Tboli - English


okovarnokovTo chew sugarcane.g-.Là deng gokohu du yem dou noko.I was not able yet to chew my sugarcane.h-, k-, m-, n-.
okol1nA digging stick, a tool used for digging in the ground.Hol htelemem yem okol ubi nmoem.Really sharpen the sweet potato digging stick you make.Appendix 21-02 Harvesting and planting implementsvTo dig something out of the ground, such as sweet potato.Botedu se okolem du?What did you dig it out with?g-, h-, k-, m-.Ke deng tlu dounen msut yem kleb hulu le, tódô snuma le semsulit mokol du anì mlel lenoken.When three leaves have appeared on the taro they planted, they just often repeat digging out around it so that it will continue to grow.n-.Nebel le yem sol gulom anì nokol le.They are looking for the ant hole so that they can dig it out.s-.2vTo not have enough of something; to always want more; to dig for information, as in a court case.Étê tmulón du Bong Busaw ngà ni alì okol.It's not good to tell Big Spirit stories to this child, he never has enough (always wants more).varhsokolsokol
okómvarolo kómconjBut; instead.Nbut le muta, okóm tebel le tum gunu le bemkes hmules.They begin to harvest, but they leave the area where they tied the rice charm.synbede 1
olifnAn enlarged spleen.
olit1nA certain kind of tree.Appendix 09-02 Trees for lumber and other uses2adjStriped, mottled, used only of hawks and buzzards.
olovarmolonolo1advJust, only, merely, simply.Olo udì néen yem blayu.It was only a little that I gave.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They just listen to see if the omen bird's call is good.cffes 22varholovTo move slowly, as people; to flow slowly, as a thick, sticky substance like coco honey.g-, h-.Holo ye etlem basak yó él.Let the water flow down into that rice paddy.k-, m-.Tey tau wen molo e mool.There were many people moving slowly to a lower area.s-.adjCalm, thinking straight.Stulóni béléen he ke deng nan molo nawahen.Talk to him later when he has calmed down.n-.Béi tagad hloni ebéléen tau laen dù nolo hendem yóó.Don't go near that person there whose thinking has no calm flow.olo él Water flow.cfmasay 1olo nawaidiomFlow of breath (mood or feeling).3vTo dry something slowly, as over the fire.Olo ye te ofi yem law mò solok kuy fak.Dry over the fire that wild cane for our light in hunting frogs.4vTo restring beads.Olo yê yem hnumbu gna.Mother rethreaded the antique bead necklace.
olò1vTo follow after, as going to take part in planting rice in other people's fields or a man going to a woman asleep in her bed; to blend or fit in, as in following someone else's ways.Tódô oloem ebè tum kul kmò yem kóm anì bong nawa le kóm.Just blend in your ways to their ways so that they'll love you.Tey nóyô le u kem fayem abay se tódô golò bè kul adat yem kmoem ebélê le.Your sisters-in-law really like you because your custom to them follows theirs.g-.Ke wen atul nmoem, béen golò.If you have to make a plan (original), don't just follow what others do (when you don't know your direction).h-, k-, m-.Ne le e tódô mbô abì etu na le e molò muta.They just carry baskets there when they go to take part in the harvesting.Tey solò bè utóm heglung yem kdaem du balù yem hanà kdalangem.Even though you are just learning, your foot movements really follow the lute music.n-, s-.Deng mom solò tau seway.Spouses of brother and sister have instead become husband and wife (lit. followed each other. (This may be due to death or just plain adultery.)vargolòsolòsyndulang 1dulen 2gkitay 1fromkitay2vTo seep into a small hole or crack in something tight; to increase, spread, as a sore that becomes bigger and turns into an ulcer.Timbow kmulón tódô gotu goloen yem sokong halay deng nmou.When it rained it all seeped into the rice container I had made.m-.Wen molò du yó gunun alì bolok.It got infected (lit. something seeped into) it; that's why it is swollen.3advAt least.Olò nauyem lu.(Could) you at least visit them.Olò benlay ye lu tu kem élél.(Could) you at least give something to these poor (people).
olobnWater for washing, bathing; the water something was washed or rinsed in.Olob ken sotu tilob gel él le lemnaw.Water the rice was rinsed with is one that is good to use for cooking greens, vegetables.vTo wash something, as hands, feet, hair, dishes, pots, vegetables, edible roots.Sundu olob huyów du yem él yó.That water there is not used to wash dishes.g-, h-, k-, m-.Okóm là hyu molob tdok ke wen mken blibù, hyu ke tódô senyul.But it's not good to wash fingers (hands) if someone eats corn flour; good if a spoon is used.n-.Nitem lem él yem ubi, nolobem bè yó.Take the sweet potatoes to the river, wash them there.s-.cfdyo 1louf 1oufadjTo be thoroughly washed.meg-.cfouf 1udós 1ugud 1
oluvargolu1nAn injunction to a supernatural force, as when using traditional Tboli medicine or in divination, as God's initial orders to the first man and woman; decree.oluhu du, monu, "Holi mtud, Bulung, hol hkóhem desen."What my injunction was, I said, "Be really effective, Medicine, really cure his sickness."vTo give an injunction to a supernatural force; (for a supernatural power) to give a directive; to decree, ordain.g-.Deng golu etahu yem kimu yó, moen se ke fen ten-gesò nwahem kóm?That property was decreed to me; why is it you took it without prior permission?h-.Nam e holu ke témê soku mò hesek.Let grandfather give the injunction for when I do the ritual to determine who did the stealing.k-, m-, n-.Nolu yem sotu logi yem blutut yehenen, monen, "Ke libun yem ngaem, sundu ou maen. Okóm ke logi, ou maen."A certain man gave this injunction concerning the pregnancy of his wife, and said, "If your child is a girl, I am not the father. But if your child is a boy, I'm the father."s-.This usually happens if the husband is a jealous type.adj(Of articles) believed to be contaminated because a person died inside the house; appointed, ordained.Yem halay golu bè matay là buden hyu hemla du.The seed rice contaminated by death is no longer good to plant.g-.Makas nawam sok deng golu eta te glayam, sawang wen mon te.What can you do when it's already ordained for you to have a hard life, we can't say anything.synlodi 12varmoluvTo let dry, as clothes, (absence of dampness/darkness).h-.Na kuy holu lan he.First we'll let the path dry.advAlmost, close to; incompletely.Sok deng nbuten molu mékéng yó he kwahem du.When (the clothes) are beginning to be almost dry, then you get them.m-.Timbow deng molu mwas, yó he kdemenen.When it's already almost light, then he wakes up.n-.Laen noluhen tak seel bà mon deng bolok yem ketef.There's no place on the floor that is close to (being dry) for the roof is already rotten.
