hyu1adjGood, satisfactory for its purpose; pleasant.Olo le hmungol du ke hyu muhenen.They only listen-to-hear if the omen bird's call is satisfactory.Sok le gel mulu yó kem tau, hyu gel hendengen le yem libun hulung smagi mung kul.When people go to a wedding, it's always good that they have with them a woman who knows how to play the gong.synfakay 1inggel 1itod 1linggel 1frominggeltilob 1cfdsol 1lónób 12vTo put away for later use, safekeeping; to put away, reserve for someone not present.Sal gel wen henyuhen se kun anì wen gunun ma mò kenen ne angat bud hlahen.He always has some he puts away so that he has some for his food and he will also have some for planting.Gel henyu le mò hla le.They always put away some for their planting.ge-, he-, -em-, -en-.Tólóng kehyu le se yó kem utón anì ditu he gunu le mólól du yem utón ke deng bang le mken.They put away the meat separately so that it will be divided out when it's time to eat.varhenyusynangat 4bnos 1htifes 1igam nawa 1nes 2tdù 1tginof 1cfabung 1fan 3hlinok 1tgama 13vTo fix anything disarranged; to repair or reconstruct, as a building.ge-, he-, ke-, -em-, -en-.4vTo reconcile.se-.varsefyu

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