Tboli - English


syómnCardinal number 9.Ke syóm botù kê yem nam, angat syóm sigangen ke wen halay le.If the worm has nine pieces of feces, there will be nine stacks if they have rice.adjNinth.
syubanOrnamental tufts of long goat's hair on hat, belt, bridle.
syufónnCentipede.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
syufón basagnScorpion.Appendix 13-02 Worms and other crawling creatures
syukukvarsemyukuknThe rhythmic sound of two pestles being used to pound rice in one mortar.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo pound rice with two pestles in rhythm.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.cfslumfê 1tbeyey 1
syulvarsemyul1nFrog mouth bird, doesn't sing but just sits and waits for little flies to come along to it.Appendix 10 Birds2vTo cry, sticking the lower lip out.3nA kind of scoop made of abaca husks; anything that is spoon-shaped.vTo scoop with a scooping instrument.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Semyul ye kut tum helek mò tibeng nim tey hitok solu aut.Scoop sand to cover this mud in front of the stairs.-en-.Là hyu molob tdok ke wen mken blibù, hyu ke tódô senyul.It's not good to wash fingers (hands) if someone eats ground corn; it is good if it is scooped.
syuménA stage in the growth of corn when it is not hard but good for boiling, as corn on the cob or soup.vTo mature (of corn).ge-, he-, ke-, -em-.Semyumé, yem deng nbuten bukay kuliten, ne deng nbuten mgel nihin.(The corn) is mature when it's husk is beginning to be white and the kernels begin to be hard.-en-.
syutvTo slurp, sip noisily, as when eating sugarcane.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.
syutiTagalog tsayotenSechium edule.Chayote.Appendix 17-01 Vegetables