olukv(Of things) to lift up overhead.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.synboluk 1cfdugol 1tukóng 1
olunvargolunholunmolunvTo saunter, stroll; to go step by step, slowly, linger; to procrastinate.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.advGradually, slowly, moving forward, as walking behind others.synganag 1cfhlalé 1hlelen 1hlima 2limahlingay 1lingayhlinggà 1linggàhloyut 1loyutlegen 1
olungvargolungholungmolungnShadow; reflection.vTo come and go slowly, almost unnoticed.g-, h-.advSlowly, like a shadowMógów holung.He goes slowly, like a shadow.k-, m-.Tedum molung gu ditu yóó?What is that approaching as a shadow form there (spoken to frighten children)?n-.cfhgolung 1golungholung beeng2idiomAngry.
ominadvThen; after which.Lewu butengen he omin le bud mauy du.Two nights (days) later then they will visit it (the field) again.Omin he.idiomNevermind, as a refusal to a proposal or suggestion.
omolnMouthwash (usually just water).Ke kmutel igò le hanà là deng lemwak omol, mon le tmulón mubug tau semlaw.If it (turtledove) calls before they have spit out the mouthwash, they say it foretells that (the soul) of a chronically sick person (is being enticed to yield to death).vTo rinse out the mouth.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.
omongvargomonghomonglomongnomongnThe weaving of horsehair or brass threads into an earring.omong hlungkalChain made of horsehair or brass.ónóm hlungkalWoven chain.vTo weave into, include.Omongem edu yem nomong ni.weave this brass chain into it.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.s-, sems-, sens-.synónóm 1
omotvarmomotvTo quiver, as movement of the mouth and lips of a monkey when asking for food.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.advQuiveringly.Mom momot sfà iwas.Monkey chewed quiveringly.
omuvarnomunThe smoking-out of a beehive; smoker, that which is used for stupefying bees.Là kóyów omuhen yem nuhag nomu le tu gónó le bud mulék ebè tu.The smoking-out of the bees they tried to get rid of was not enough, that's why they returned.vTo smoke bees out of their hives to get rid of them and to get their honey; to make and use a smoke screen.g-.Efet ni là deng gomu le du he yem nuhag bà mon tey kulón.To this time they were not able to smoke out the bees due to the fact that it had been raining.h-, k-, m-.Béem hendédél momu tebwón, hatayem.Don't dare to smoke out the paper wasps, (it will surely) knock you down (you'll die).n-, s-.
omungvarmomungvTo accompany someone; to act as chaperone, especially to young girls and women wherever they go.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-, s-.
onilvarmonilnToughness of vegetable leaves being cooked.adjTough even after cooking for a long time, as old leaves of the taro plant.g-, h-, k-, m-.Doun abu deng mom mélél laen géhél tmógó du, ke tnógóhem deng monil malù tudel.Taro leaves that have turned yellow from not being cooked soon, if you cook them (they are) tough and somewhat stiff.n-.
onitnArmor, a special suit made of thick bark, worn for protection.vTo put on armor.h-, hf-.First person has the second person put a shield onto a third person.m-, n-, sens-.More than one person putting a shield on someone.
ononFirebrand; (of firewood) partially burned.Ono snuk ofi yem gdau gunuw mluf.It was the partially burned stick of firewood that I stepped on is why I got burned.vTo pull away, as wood back out of the fire.g-, h-.Géhél ye hono etuu kô gafiten yu kni kem sendalù.Quickly pull away and go, the soldiers might catch up with you here.k-, m-, n-.cfonol 1
onolnSubsiding point or part (of rain, fire, anger).Onol dunuk tilob smalaf du utón là buden kat kemgis.The after-flood is good to fish in, it's no longer strong.Onol lebuten yem dù gafitem là kat tonem du kóm.The subsiding point of his anger is what you caught up with, you did not really see (the worst part of it).vTo cease, as rain; to die down, as fire; to subside, vanish, as one's anger.g-, h-.Géhél ye honol etuu kô gafiten yu kni kem sendalù.You should quickly vanish out there, the soldiers might catch you here.k-, m-.Timbow deng monol kwangem etuu, yó se kun kkól.When your back had vanished there, that was his arriving./You had just left when he arrived.n-, s-.cfono 1
onuknChicken; fowl, generic.Wen se gel tmétê onuk.There are (those) who usually (but not always) roast chicken.Appendix 27-01 Domestic animalsvTo have many chickens.m-.Tey le monuk yó kem tau bè Ledel.Those people at Ledel have many chickens.