Tboli - English


tenebadjFaithful, dependable.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
tenedn(Of fowl) spurs.vFor the spurs of the fowl to come out.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.
tenengvTo look at something with awe, wonder, without blinking; to gaze in awe.g-, h-, k-, -n-.
tenesvTo put something or someone inside of something else, as a corpse into a coffin, a bolo in its scabbard, a prisoner in prison.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
teniinLittle finger.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
tenlusnFemale deer.Appendix 27-02 Wild animals
tenngónfromtngónvTo check on, as someone left unattended; to find out what's happening; to attend to the needs of.Olò tenngón ye tum tau wen des tebel ye bè duktul.At least check on the one you left with the doctor (at the hospital).Deng olò tenngónem se kô yem ngà tebelem bè yehenem?Have you at least attended to the needs of the child you left with your spouse?synhénég 1énégtdélé 1tngel 1
tenteknSaxicola caprata.Pied chat.Appendix 10 Birds
tengavTo be surprised at something.ge-, he-, ke-, -m-, -n-, se-, sem-, sen-.synhtaw 1adjSurprised, shocked.Teye tenga.I was very surprised.Bà setengaidiomNo matter how; no matter what.
tengàIlongo tungànOne-half of anything measured, usually referring to kilograms.Appendix 16-02 Units of measurement
tengebvarstengeb1nDark, overcast sky, sign of rain, atmospheric condition signaling a typhoon.cfluk ta 1vTo get dark in the atmosphere as when signaling rain.-m-.Tikóng deng lemnga ne Datù Fak, tey tmengeb gu bè longit, ne demsù yem tey blabaden kulón, ne dmunuk yem él.When Chief Frog was already in deep sleep, the sky was very dark and suddenly that great drumming rain arrived and the river flooded.-n-.syngeeb 12nLid, cover; (of people) pair, partner.Nebel ye tengeb yem lebwón.Look for the lid of the water jug.vTo pair things.s-.Stengeb le.They are partners/pairs.cfseblà 2blà 1
tengen1nVine of the bok yam or biking wild root family.synhangà 1Appendix 17-04 Ferns and vines2nManner of biting.Unihen sut deng nan e nmò tengen tahu.The moment she arrived she started the real biting.vTo bite.Hek, mdef ngà blawang udì tmengen blóng hulok Datù Fak.Listen to this, a small mosquito was biting between the eyebrows of Chief Frog.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Unihen sut deng nan a hnitem tmengen.The moment she arrived she concentrated to bite with all her might.-n-, s-.synékét 13vTo be stranded, held up; to stand still; to hold in place; to get stuck.g-.Tedu kô ni gunun gtengen mà ye?What could it be that's holding up your father (not yet back from a trip)?h-.varhtengen mdà
tenggalungnViverra tangalunga.Malay civet; or tangalong civet; an undomesticated fox-like animal.Appendix 27-02 Wild animals
tengkaling kolonnMegapodius freycinet pusillus.Megapode.Appendix 10 Birds
tengùvarhetengùadj(Of the rice stalk at the base of the kernels when it is overdue for harvesting) weak.Sok deng tengù yem kanguy halay là hyuhen ke là géhél nuta du kô mung bolok bè lamihen.When the rice stem is already weak it's not good if it isn't quickly harvested as it might rot along with the straw.cftfok 1
tengyawónvarkyawónv(Of children) to have a nightmare.Béem henikò ngà kô tengyawón kifu.Don't scare the child, he might have a nightmare.
tesudunvarstudunnNape of the neck or base of the skull.Appendix 12 Body parts of a person
tetek1nFreckles; (of fruit) brown spots on the skin at the last edible stage before it rots.Sok deng gedlug teteken yem soging deng alì gedlug ne klélélen.When there are already too many brown spots on the banana, it's already overripe.adj(Of cloth) spotted designs; freckled-n-.2nPockmarks made by the tip end of a very sharp bolo.vTo tap, make marks on a tree, piece of wood with the tip end of a very sharp bolo.
tey1exprWow.Tey, efet deng mom sóólen kun.Wow, (he ate) half (of them), reportedly."Tey," mon Hnu, "nawaw soging huluhu gu leged.""Wow," said Turtle, "you should see the bananas I planted upstream."2intVery; expression used for great emphasis; exclamation of surprise, wonder, grief, great delight."Na, tey deng ni u, Sembilà," mon Iwas."Oh, int here you are, Friend," Monkey said.Ke mdengen keheken yem tau, yó sen alì dóyón le, mon le tey mdengen.When a person has good preparation for planting rice, that's what they really praise; they say it's very complete.synalì 1hol 1cf13vTo make things plenty.Teyem du ne nwahem.You shouldn't take too much of what you are getting.g-, h-.Béem alì htey nwitem là gbekem du.Don't make it too much of what you are taking, you'll not be able to carry it.k-, n-.
teyaexprExpression meaning let it not be so, don't say such a thing or God forbid.synhiló kmò 1