uluk1nThe rising or swelling of something, as rice when cooked, as bread when baked, as clouds in the sky, as a mushroom coming out of the ground.vTo rise, swell.synbinsul 1hiwal 1iwalidul 1cfdilot 1lanab 1lenok mohinidiom oflenok 1masay 1uluk mohinidiomHigh tide.cflanab 12vTo push, insist on one's idea.Béem alì uluk yem kóm tibas là tahuhen.Don't push yours when it's obviously not true.synbasul 1dendel 1duel 1duil 1hlel 1hlós 1lumel 1lusu 1udul 1useg 1cfilud 1isen 1tulud 1tuluk 13vTo shove something along in any direction except downward, as a board.Ulukem do edini kun koyu masà yóó.Push towards me that piece of wood laying there.cftuluk 1ulu 34v(Of people or animals) to appear in view; to appear all at once.h-, k-, m-.Deng nen e kento muluk gu ditu tey tau wen botonge hebnos lem halay.All of a sudden lots of people appeared in sight; then I hid in the rice field.n-, s-.cfnayaw 1fromayaw5vTo come to someone and challenge for a fight.g-, h-, k-, m-, n-.Kul salà kô nuluk le o bè dou gónô yó gónóhu lemgas kul botu.It's their fault; they came to challenge me at my house so I threw stones at them.s-, sems-, sens-.cfnayaw 1fromayawulof 1

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