ogot1n(Of people) one in charge; a master or leader.Sal gel wen ogot tekuy.There is always (someone) who is our master.vTo have a relationship of responsibility with someone, either to be responsible for that person or to be responsible to him/her; to be responsible for (something).m-.Du se hol gunu tekuy mogot.He/She is the one to whom we are responsible.n-.syndatukmù 1kulu 3sebkes 1bkescfdatù 1hogot lówó2idiomTo own (take personally) what is said to someone else; to butt in on something.2vTo hold something or someone.g-, h-, k-, m-.Ne le tebel likót, omin le bud mogot edu.They leave it a short time, then they take hold of it again.n-.Tehe yu kun ekni tey tehe glaan yem longit, tek hóyów nogot, là kô le slayuk tonok.They say that in previous times reportedly, the sky was very low, low enough to hold, it certainly wasn't far from the ground.s-.Tek utì dù ogoten.There is very little left that is still holding.Nénégem ke tolo wen dù ogoten.Look and see if there is still something left holding it.varnogotsynfét 2kem 2dù ogotThe remaining part of a thing that still holds, as a rope about to break from long use.

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