Tboli - English


sedekotadvTo include oneself (in whatever activity) even if not capable.Bê ye sedekot mung kuy, laen dù kuy du.Don't include yourselves in going along, you have no part in it.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synhesgot 1cfhedekot 1hegedot 1sgamut 1
sedkàvTo ridicule, laugh at; to talk nonsense.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.synsetwà 1twà 2cfhewog 1heyak 1yaklondò 1
sedketsynkofì 1
sedóngfromdóngnCockfight.vTo have cocks fight each other.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, sem-, sen-.
sedsùnThe sound of a gun being cocked or a fancy bolo being taken out of its scabbard.Appendix 19 SoundsvTo cock a gun; to make a clicking sound.Slong tukóng deng sendsù le etahen snafang.He only looked up when they cocked the gun above him.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.Béem tendo sendsù lem lumaken yem tók kói hnalì.Don't continually make a clicking sound (putting it in and out a little only) in your scabbard with that bolo, you might get cut.
sedulaSpanish cédulanResidence certificate.
sedungadvTo spend time talking, sitting down unproductively.Mò ye là olò mebel nmò ye? Deng sendaw ye ni tendo sedung.Why can't you find something to do? You have been unproductively talking, sitting all day long.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
seebnReplacement or second dose, as after the previous seed failed to sprout; another hit, as when the first shot is not enough.vTo replace where the previous ones failed.Benlay o ke wen dù udì kóm hla mò seebu tum gunun alì mogut gulom.If you have a little rice seed left, give me some for replacing what the ants have hauled away.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synmegewu 1slang katay 1smeeb nawaidiomUndecided, of two breaths, as a result of being anxious, fearful.synmegewu 1slang katay 1
seefadjNext, following; second, as harvest.Ke deng bud gewu le dulék muta, boluyen seef.When they harvest a second time, it's called second harvest.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.synsdafil 1dafilseef nawaidiomSecond thought.Anien ke tô mò sidek bud wen he seef nawahen mafas du.Even if he plans to do evil, he has second thoughts to prevent him (lit. to hold him back).
seelnFloor.Appendix 11 Parts of a traditional housevTo make a floor.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, se-, sem-, sen-.
sefvarmsefvTo suck.g-, h-, k-, m-.Yó ilóem du sok leed des yem ngà là buden móyô msef tutuen.The indication that a child's sickness is serious is that he doesn't want to suck the breast.n-, se-, semse-, sense-.
sef-pfxReciprocal with causative prefix.Sok deng le malù lemiteg udì, na le hegnù likót ne sfamak le.When they are already tired, they will rest a short time and they always give each otherbetel nut chews.Dê se kul suk sfatay kem Tboli lumun sudeng.Tboli have many swords for fightingeach other like the kris/dagger.
sefànA small tin can with a lid usually used by women to put ornaments in or for chews.Là gamak kuy ni klifótu bè gunù sefau.We won't be able to have our chew now, I forgot my tin at the house.This sometimes happens at the rice field when the women are weeding.vTo use this container.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
sefedvTo meet each other to deliver something for the one person.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, seg-.Deng me segsefed ditu ne.We already met each other there.synlebet 1
sefed suelvTo interrupt someone's transaction by inserting his own transaction.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, se-.synheslet 1slethlala 1mken slóng1 1mken tlekidiom oftlek 3
sefekadjThick, hard, encrusted, as having a hard ring around the rim of a glass or one's mouth after drinking something.Tey using smefek bè skê sewelem yóó.The seat of those pants there are very encrusted with dirt.h-, k-, -m-.Deng tódô smefek klikaben ngà ni.This child's scab is already encrusted.-n-.
sefelvarslefelvTo make a dam in a stream, using rocks, leaves, as when looking for small fish, in the river bed.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
sefengnCover, lid for a container.vTo cover something.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, se-, sem-, sen-.cflimun 1seng 1sukub 1sefeng klinguidiomPayment given as penalty to undo a scandal, disgraceful slander which is considered as a covering of face, ears, eyes, thus covering shame..Nmò ye sefeng klinguhu anie bud móyô myehen du yó yehenu.Put a cover over my ears (to undo the scandal) so that I'll want to again marry that spouse of mine.If the penalty is not paid by the offender and spouses don't reconcile, big penalties plus paying back all the dowry takes place. So the offender has to choose the lesser penalty.
sefetfromefet1 21vTo take refuge in each other.Balù sentenga keslayuk le yó kem tau sdumu sal le gel sefet sok wen tey blat nù ta le.Even though the relatives are distant from each other they always take refuge in each other when problems come.synseflóy 1lóy 22vTo get married.Deng le sefet.They got married.ke-, -m-, -n-.synyehen 1
sefletnSquish, the sound of one walking in mud or when pounding taro or some other juicy substance.Appendix 19 Sounds
seflikotsynsegfutus 1fromhutus
seflofromhlonA swallow of liquid.Tenduem o bà tek seflo yó tifas.Leave for me even just a swallow of the palm-wine.Appendix 16-01 Measuring devices
seflósfromhlós 1vTo get married after a case has been settled between the two.Btad logi salà libun ne seflós le.The man paid the fine for the woman's sin and they married each other (lit. continued with each other).ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.advContinuously.synlebos 1lumbus 1cfhónô 1
seflóyfromlóy 2Root refhlóy 1lóy 2vTo run to each other for help.Tey hyu ke wen dumu te sebét mò gel dumu seflóy.It's good when we have neighbors to run to (for help).ke-, -m-, -n-.synsefet 1efet1 2