolos, des silaem, ne là lembangen.If the civet cat is the first to cut across your field before you have planted corn in it, the problem with your corn will be that it's undeveloped and won't be big.
nomongfromomongnThe brass chain attached to the sides of a necklace.cfbektut 1bkuku 1hlungkal 1lembaléy 1hlungkal nomongDangling chain earrings made of brass.
nonguTagalog palasannA kind of rattan, the leaves of which are used for roofing.cfluos 1Appendix 23 Bamboo
fromRoot refgnù 12
nô wevarnóweexprReally, is that so.