Tboli - English


sefnifromhni 2fromni 1vTo challenge one another, as in fights.Deng na le e sefni elaan yó langaten tau.When they challenged one another to go down below, the people screamed.ke-, -m-, -n-.
sefni lintinAn engagement ritual.Sok le deng sefni linti ne deng wen balaen, omin le yó gel semsatul du keslawa le.After they finish the engagement ritual and there's a counterpart, then they will plan their visiting each other.The engagement ritual is in a form of exchanging bracelets or rings.
sefnofromhnoadvEntirely, purely.ke-, -m-, -n-.
sefnokfromhnokvTo flock into one place.Bê ye kat sefnok kut edini kô kuy tbó.Don't flock in here, we might all fall (floor collapse).synsdofot 1sesodok 1sodoksetbulù 1setebwón 1tebwón 2sfungu 1hungusgotu 1gotu 2sguku 1uku 2skok 1kok 2slofok 1sluduk 1ludukstifun 1cfskumu 1
sefodadjFull to the brim but not overflowing.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.cfhnok 1knawa là sefod (là gulit, là ket, là hetngón)idiomOf one's inconsiderate manner, behavior or attitude.
sefyufromhyu 4vTo reconcile with each other.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
segvTo limp, hop along; to walk unsteadily; totter.syntegnù 1tugek 1tugôtugekseg klaganidiomTo hop on one foot.
seg-varsg-pfxReciprocal with abilitative prefix.Okóm là kô le gel segdà abay se hlowon le ni kem nmò le ni anì là gnóm le du yem tey klamang duen.But they don't get-mad-at-each other because they tease about this work so that they don't notice the large area yet to do.
segbótfromgbótfrombótvTo make friends with; to fellowship; to share with; to play with.Sal gel wen se kem libun munung gunù nee myón klohok le, ne nit le lu segbót.There are women of the house who always sit near (the women guests) and share together with them.g-, h-, k-, n-, ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.synsegduf 1duf 2segluk 1gluk
segdendelfromdendelv(Of a crowd of people) to rush together in one direction towards a place.ke-, -m-, -n--.syndfo 1
segdofìfromgdofìfromdofìvTo encounter each other.Yó gel glayam ni kem tau hkawang sok bang le segdofì sendalu ni kem mógów lem bnes.The trouble these ordinary people have is when the soldiers and those who go in the grass (rebels) encounter each other.ke-, -m-, -n--.synsegbogul 1gbogulseglamù 1seglumang 1glumangsegtimbag 1gtimbagsegtingkuk 1gtingkuksegtutuk 1gtutuksgigad 1igadcfdofì 1
segdotfromgdotfromdotadvUnnecessarily, as including oneself in an activity which can worsen one's condition.Yake béen segdot mung tau lomi semlaw yóó wadag gónón butós.It is good if that newly recovering person does not unnecessarily go along, it will cause his sickness to return.he-, ke-, -m-, -n-.
segduffromduf 2Root refgduf 1duf 2vTo work or play together, in one place.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.synsegbót 1gbótsegluk 1gluksgóyóng 1cfhduf 1duf 2kamfin 1
segebôfromgbôfromadj(Of teeth) growing in behind the others; (of problems) one after another.he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.synsulod 1
segedotcfgdot 1fromdot
segeffromegefvTo catch something lightweight from underneath at the hip level with the hand.Ke là metlasike smegef du deng tô hlós btang etlaan.If I had not been quick to catch it, it would have continued falling down below.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n--, se-, sem-, sen-.synkfô 1
segengvTo do something together at the same time.ge-, he-, ke-, sem-, sen-.advSimultaneously, at the same time.Slong le mken ke na le gotu segeng yem kdê le.They only eat when they all (eat) simultaneously.Omin le yó gotu segeng lemwót ebè yem tniba.Then they all go to the field at the same time.synsengan 1
segesudfromsudadjTo hold back something from what it was intended for; to keep postponing, as a set date.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.Yake béem bud sen-gesud yem tóbóngem kul tey wen mu le du.You should not again hold back your help to them, they really need it.
segetléwéngfromgetléwéngfromtléwéngadjHeld back, as solution to a problem due to unresolved angles.ke-.synsegfét 1gfét
segewókvTo waste time going from house to house getting nothing done; to be a busybody, proud and conceited; to be idling around, kidding around, with no direction, as a wave of the sea.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n--.synhewók 2segóyóng 1óyóngsegwób 1wób