ékéngvarmékéngnDryness, as in the absence of moisture or abundance.vTo dry something.g-, h-.Hékéng le bè kdaw, ne sotu gunu le tméwéng du ta ofi.They dry the corn in the sun, and another thing (they do is) they hang it above the fire.k-.Ne yó sotu gel kmò le du ke hanà là dengen gedlug yem kékéngen yem silà, gel nmò le lenufi.And another thing they do if it still isn't too dry, they roast and pound the corn to make it thin.adjDry, free from moisture, as dead leaves, corn or rice ready to be milled.m-.Sok mékéng, ntem le.When (the field) is dry, they burn it.n-.synklang 2klangkang 2tfasang 1hékéngidiomWaiting for someone who doesn't show up.Sendawu hékéng lem fedyan mangat kóm.All day I waited for (lit. dried) you in the market but you didn't show up.tahu ékéngenidiomNothing left, all gone (lit. real dryness).

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