ledof1nSense, rationality; feeling.Ke wen ledofen yem tau là kô tu du monen.If that person had any sense he certainly wouldn't say that.Tey ngà ni, laen dù ledofen, nogoten yem là mólósen.My this child here, he has no sense, he holds that dirty (thing).synhendem 1hedemvTo be clean, tidy, neat.Olò ye hedof dé.You should be clean (poor sanitation, untidy).synnawa 1ungef 1mudél/knawa là lemdofSaid of a person whose word and character are not clean.2nA felled tree.cfdofuk 1vTo fell trees left standing in a field otherwise prepared for planting.Ni beyung mò ledofem.Here's the axe for felling (the trees).g-, h-.Hedof ye kul yem koyu tebel kuy ekimel.Let them fell the trees we left yesterday.k-.Deng kedof le, omin le mlós du.After felling (the trees), then they lop off the branches.-m-.Sok deng malù legen, sok mékéng, omin le lemdof, nofok le kem koyu lembang.After some time, when it's dry, then they fell and cut down the big trees.-n-.Ke deng deng ke wen tniba, ne hékéng yem tibahen, omin le lemdof ke wen lendofen.When he has finished clearing a field, and lets it dry, then they fell (the trees left) if there are some to be felled.synaba 2ofok 1

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