ayawvarmnayawnayawnSymptom or evidence of a sickness; a sign, foretelling a future happening.Ayaw dô odoyem yem monem sok yó kekulihem.It's a sign you aren't telling the truth when you laugh like that.vTo have symptoms of something; to expect something bad to happen.Tey mayaw yó kem tau gnan ekini ke gel le sbonok.The people in earlier times who killed each other recognized/knew the signs (of an impending murder).Wen mayaw béléen yem ngà honung yóó.That child huddled up there has symptoms (of a sickness).g-, h-, k-, m-.Wen mayaw béléen yem libun là móyô hol mken yóó.That woman there who doesn't want to eat has symptoms (of being pregnant).n-.Tu nayawen yem alì kgel klowil maen yem ngà deng matay.The child that died is predicting his father's hard life.cfilô 1mayaw tonokUnexpected, coming disaster characterized by bad weather, thundering, flashes of lightning.

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