bo1introgA short form of boluy 'name' used with tedu 'what' meaning What is it?Sok gel wen udì tenduken yem ngà le, baluen ke hanà tolo lomi sut, gel dnangaw le ke bo tedu duónen yem des yem ngà le.When their child has a small ache, even if it's a newborn, they usually divine to find out what the reason is for the sickness of their child.cfbotedu 12vTo have the spirit of foolishness.syngamaw 1sngót 1sondit 1cfméw 3mo 1motoy 1smet 1ukô 1adjSenile, said of a person whose behavior and speech is abnormal, usually of a person whose spouse has died.Yem tau ke deng tuha wen bohen ne duhen ke deng matay yehenen là holen setngón kudélen.A person is senile when he is old or when his spouse dies and his speech becomes incoherent.cfbakà 1book 2me 2ungel 1yol 1

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