Tboli - English


telekadvStraightway, directly.g-, h-, k-, -m-.Unihen mton yem ngà alì nebelen nan e nmò tmelek mfes.The moment she saw the child she was searching for she just straightway whipped him.-n-.Là bang kô tnelek nógów du tu tey là sekna.It was ridiculous to directly go by foot that very far distance.synhtawê 1htayul 1cfhlel 1hleng 1htawid 1kudung 2tbogò 1
telemvTo sharpen to a point, as in making a dibble-stick or a fence post.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-.adjSharp.Là holen telem, tolo bukus.It isn't very sharp, it's still blunt.cftifós 1mudél telemidiomSharp tongued.Bê ye nmò gel mudél telem ebè kem dumu ye.Don't always speak sharply to your companions.temngel telemidiomLook of anger, to stare in anger.
TelemwélpnName of a mountain.
temnBurning of a field.Ke alì batul, angat laen dù tem le, ne gel tahu se.If (the blinking of the stars) is very infrequent, the burning of their field will not happen, and that's true.vTo burn a cleared field in readiness for planting; to start a fire and burn something up; to light a lamp.Temem solok.Light the lamp.Deng klós le du, són nangat le kékéngen ne kdawen ktem le du.They finish cutting off branches, then they wait for it to dry and the day of burning it.g-, h-, k-.Ke mtem yem logi, eles mit silà balù là bongen mò gna huluhen du.When a man burns his field, he brings some corn along for his first planting even if it's not much.m-, n-.Sok mékéng, ntem le.When (the field) is dry, they burn it.s-.
tembaganA large heavy gong.Ominen semlé tembaga ne bnogul litok igoen myón yem kudà hsakay le du yó kem tuhahen.Then (the bridegroom) carries a large gong and another smaller one slung over his shoulder while he sits on the horse his parents have him ride.
Kinds of gongs
blówón tahularge and lightweight
bnogul litokvery heavy and expensive
sembakunglarge or small, heavy
tembagavery large, heavy
Appendix 04 Musical instruments
tembenanA far-off light rumble, as of impending danger.Són moen tembena te tonok ilang kut déke wen tau mnayaw.It is always a forboding far-off rumble on the earth, perhaps someone is coming to kill.
temblalanHarpactes ardens ardens.Philippine trogon.Appendix 10 Birds
temblasaknLalage nigra chilensis.Pied triller.Appendix 10 Birds
temblisuknKatydid, a brown insect of the grasshopper family found in the grass.Appendix 13-01 Flying insects
temboyungnA disease attacking cucumbers, watermelon and squash at the fruit-bearing stage leaving hard spots on the fruit, making the fruit inedible and causing the leaves to crinkle up. (This is usually due to the vines being disturbed at some point.)
TembukpnA spirit which parents name to frighten children and stop them from crying.Appendix 02-01 Spirit beings known as individuals
TemdananpnTerm of address in Tboli epic (lit. one who's on the pillow), used to replace a name of anyone in song.
temfedvTo reach a long way, as sound; to go far, as in studies.g-, h-, k-, m-, -n-.adjForceful, as an arrow which is shot far and hits the mark or as a singer whose voice is good and far reaching.
TemgifitpnName of a mountain.
temingnA frog that has very long legs, brown back and white front, climbs on plants.cfgoson 1Appendix 30 Fro
temlangnA kind of bush or shrub, the sap of which is used to blacken the teeth; the leaves are burned and used on the stomach for diarrhea.Appendix 17-05 Bushes and shrubs
temnaksynmasay 1
ten-galunNannosciurus surrutilus.Western Mindanao pygmy squirrel.Appendix 27-02 Wild animals
ten-glunSundasciurs philippinensis.Pygmy squirrel.Appendix 27-02 Wild animals
tendegvTo stamp one's feet.g-, h-, k-, -m-, -n-, s-.
tendoadvContinually.Moen tendo eles mit ofi?Why is he continually bringing fire (with him)?syneles 2kutu 2són mò 1