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ngel1nGrowl while holding something in its mouth, as a cat or dog.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo growl.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.2nA very tiny fly-like insect that is very hard to catch.Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
ngelemfromnelemadjDeep, as a hole; far down.Ke là ngelem hayahen, angat mnóng kdaw, okóm ke ngelem, angat kmulón.If the frog's cleared space (for laying eggs on) is not far down, it will be sunny (weather), but if it's deep, it will rain.ge-, he-, ke-.
ngemexprBehold; Look! beware; you'll see; just wait and see.Ngem tilów suem lem ofi yó gónóu, là kóen ne e mlób.You'll see, try putting me in the fire, my house (turtle shell) certainly won't burn."A," mon Blawang, "hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke soki bitil sawang là mebeli ken, ngem kà lemnusi.""Oh," Mosquito said, "think about it for yourself, Chief, when you are hungry you look for food, behold (if you don't) you'll starve."
ngesn(Of dog) whine.Appendix 19 Soundsv(Of puppies) to whine wanting to go down the ladder, wanting food or being cold.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
ngihanvarnihannA tree and its fruit which is sour and white that you remove the skin to eat.cfbekow 1tekdis 1twól 1Appendix 09-03 Fruit trees
ngitn(Of unbathed person) odor.adjOdorous; pungent.m-.
ngolnNasal drainage.
ngomnMaterials, as building, utensils, dishes; finery of men and women.Ne henken le lu bè yem ngom ken alì tilob nù bélê le snéen.And they feed them with their best/prettiest dishes also.vTo wear one's jewelry and costume.ge-, he-, ke-.Ke là dengen kóyów kengomen yem ngà libun, tódô yéen hlun gel lemeket du.If the little girl isn't big-enough to wear jewelry, the mother will temporarily put it on (for the child).me-.Hónói mton du kem libun mengom, luk yó tey uni tloyong, singkil ne senkaling kudà snakay kem tau mulu.All you see are women dressed in finery, and at the same time there is the sound of bells, ankle bracelets and the bells of the horses being ridden by the wedding guests.ne-.Ukel nengom kem tuhahen yem ngà libun.Unfittingly the parents will dress in woman's finery that little girl.se-.
ngosvarmengosv(Of puppies and children) trying to suck milk from the mother but still hungry due to insufficient milk.Suloy buteng ngos le ke yê le.All night long they sucked on their mother.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-, se-.
ngotnName or term of address for a mute.synmew 1Appendix 03 Terms of address adjMute, unable to speak.
ngownA name or term of address for a short, stout, round child.syngéw 1gow 1Appendix 03 Terms of address adj(Of people) short, stout, round.
nguknScreech of a monkey.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo screech, as a monkey.ge-, he-, ke-, me-, ne-, se-.cfkla 1kwasék 1
nguntevarngónteexprI don't know; a way of saying, "I know, but I'm not talking."Bè kdéen tau, ngunte kà Tboli alì hulung hmódó.Of all people, I don't know if it's not the Tboli who really know how to welcome/show hospitality.
ngunuvarngónuexprI have no idea.
nguunvarnuónnTerm of address between the spouse of an uncle and the nieces and nephews.Appendix 03 Terms of address

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