Tboli - English


nógówfromógówadjEntire, whole (distance, space, length of time).nógówen sbulón yem kegen yehenen deng tmagak du.Perhaps the length of time his wife had left him was an entire month.Tedu ktahà nógów nayaen yem fandì newel le?What is the length of the entire skirt section they are weaving?Klamang nógówen de tu dù hla?How wide (an area) will the rest of the rice seed cover?synknoyungkoyung
nógów hulôvarmógó hulônA sickness characterized by pain, swelling and redness of an area.
nólónvarngólónnSnout of a pig.
nómvargnómhnómnFlavor; zest.adjSweet, tasty; delicious.g-, h-, k-, m-.Tey mnóm yem gel kmò le snóbów, gel dê bol le du.Their way of making the soup is very tasty, they always mix many things in it.ne-, s-.kestulón mnómidiomForceful talking, humorous, full of wit.mnóm ketngelidiomSharp, not afraid or ashamed.
nóngnLight.Nóng bulón.Light of the moon.Ke alì klet udof tum blotik, yó sen mon le angat tey nóng kdaw.If the star blinks very rapidly, that's what they say shows that the light of the sun will be very extreme (very hot season).syninab 1vTo shine, radiate light.g-, h-, k-, m-, ne-.Deng bud nenóngen ne.It's already shining on it again now.s-.synkyab 1layag 1adjBright, shining, sunny.Bè klotò sok alì tminò, angat mnóng kdaw, okóm ke là, angat là holen mnóng.Of this tree, when it has many blooms, it will be a sunny season, but if not, it won't be very sunny.m-.Nim blotik gel tenngel le ni, sundu yem blotik alì wen ton tekuy mnóng kifu.This star they always look at is not the very many stars we see shining at night.
nóngóngvarmnóngóngnScream, sound of one's voice when frightened, as when seeing a snake.vTo scream with fright.Nen e hkak eta hólól tihen fak bnutél, tey nóngóngen.When a toad jumped onto her foot, she really screamed.g-, h-, k-, m-.
nótvarhnótmenótmenutnutnThe elasticity of something.Yó ten-gamahem ke gotu nótu.You be careful if my elasticity (patience) is gone.vTo stretch something; to stretch out, as a person.g-, h-, k-, me-, ne-.Sawang là matue deng nenót le o bè gunun wen.There was no reason for me not to fight back/defend myself, they had stretched) (picked on) me in public.s-.To help someone regain consciousness after a shock.sems-, sens-.adjElastic, stretchy.me-.nót imakidiom(Lit. elasticity of one's armpit) one's patience.Hol nsudem nót imakem.Be patient (lit. make the elasticity of your patience long).
nót nótexprWord used when calling a colt.
nufulnA kind of tree.Okóm yem gel nwa le mò bulung hkulón, wolu kleng lumét, bud wolu kleng tlê nuful, omin le yó temken du lem él anì tódô kmulón bong.But what they always get for medicine to make it rain is eight cuttings of lumét branches, another eight cuttings of nuful shoots, then they weight it down (with heavy stones) in water so that the rain will be heavy.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
nuhagnBlack and white honeybee.cféfél 1songkò 1tebwón 1Appendix 14 Bees and wasps
nuhulnWhistle (using the mouth only).Nim tau demwata ni, gel wen sut béléen kifu, lumun tô tau okóm són udél le nuhul.There's always something that comes to this spirit medium at night: they are like people but their only speech is whistling.vTo whistle; to blow on in order to cool hot food.g-, h-, k-, m-.cfhsit 1swit 1
nulésynhgawang 1fromgawang
nulékfromulékvTo repeat, trace back one's path, as when looking for something that was lost on the way; to return to, as separated husband and wife.cfulit 1
nulingnA tree used for making charcoal.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses
numanA forested area good for a field, (of second- or third-growth trees).Kesok le tmiba, yó kmò le du, na le nauy gna yem numa.When they (are planning to) make an upland rice field, what they do is, they first visit several forested areas.In selecting a forested area for an upland rice field, it is important to choose one that has not recently been used for a field, one where the trees and the undergrowth are old. Otherwise there will be so many weeds as to be uncontrollable, and the rice cannot develop properly. However, even more important in making the decision as to where the rice field should be is to listen to the call of the omen bird. The direction of the call is considered to be supernatural, and it takes precedence over all other factors that are taken into consideration.cfdlag 1