abungnPreparation, preparedness, readiness.abung lówóWhatever is done beforehand to protect oneself from a curse or any other form of trouble. It may be the wearing of certain charms, giving something being worn in exchange for a portent, or being guided by dreams.abung nawaPrepare beforehand, as seeds before a drought in order to plant afterwards; obey so you won't be in trouble.vTo prepare ahead; to think ahead; to get ready for.g-, h-, k-, m-.Mudél Hnu, monen, "Hdoem béléem kóm, Datù, ke wen knikoem sawang là elesi mabung."Turtle spoke, he said, "Think about it yourself, Chief, if you are afraid of something you prepare ahead before it's too late."n-, s-.synigam nawa 1cffan 3hlinok 1htifes 1hyu 2tdù 1tgama 1tginof 1

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